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Medium.datadriveninvestor. At present times, there is a significant growth in the OTT platforms.


Notably, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of active users to such platforms. This prompts the entrepreneurs to build an OTT platform and explore the OTT (Over-The-Top) market to have business traction. This blog is focused on covering the nook and cranny of how to start your own OTT service within a short period. Why Build An OTT Platform In 2022?

However, the pandemic is the time when the entire world was shut down. How to Launch Intuitive Content Subscription Service App Like Onlyfans? OnlyFans… The name immediately conjures up an image of controversy.

How to Launch Intuitive Content Subscription Service App Like Onlyfans?

People can only think of the adult-themed subscription-based social network that has been used by people belonging to the adult industry to make a humongous profit. However, there is more to this app than what appears on the surface. Looking Deeper… Or Shallower, Perhaps. Launch Uber Clone - A Top-Notch Idea To Start A Taxi Business. How To Develop A Netflix Clone App? A Detailed Guide. How to Develop On-Demand Packers And Movers App? Medium.datadriveninvestor. Remember those days, developing a mobile app was quite complex, which required a lot of effort and patience.


In the era of modernization, it is not that tedious to build a taxi booking app. This is because, as an entrepreneur, you can opt for a white-label Uber Clone app that will be readily available for launch. Have you decided to step into the ride-hailing industry? How Much Would It Cost To Create An App Like Uber? You might be aware of the fact that the ride-hailing & taxi market has been flourishing over the past few years.

How Much Would It Cost To Create An App Like Uber?

But, due to the pandemic, this market has witnessed a downfall as people in the nation preferred to stay indoors. This is the time when there is no necessity for them to commute from one place to another. White-label Gojek Clone - A perfect ladder to start an on-demand business. Significance ofa White-Label Taxi Software for Your Taxi Business. What is the best way to make a fan club website like OnlyFans? How To Make a Website Like Onlyfans? A Simple Guide. How To Build An Super App: A Step-By-Step Guide. The on-demand multi-service apps help businesses to increase the customer base and gain profits.

How To Build An Super App: A Step-By-Step Guide

Besides, this platform benefits both the service providers and customers and bridges the gap between them. The multi-service app is also known as Super app, which is designed and developed with an aim to provide various services to the customers hassle-free. How Does A Super App Like Gojek Shape Your On-Demand Business? Capitalize On The Lucrative Taxi-Hailing Business With An App Like Uber. The emergence of mobile apps has disrupted many traditional businesses as it paved the way for businesses to enter the digital space and reach new heights.

Capitalize On The Lucrative Taxi-Hailing Business With An App Like Uber

As per Statista, the revenue generation of mobile apps in 2020 was nearly about $581.9 billion and will reach $935 billion by 2023. Considering these, launching a mobile app for your business would be the best choice as there is a high chance to earn revenue with the integrations of various revenue streams. In recent years, taxi booking businesses have shifted to the digital space. How to Launch A Successful Taxi-Booking App like Uber: A Complete Guide. Remembering those days, people have to visit the travel agency or contact the operator to book a taxi.

How to Launch A Successful Taxi-Booking App like Uber: A Complete Guide

Or else, they have to wave their hands when the cab passes by. Now, the way people commute from one place to another has changed. They can book their taxi or cab through the taxi-booking app with just a few clicks/taps. The successful story of Uber: Why a similar taxi app? • No one expected that Uber would gain such immense popularity when it was launched in March 2009. How to build an app like Uber for Android and iOS Platforms. It is difficult for traditional taxi businesses to survive in the present competitive world as everyone is using taxi booking apps.

How to build an app like Uber for Android and iOS Platforms

Such apps make the process of booking a taxi more simple, allowing the riders to book a taxi/cab with a few taps. Upon accepting the ride request, the drivers will reach the riders’ pickup location at an estimated time and reach the destination. This comfort of availing a taxi service is the foremost reason for the increased demand for taxi apps. OnlyFans Clone — Launch Intuitive Content Subscription Service App Like Onlyfans.

The entry of OnlyFans perfectly timed with the apparent saturation of the adult industry.

OnlyFans Clone — Launch Intuitive Content Subscription Service App Like Onlyfans

People had become a lot more liberal in accepting sex workers and adult entertainers as a part of the society, and the entertainers also did not have any problem in owning up to their identity. In fact, it was a time when they wanted to have a personal connection with their friends just like how the celebrities of Hollywood and every other sport would do. OnlyFans provided them with the much-needed platform.

How AI-powered taxi booking apps revolutionize the ride-hailing industry? Artificial Intelligence is no longer confined to the science-fiction of the 1950s.

How AI-powered taxi booking apps revolutionize the ride-hailing industry?

