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Mark Taylor

I used to work on Wall Street, but prefer the wide open spaces and freedom that the West provides. My favorite places are anywhere on the Pacific Crest Trail and the top of the next mountain in sight. I am an avid backpacker and rock climber and am into self-reliance. When I'm not on the trail, I'm writing about my experiences on-line.

Twelve Week Plan for Creating An Emergency Supply Kit. Building Your Emergency Supply Kit Week-by-Week So, maybe you’ve decided that you want to take some steps to be better prepared in the event of an emergency, but might be overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start.

Twelve Week Plan for Creating An Emergency Supply Kit

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. By following this three-month plan, you’ll break the task of creating a killer emergency supply kit into bite-sized chunks that are both doable and won’t break your budget. Each week of the plan has recommended things to buy and recommended things to do. Work your way down this list and share it with a family member or friend. Week 1 To Buy 1 gallon water per person 1 x ___ = ____1 small jar peanut butter 1 x ___ = ____1 large can juice 1 x ___ = ____1 can protein (e.g. meat or beans) 1 x ___ = ____Hand can opener1 permanent marker2 lighters To Do Make a family emergency plan.Date each food item you purchase. Week 2 To Buy To Do Check house for hazards; secure loose and heavy objects (e.g.

Week 3 To Buy To Do Week 4 Week 5 To Buy Week 6 Week 7. Are You Fit Enough To Be Ready? Functional Fitness Tips. All of the preparations and stockpiling in the world won’t help you if, in the event of an emergency, you’re not physically able to meet the demands of the situation at hand.

Are You Fit Enough To Be Ready? Functional Fitness Tips

Imagine having to dig a family member out of a mudslide, stacking countless sandbags in advance of a flood, carrying a pack and a child while hiking away from an approaching fire…you get the picture. If you’re not functionally fit, you’re leaving a major hole in your preparations. While functional fitness has become a bit of a buzzword in fitness circles, there hasn’t been enough focus in the readiness community on it. Simply put, functional fitness is a description for exercises and training that mimic potential real world situations where your strength and endurance are tested in ways that are different than most traditional gym workouts.

Jeff Kuhland writing for describes it this way, “It’s great to be gym fit, to be able to perform pull-ups, endless sit-ups, and deadlift 400 pounds. 5 Reasons Why Cricket Flour Needs to Be Part of Your Prep. If you haven’t heard the buzz surrounding the latest entry into the competition for your protein purchasing dollar, cricket flour is for real and should definitely earn a place in your prepping stores.

5 Reasons Why Cricket Flour Needs to Be Part of Your Prep

Cricket flour is made from, well… crickets. Ground up, dried crickets. According to, “Generally, the dried crickets are… ground using two different grinding or milling machines. The first machine is set to a coarse grind. Once the crickets have been placed in the first machine, the coarse cricket flour is then sifted to remove the lighter content which consists of legs, wings, etc. and is removed from the final cricket flour product. Each company will use proprietary processes ranging from the cricket feed, the freezing processes, drying processes, and final grinding procedures as well. . #1 Cricket Flour is Nutritious Here’s how cricket flour stacks up against some other common foods – Cricket Flour Nutrition #2 It Has a Long Shelf Life #3 It Has a Neutral Taste.