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Welcome Sovereigns! Video Library. Is common law or statute law higher. Both are equal.

Is common law or statute law higher

If someone broke either type of law, they are punished depending on the severity. Statute law, since it is written law, it is easier to define. This may be true in Commonwealth Jurisdictions (the U.K. and countries that were formerly colonies of England), but this is not correct in the United States, however. Types of Trusts. Please use the following Table of Contents to find the appropriate topics under "Types of Trusts.

Types of Trusts

" Introduction Basic Concept of a Trust Common Classifications of Trusts Living Trusts vs. Testamentary Trusts Revocable Trusts vs. Classification of Trusts by Purpose Some Common Types of Trusts By Purpose Introduction Trusts can be confusing, if not down-right intimidating. But, that's not the case at all! Basic Concept of a Trust In order to understand the nature of trusts and the many different types of trusts that exist, it is important to understand the basic concept of a trust. For example, how many times have you given money to a babysitter in case he or she needed something for the kids? Every type of trust you'll ever confront - regardless of the name given to it - must have the same basic components as our babysitter example; i.e.

Trust Reports - #PCT07: Understanding Common Law. © Copyright 1994 Sovereign Services ALL RIGHTS RESERVED A Brief History of Common Law Until the 12th century, law in the western world consisted of written laws, called Civil Laws, all traceable to Roman Law.

Trust Reports - #PCT07: Understanding Common Law

This basic system still prevails in many countries as well as in the state of Louisiana. However, after the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066, a legal tradition called the "common law," different from that of civil law, began to develop in England. In the 1100s during the reign of the legal reformer, Henry II, court decisions were written down and catalogued according to the types of cases. When the courts were called on to decide similar issues later, they reviewed the earlier decisions and if one was found that covered the earlier decision, they applied the principle of the earlier decision.

During America's colonial period, most of the English common law tradition did not change, and the new country continued to follow English common law. According to Arthur M. U.S. How are Pure Trust, Common law Trust, and Constitutional trust. Links. Common Law Trust Property tax. Attorney General Opinions 2011-09 Cite(s): Issue Date: 06/16/2011 Tax Type(s): Property Subject: Property Appraiser, common law pure trust/land patent Mr.

Common Law Trust Property tax

Asset Protection Trusts: What is a Trust?, Offshore Articles and Information. You may have often have heard the term ~ Asset Protection Trust or Offshore Trust ~ but what does having an any kind of "Trust" vehicle really mean?

Asset Protection Trusts: What is a Trust?, Offshore Articles and Information

Is an Offshore Trust something I need or should consider as part of an overall plan to protect my assets and reduce my tax liabilities? What exactly is a Trust?.. The concept of a Trust is one that has it's modern day roots in English Common Law. As such, the Trust vehicle can be found as a recognized entity in almost all English speaking countries. The concept or origin of a Trust actually dates back to early English history, when concerns about inheritance rights were an issue. In today's more modern world, a Trust is basically a private agreement between parties. Why do People Form Trusts?

Quite simply, if one is concerned about tax issues, or protection from legal attack (creditors or lawsuit), the formation of a common law trust might be one possibility to consider. Definition of Terms Used in a Trust Document . . Form702.pdf (application/pdf Object) Original Intent Treatise - The Law. [Editor's Note - This section is not intended to give the reader the tools to fully understand the scope and nature of the laws under which the states and the federal government operate.

Original Intent Treatise - The Law

That goal takes years to achieve and I doubt any single resource could make a significant contribution to that end. This section is intended as a "wake-up call" concerning the idiosyncrasies and complexities of the law so that when you come in contact with "law", you are not immediately overwhelmed, and that you have some understanding of the issues you may be facing.] How would you define, "law"? Most people have never really stopped to consider this question. For most Americans "law" is something the police officer uses to make an arrest or issue a traffic ticket. "The Law" is any system (or part of that system) that creates or recognizes rights, duties, or obligations, and provides a forum through which to seek a remedy in the event that any of those rights, duties, or obligations are breached. Nature. The Lie of the Truth About Business Trusts, Florida Lawyers - Florida Attorneys: Law Practice of Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.

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