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Mark Sleeper

Mark was born in 1950 in Minnesota. He belonged to a middle-class family. Since Mark was keen of learning and always wanted to share whatever he learned, he decided to enroll with Capella University to pursue a degree in education. He completed both, Bachelor’s and Master’s in Education with a very good score from Campbell. He was amongst the intelligent students of the college who participated in each and every event that was organized in the college. He even won a lot of prizes for his active participation. Soon after pursuing the Master Degree, Mark landed a job in Woodbury Senior High School. He worked there for 4 years and taught History and Geography to the students. He was one of the favorite teachers of the students as he had a very different personality. After 4 years, he switched to another school where he worked for next 3 years and earned a lot of praises for his work. Since destiny had more interesting in store for Mark, he was soon appointed as High School Principal in Morristown Public School in 1980. Besides talent, the out-of-the-box thoughts that Mark had about education, also helped him grab this great position in the school. As a principal he managed day to day operations of the school quite well. After 2 years of service; i.e in 1982, he moved to Dodge Center Public School and served as the Principal for the next 3 years. In 1985, he joined Fergus Fall School and served for 6 complete years as the Principal. By 2001, Mark was the real professional in the education sector. After serving as principle for more than 10 years, he was appointed as a Superintendent, where besides handling daily school operations, he also looked after entire schools in the district. He always created a pleasant atmosphere for the children and teachers to work in.

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