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The San Diego County Community Coalition: [SDCPJ] Timebank? Community via Alternative Currency. Time Banking Mtg.

The San Diego County Community Coalition: [SDCPJ] Timebank? Community via Alternative Currency

Notes. TimeBanks Community Directory - Please Read Instructions Carefully! NCTB North County San Diego Time Bank. Get started In order to give and receive services in exchange for "time" you need to be registered and approved in the time bank management web app.

NCTB North County San Diego Time Bank

You do not need to sign up for anything to use this site, participate in our discussion group, or do good old fashioned volunteer work. New members receive (1) hour once their account is approved and (1) hour after placing their first service ad "offering". By signing up you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the official policies of the NCTB. Sign up Learn more. Occupying, and Now Publishing, Too. Robert Stolarik for The New York TimesRead all about it: Chelsea Potter distributed the first issue of The Occupied Wall Street Journal near Zuccotti Park Saturday morning.

Occupying, and Now Publishing, Too

Just before noon, Chelsea Potter stood on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street holding a sheaf of newspapers and offering them to passers-by. “Excuse me,” she said to a man in a tan raincoat. “Would you like a copy of The Occupied Wall Street Journal?” The man accepted the paper without breaking stride then looked at it as he continued walking. Paul Krugman: Panic of the Plutocrats. Occupy Wall Street. Major Unions Join Occupy Wall Street Protest. Occupy Wall St.: A New Generation of Dissenters. If the Occupy Wall Street protesters ever choose to recognize a person who gave their cause its biggest boost, they may want to pay tribute to Anthony Bologna.

Occupy Wall St.: A New Generation of Dissenters

The Day Clyde Haberman offers his take on the news. Deputy Inspector Bologna, to be more precise, was the senior New York police officer who on Sept. 24 blasted pepper spray at four female demonstrators, knocking them to the sidewalk in pain. An oft-viewed video of that moment offers no evidence of their having posed a threat or doing anything more sinister than shouting. That pepper shot in the face was a vital shot in the arm for the nascent anti-Wall Street movement. America’s ‘Primal Scream’ There are differences, of course: the New York Police Department isn’t dispatching camels to run down protesters.

America’s ‘Primal Scream’

Americans may feel disenfranchised, but we do live in a democracy, a flawed democracy — which is the best hope for Egypt’s evolution in the coming years. Yet my interviews with protesters in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park seemed to rhyme with my interviews in Tahrir earlier this year. There’s a parallel sense that the political/economic system is tilted against the 99 percent. Al Gore, who supports the Wall Street protests, described them perfectly as a “primal scream of democracy.”

"Occupy Wall Street" and Inequality. Occupy Wall Street Protests a Growing News Story. Aryans - Arya - Vedic Civilization - Vedas - Sanskrit - Arya Samaj - Haryana Online - India. Aryan is an English word derived from the Sanskrit, and Vedic term Arya, meaning noble.

Aryans - Arya - Vedic Civilization - Vedas - Sanskrit - Arya Samaj - Haryana Online - India

One of the meanings of this term refers to a hypothetical single group of people who spoke the parent language of the Indo-European languages. Geraniums vs. Smokestacks San Diego's Mayoralty Campaign of 1917. By Uldis Ports ... it is well known that public improvements requiring the acquisition of large property must recede population; otherwise they are impossible.1John Nolen.

Geraniums vs. Smokestacks San Diego's Mayoralty Campaign of 1917

Twelve who shaped San Diego : a series of thirteen one-hour radio programs (Audiobook on Cassette, 1978. "Stickiness" and the Wisdom Economy. Stop talking about the knowledge economy. Start building a wisdom economy. From a knowledge economy to a wisdom economy. Our world is undergoing a series of convulsions.

From a knowledge economy to a wisdom economy

We don’t know where they’ll end up, or where any of us will be when the dust settles, if it ever does. Will we have a job? Origin of the name California. California, called the Las Californias Province of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, originally referred to the entire region composed of the Baja California peninsula now known as Mexican Baja California and Baja California Sur, and upper mainland now known as the U.S. states of California and parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming.

Origin of the name California

An urban sustainability, green building, and alternative transportation community. The Naming of America. OskiCat Production Server /All Locations. Path to Paradise: History of Urban Planning in San Diego. Edge, Encounter, Common Ground: Borders and the Public Realm. On the second day of the SPUR study trip to San Diego, we visit the U.S.

Edge, Encounter, Common Ground: Borders and the Public Realm

-Mexico Border Station, an imposing and unlovely network of automobile checkpoints, fences, administrative offices, detention areas, parking lots, and a single pedestrian passageway from Tijuana to San Ysidro: one way in, one way out. As SPUR study trip members are prone to do, we spill out of the bus to gesticulate energetically at areas of particular interest. We converse animatedly in groups. We point and shoot with our cameras. And we attract the notice of border security guards, filming us in turn on closed circuit television, swooping down as if from nowhere to tell us to move along and, even more imperatively, to STOP TAKING PICTURES or our cameras will be confiscated IMMEDIATELY and we will be detained for HOURS OF QUESTIONING.