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DUJS Online » Is Altruism Good for the Altruistic Giver? We have all seen it in action in others, as well as in ourselves.

DUJS Online » Is Altruism Good for the Altruistic Giver?

It is one of the few things that puzzled the Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin. Robert Axelrod's Research Papers. The Evolution of Cooperation: Revised Edition (9780465005642): Robert Axelrod. The Deer Park Dharmacast (Class, Moment by Moment) Dear Thay, Dear Sangha, Dear Virtual Community.

The Deer Park Dharmacast (Class, Moment by Moment)

How Swedes And Norwegians Broke The Power Of The ‘1 Percent’ Resources. Commentary - Pagitsas, January 2012. The nation’s stock of affordable multifamily housing is aging.

Commentary - Pagitsas, January 2012

Half of all multifamily properties are now more than 30 years old. More than one property in 10 was built before 1940. At that age, properties will require small to significant investments to preserve the quality of the property and to keep them affordable for owners to operate and tenants to rent. At the same time, property owners and tenants alike are facing rising utility rates, resulting in higher costs to heat, cool, and provide water to common areas and units.

In an effort to encourage better management of energy costs and consumption, cities and states in the U.S. have enacted or are proposing laws requiring property owners to track and report energy consumption and associated costs to the locality or to prospective tenants. Fannie Mae launched our Multifamily Green Initiative to tackle these and other sustainability challenges.

We have partnered with the U.S. Chrissa PagitsasGreen Initiative Program Manager. Choose a County in CA. Candidate Project. Census Bureau Homepage. Backhoe Rentals, Bob Cat & Forklift Equipment For Rent In San Diego. Carl's Rentals of San Diego - Cars, Trucks, Equipment and Tools. Rental Rates for Post Hole Diggers, Rototillers, Trenchers, Tampers. San Diego Equipment Rental. Garden Tools - Mantis 4 Pay - Offical Site. Loan Modification Progress Chart. Note: The program features a 3-month trial period for modifications before they’re eligible to become permanent.

Loan Modification Progress Chart

However, many trials have lasted much longer. The "Aged" column shows how many trials were older than six months at each servicer as of June 2012, while the "In Trial" shows trials that had not yet lasted that long. Treasury only released data for the ten largest servicers. Foreclosure Crisis. Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say by Paul Kiel ProPublica, June 14, 2013, 5:44 p.m.

Foreclosure Crisis

Former Bank of America employees gave sworn statements that the bank lied to homeowners, denied loan modifications for bogus reasons and rewarded employees for sending homeowners to foreclosure. For Most Homeowners, Gov’t Foreclosure Deal Brings A Few Hundred Bucks by Paul Kiel ProPublica, April 10, 2013, 3:44 p.m. Bank regulators finally announced the details of a settlement with the biggest banks over foreclosure abuses. Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners. Freddie began increasing these bets dramatically in late 2010, the same time that the company was making it harder for homeowners to get out of such high-interest mortgages. No evidence has emerged that these decisions were coordinated. The company is a key gatekeeper for home loans but says its traders are “walled off” from the officials who have restricted homeowners from taking advantage of historically low interest rates by imposing higher fees and new rules. Freddie’s charter calls for the company to make home loans more accessible.

Its chief executive, Charles Haldeman Jr., recently told Congress that his company is “helping financially strapped families reduce their mortgage costs through refinancing their mortgages.” Is Freddie Mac Betting Against Homeowners? iKitchen – DIY Touch Screen Wall-Mount Computer. This New Zealand modder decided to make a touch screen PC for his kitchen so his wife could keep inventory of their food, print out shopping lists, access the web, watch TV and use it as a normal PC. First, he found a cheap touch screen monitor which would form the heart of the device.

iKitchen – DIY Touch Screen Wall-Mount Computer

These screens are used in vending machines and public places in Japan so they are vandal-proof and water-proof which is perfect for the kitchen environment. **Note** This post was first published six months before the iPad was released. Compiz Home. Planet Compiz. True3D*Shell project. GNOME. The Diaspora Project. MIT License. The MIT License is a free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

MIT License

It is a permissive free software license, meaning that it permits reuse within proprietary software provided all copies of the licensed software include a copy of the MIT License terms. Such proprietary software retains its proprietary nature even though it incorporates software under the MIT License. The license is also GPL-compatible, meaning that the GPL permits combination and redistribution with software that uses the MIT License.[1] Various versions[edit] Because MIT has used many licenses for software, "MIT License" is considered ambiguous by the Free Software Foundation. Differing from the Expat License,[2] the X11 License[3] and the "MIT License" chosen for ncurses by the Free Software Foundation[5] include the clause: License terms[edit] Comparison to other licenses[edit] Also similar in terms is the ISC license, which has a simpler language.

See also[edit] References[edit] Desktops. Étoilé.