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Christopher Paul

My name is Christopher Paul and I work as a Marketing Manager at Trupp Global. Trupp Global is a next-generation outsourcing services provider, focused on high growth start-ups and SMBs to create value and grow their brands. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Trupp Global, provides innovative, customer-centric, and performance-driven Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to start-ups & SMEs across the world. Read more:

8 Ways to Improve Efficiency of Your Call Center Outsourcing Process. Introduction The growth of a business depends on how it improves the core business model and builds strong customer relations. For startups, it becomes often cumbersome to address customers, marketing, sales, service concerns simultaneously. When it comes to the call center outsourcing process, the productivity and efficiency of these call centers are of utmost importance. Do’s and Don’ts of Live Chat Support for Your Website.

Introduction One of the key mantras for running a successful business is providing excellent customer service. Research says that almost 73% of the customers make a purchase where they receive a positive experience from the brand. 6 Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction Effectively. Introduction For any business, customers are considered a fundamental asset. Hence, customer satisfaction acts as a positive catalyst that pushes a brand forward while ensuring business growth. However, companies must plan their customer service strategies based on the actual data rather than vague assumptions.

8 Best Practices for E-commerce Product Catalog Management. Introduction The e-commerce product catalog management has paramount value as it possesses every minute detail of your products and inventory. It has updated product information that includes product specifications, prices, marketing copy, digital assets, etc. This allows your website visitors to get a thorough product knowledge and make them accessible that helps your company stand out from the competition. Thus, the importance of product catalog management for your business increases. Having a well-maintained catalog will make the merchants invest in your business.

Top 10 Real Estate Photo Editing Best Practices. Introduction It’s no secret that the sale of real estate properties depends a lot on the property images posted on the listing site. Even with the best equipment and the right skill, sometimes you will not get the perfect shot you envision. Live Chat Support: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices. Introduction Getting started with the live chat support services may sound simple, but sometimes making this sustainable can be overwhelming. Live chat service combines real-time chat with the ability to collect information, share links that make it an ideal online platform for customers who seek immediate help. Nowadays, customers are not willing to wait more than 10 minutes to resolve their queries. In this case, live chat can be a boon to them that can serve their purpose within a few minutes. Top Trends Impacting Business Process Outsourcing.

Introduction In the last decade, companies only outsourced a few basic office functions like data entry and payroll management. However, with the increase of connectivity and the technological advancement of the BPO agencies, businesses tend to outsource various business functions like customer service, back office, call center, to name a few. Business Process Outsourcing has rapidly changed and grown since last year. 2021 has become a crucial year as the pandemic is continuing and hence the trends of BPO this year will be different. In this blog, we are going to discuss the trends that create a significant impact on Business Process Outsourcing. Tips to Manage Your Call Center Outsourcing Partner. Introduction Nowadays, businesses are spending a lot on their call center outsourcing partner for accomplishing many back-office functions like customer support, data entry, etc. Call center business function is the most common trend that businesses of all segments mostly outsource to third-party service providers.

8 Reasons Why Customer Complaints are Important for Your Business. Introduction Customer complaints may portray a negative reflection of the brand, but they are loaded with useful customer insights and information that can be used positively. Whenever customers submit negative feedback about your products or services, make sure to use the information and rectify the particular issues as soon as possible. Cost Cutting in Pandemic – Debunked. Introduction During the pandemic where every cent counts, even the smallest profit can create an impact on the profitability of the business.

Cost cutting in pandemic is an important aspect that every company is doing nowadays for bringing a significant change in the overall business procedure. The economic crisis during the pandemic has affected businesses irrespective of sectors, hence cost-cutting in pandemic is one of the main aspects that should be a part of the business continuity plan for every company. Now it’s time to step back for the small businesses and carefully plan the cost-cutting techniques while outsourcing a few business tasks.

Strategies of Cost Cutting in Pandemic. 12 Reasons Why Live Chat Service is Important for E-Commerce Business. Introduction For e-commerce businesses, live chat services have become one of the most sought-after options as more than 42% of the customers choose live chat services as their preferred mode of communication to the brand. Moreover, it helps brands in providing instant customer support whenever a customer requires it. 8 Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Photo Editing Services. Introduction Outsourcing real estate photo editing services allows the agencies to realign their focus on customer engagement and business growth.

Outsourcing service providers address various operational issues, for instance, quality timelines, fluctuating volumes, resourcing, technology upgrading. Top 5 Social Media Content Moderation Strategies. Introduction Social moderation services have gradually dominated the online presence of businesses that can be managed by effective content moderation strategies. Thanks to the ever-increasing customers that are flocking to try and use it, thus social media has become the catalyst for sustaining many businesses. What is social media moderation? Outsourced Call Center Pricing Model. Introduction Have you ever tried to evaluate the outsourced call center pricing model and its benefits? In the last decade, several businesses outsource their call center function to third-party service providers for improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. However, many of the companies have doubts about whether call center outsourcing is cheaper than maintaining an in-house call center team.

In this blog, let’s debunk the myths related to call center outsourcing costs and their benefits. Why is Call Center Outsourcing Cheaper? Top 12 Customer Communication Channels for Your Business. Introduction Customer communication channels indeed play a crucial role in connecting companies with their customers. Brands that have already mastered the art of using these contact channels are known for providing seamless and consistent customer support. The focus is to satisfy every customer hence the need for multiple communication channels has grown drastically. It is quite evident that brands that have implemented 91% more customer retention have implemented omnichannel strategy as a part of brand communication. What are Customer Communication Channels? Top 10 Ways to Deliver Consistent Customer Service. 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for A Perfect Retro Effect. 10 Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Business.

How Content Moderation Services Can Protect Your Brand's Online Presence. Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2021. How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Boost Your Revenue Growth. Top 10 Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Service. 10 Common Customer Support Mistakes You Need to Avoid. Top 9 Outsourcing Trends That Will Dominate 2021. Difference Between Photo Editing and Photo Retouching. Content Moderation - Definition, Types, and Importance.

Role of Business Continuity Plan for Startups During COVID-19 Pandemic. Benefits of Outsourcing During COVID-19 Pandemic. Payment Posting: Definition, Importance, and Role in Medical Billing. Data Entry Services Definition, Types & Benefits. Top Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing & Coding Services. How to Outsource Photo Editing for E-Commerce Business. Top 10 Benefits of Live Chat Outsourcing. Healthcare BPO Outsourcing Definition, Benefits, Examples. Back Office Outsourcing: Definition, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages. Technical Support: Definition, Types and its Role in Business. Call Center Outsourcing - A Complete Guide. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Definition, Types and Benefits. Top 10 Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing. BPO Company - Trupp Global. Outsourcing Services - Software Development, Healthcare BPO, Back Office & Customer Support Company India.