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What is your review of Techvedic? - Quora. Techvedic Reviews - Tech Support online. Techvedic Reviews and Client Testimonials for Tech support. I have just been on to techvedic technical support for a software problem.

Techvedic Reviews and Client Testimonials for Tech support

I was helped by Monica Raina. These support team members were patient and extremely helpful. My problem was completely resolved to my satisfaction. Both these technical service consultants are a credit to your organization, and it has been a pleasure to deal with TechVedic. Every time I contact your company with a computer problem, your staff member shubham is very happy to help & sorts the problem very quickly. I wish to express my thanks at the service I have received by this service agent. The experience we have received has been excellent Jitendra Maurya has resolved all the problems we have been experiencing today.

Thank you very much Satinder Pal Mehra, your expertise has been amazing and this could have really affected the running of my business without your help, you have fixed my computer problems very fast. Pintu Kumar, Yes you have done a fabulous job. The problem was that the sound was not working. TECHVEDIC TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Reviews, Careers, Jobs, Salary. Techvedic Client Reviews. Techvedic offers comprehensive, on-demand reliable and affordable technical Support service all over USA.

Techvedic Client Reviews

We lead with a team of certified and well experienced IT professionals to assist worldwide customers with tech support solutions along with technology journalism, data backup and recovery services and communication and collaboration solutions. We specialize in online remote tech support and IT consulting & support, business IT solutions technology training, outsourcing services. In oct 2009, Techvedic set off its operation locally in the US at Las Vegas Nevada and expanded nationally in 2011 - providing consumers with a unified, fully owned task force to help them manage their growing dependence on technology. Techvedic's experts are trained and certified by its talent acquisition team which is equipped by experienced industry experts. Techvedic Reviews and Client Testimonials for Tech support. Customer Service Reviews of Techvedic. I am writing to praise the Techvedic technician who helped me, at Techvedic I talked with Gray a long support session with him, and he was just fantastic!

Customer Service Reviews of Techvedic

My laptop became infected with Defense Center virus and I thought all was lost. I found out about Techvedic while searching for help on my mobile, and Gray was the tech who just happened to answer my very first plea for help. And my report is - Gray was GREAT!! Thanks, Techveic I was going to lose everything on my computer, and have to buy another one, but you literally saved my computer. In 2011 I started my digital marketing company with 5 people hire Techvedic as IT Sevice consultant, We working together for over 6 years now. Techvedic Reviews and Client Testimonials for Tech support.

Techvedic Complaints and Reviews. Complaints and reviews, appreciations and criticisms, success and failure are part and parcel of being famous, and Techvedic is not an exception to them.

Techvedic Complaints and Reviews

A business being operational for over 5 years or so, with over 100,000 customers, and global footprints is sure to taste all these, and if it claims that it hasn’t then there might be something wrong in its declaration. Today the Internet is perceived as a big mirror, and people want its verdicts every now and then, no matter what they do. Whether they are planning to shop a mobile phone, make a trip, find eatery corner, or avail some sorts of services, it’s difficult for them to make a move before getting its nod. However, everything that glitters can’t be gold, and every person expressing his/her view can’t be perceived as the preacher of truth. Hence, it’s on individuals to make the right decision by assessing all pros and cons that is served to them.

People should be cautious of such misleading information on the Web. Techvedic Reviews and Client Testimonials for Tech support. Customers Reviews of Techvedic. Techvedic Reviews - Employees Feedback on Glassdoor. Techvedic Consumer Reviews. Explore Techvedic Employees Salary. Techvedic Company Information. Born in 2009, Techvedic is a team of dedicated, experienced and vibrant professionals from the discipline of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), who are determined to simplify its various offerings, either available or emerging, in the form of hardware, software and cloud-based services to let end-users, including individuals and businesses both, derive the best from their technology investments to make their lives harmonious, and business growth consistent, rewarding and sustainable.

Techvedic Company Information

What We Believe Techvedic believes in the democratic notion of the technology, i.e. technology is by the people, of the people and for the people. We want to make it work the way our customers or partners want. We delve into the requirements of end-technology users, and pursue the innovation track to find or develop the right solution. What Makes Us Different Corporate Integrity Governance Sustainability Sustainability for us is a broad concept that includes the interest of every stakeholder. Techvedic Technologies. Techvedic (@Techvedic) Get Your Dream Job at Techvedic. Techvedic - Best Tech Support company. Techvedic Careers - Jobs in Techvedic Technologies. Read Frequently Asked Questions - Techvedic. Techvedic Inc in Las Vegas, NV - Southern Nevada BBB. Techvedic – Best Tech Support Company.