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10 Homes Built from Straw. Written by Ryan Hollitz | 19 December 2009 Posted in Blog - Green Building New building materials could really make your house green from the ground up!

10 Homes Built from Straw

Straw! :) via [] In the classic story of the Three Little Pigs‚ a naive piglet decides to build his home out of straw, which soon gets the huff and puff treatment by a big bad wolf, resulting in the poor little pig's untimely end. Many may wonder why a person would want to build a home made out of straw, but apart from providing a place to hide from the big bad wolf, they have some substantial benefits. Read on to discover just how right that first little pig was to build his home out of straw.

Photos: Brett Weinstein/Realty Advocates 1. This unique, beautiful straw bale home in Oakland, California recently carried a $1.1 million price tag. Photo: JD Peterson 2. This gorgeous home, perched on owner Henry Siegel's 2 1/2-acre leafy lot, offers panoramic views and cozy comfort. Photo: University of Bath 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Being Somewhere - Low Impact Living. The Case for Green Building in a Maturing Market. The motivations and factors leading to the implementation of green building practices can be quite diverse relative to a client’s overall facility and organization objectives.

The Case for Green Building in a Maturing Market

In the recently completed Opening the Door to Green Building study (a market perception study conducted by the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the USGBC and Sustainable Rhythm), participants were asked “How well do you think the case for green building is being made around the following concepts?” The concepts focused on the market, competitive advantage, energy costs/return on investment and environmental concern. The strongest resonating arguments in the market were for energy efficiency by a wide margin Interestingly though, this has not yet translated to a strength in the case for long-term return on investment (ROI). This could be due to the fact that too much emphasis is placed on upfront efficiencies during the design process and not enough data being made available to illustrate long-term benefits.

Green Building Community - For Professionals in Green Building and Environmental Systems Technology. Your Natural Building and Natural Living journey starts here... Eco Friendly Living Tips from Green House. Wind turbines sit atop new houses that utilize 20% renewable energy on Nov. 25, 2009, in Croydon, England.

Eco Friendly Living Tips from Green House

The United Kingdom ranked first among 12 large economies for energy efficiency, according to a scorecard released Thursday by the private American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The United States ranked ninth, right behind China. By Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images Americans have long been known as the world's energy guzzlers for their supersized lifestyles. Their energy use per capita, however, has fallen in recent years as homes, appliances and cars become more efficient. The United States placed ninth out of 12 large economies, outranked by the top-scoring United Kingdom and also by Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Australia, the European Union and China, according to the report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy, a Washington-based research group. FOLLOW: Green House on Twitter "Even though the U.K. won, nobody did that great," Hayes says.

Read more » Accelerators. Data Centers Designed to demonstrate best energy management strategies and cost effective infrastructure improvements in small, medium and large sized data centers Energy Data Designed to demonstrate low-cost, standardized approaches for providing energy data for the purpose of whole building energy performance benchmarking.


Energy Savings Performance Contracting Designed to expand the use of energy savings performance contracting by state, and local governments, K-12 schools and others. News & Analysis on Urban Sustainability, Green Building & Sustainable Cities. Home Page. GreenPSF. Green Building posts, articles, and infographics. Green & Natural Building. Tejas solares para una energía limpia y sostenible. Todavía la gente no se ha convencido de usar energías renovables y de colocar en sus casas elementos que se las proporcionen.

Tejas solares para una energía limpia y sostenible.

Pero poco a poco se ve que cada vez hay más casas que han adoptado por ejemplo tejas especiales, o placas solares. Un techo que cumpla con la función adicional de proveer energía renovable, es desde todo punto de vista una opción que vale la pena considerar. La solución, que está muy de moda en algunos países, son las tejas solares que además de ser muy estéticas, te ahorrarán una buena suma de dinero en la cuenta de los servicios de agua luz y gas. La inversión, que puede parecer alta en un principio, se salva tras varios meses de no pagar cuentas de electricidad.

En el mercado existen ya gran variedad de estas tejas solares que cuentan con materiales que las hacen más flexibles y que adopten cualquier forma. Diseños para todos los gustos “TechTile” con PLEXIGLAS® "Tegolasolare” ECOCONSTRUCT.