It has become a part of reality, and it has been influencing our lives and making them better without even us realizing it. The best example of Artificial Intelligence working for us could be the way Netflix suggests our favorite shows by just studying our consumption patterns. AI has the potential to change almost any industry. Opportunities Ahead in the Ride-Hailing Industry with Uber Clone - Sense About Science Blog. Introduction The transportation industry has been constantly evolving with technology. However, the improvements in transportation only belong to the technical aspect of it but never on the operational side. For example, we might have more efficient cars getting onto the road but the concept of randomly waving at a taxi to stop it, haggling over prices, getting lost in unknown places, and having an unsatisfactory and frustrating experience.

It completely changed in 2009 with the introduction of the ride-hailing app called Uber. It is powered with the GPS navigation system, facilitating the users to book a taxi, provided the app they install in the smartphone has a stable internet connection. How to Launch An Adult Fanclub Subscription App like OnlyFans? - DEV Community. A subscription-based social media app like OnlyFans has gained immense popularity over the past few years. Undoubtedly, entertainment-related apps will get a wider reach among people. An app like OnlyFans paves the way to connect the content creators like celebrities with their followers, building a fan base.

The demand for such apps soared tremendously amidst the pandemic as celebrities looked for an alternative way to generate revenue. This is because almost every business was shut down in this crucial situation. The app provides a vast space for models, actors, musicians, and artists to utilize to gain their followers and earn profits by posting content. Realtor Clone - Launch An Enriching Real Estate App Like Realtor. Real estate business never goes out of trend. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, many businesses went down, however the real estate industry has not witnessed a tremendous loss. It withheld its market position despite the hard situation. How to Develop a Successful On-Demand Delivery App? The on-demand industry has gained huge popularity over the past few years. People started to avail of various services via on-demand apps. This is because the convenience of booking the service is as easy as possible with almost a few taps. Uber is the pioneer, which has set foot in almost every sector and redefined how customers purchase products and availing services.

Even though several apps are in existence, there is space for new on-demand services apps as the requirement/need is skyrocketing. How Does An App Like Dunzo Pave The Way For A Business To Thrive? The rise of the on-demand economy has paved the way for transformation from conventional business models in a fast paced manner over the last few years, especially during the Covid-19 wave. However, it is a golden opportunity for traditional businesses to reach new heights with on-demand apps. As technology advancements bring more opportunities to expand businesses, leverage it by investing in on-demand delivery app development. Utilize an Uber Clone source code to launch your taxi app instantly. Make the Right Move by Launching an On-Demand Taxi Booking App. William Mark: A Simple Guide to Developing an Audio-Only Social Media App Like Clubhouse. How to Build A Content Subscription Service App Like OnlyFans?

A Complete Guide on How to Establish A Successful Taxi Business. Enhance Your On-Demand Business and Gain Profits with a Gojek Clone App. Expand Your On-Demand Service Business with a Similar App Like Gojek. How to Launch an On-Demand House Cleaning Service App? Start a Profitable Ride-Sharing Business with an Uber Clone App.

Initiate Your Taxi business With a Uber Clone App Source Code. Revolutionize The Lucrative On-Demand Market. Sustain the Taxi Industry with A Feature-Rich Uber Clone App. Effective Ways to Expand an On-Demand Delivery Service Business. Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Uber for Maids App. 7 Major Benefits Of Investing In The On-Demand Taxi Dispatch App Post-Pandemic. Uber for Maids - How to Build A House Cleaning Services App. Ensure Growth Of Your Business With A White-Label Taxi App Solution. Scale Up Your Taxi Business by Developing an Uber Like App with Advanced Features.

You need to know before starting your bike taxi app business. Leafly Clone - Guide to Launching a Cannabis Delivery App Like Leafly. Launch Your On-Demand Multi-services App like Gojek. Netflix Clone - Develop and launch a video streaming app in 2021. Kickstarting Your Taxi-App Business - The White-Label Way! All You Need To Know About Launching An Super App like Gojek. All You Need to Know About Building a Rideshare App. Climb Up The Ride-Hailing Business Now With Uber Clone App. Establish Your Digital Omniety With The Gojek Clone App.

Enter Into The Online Taxi Booking Industry With Our Uber Clone. The Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in On-Demand Businesses. Launch Your Online Grocery Delivery Business with Instacart Clone. Gojek Clone App - Launch your all-in-one app like Gojek. Reshape your traditional taxi service business with a robust Uber clone app. What Are The Market Prospects Of Starting An On-demand Multi-services App Like Gojek? The Ultimate Guide For Developing An On-demand Multi-services App Like Gojek. Why Should You Go With an Uber Clone App For Your On-Demand Ride-Hailing Business. How Bright are the Opportunities for Starting an On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek. Critical Features that Shouldn’t be Missed on an On-Demand Ride-Hailing App Like Uber. Top 5 Proven Strategies To Excel In The On-Demand Ride-Hailing Services Business. Revamp Your Multi-Service Business With An On-Demand Gojek Clone App.

How to Develop On-Demand Packers And Movers App? Customer-Attracting Factors Of An App Like Uber For Your Business - Comment Sensortir. How Will a Gojek Clone App Benefit Your On-Demand Services Business? OnlyFans Clone App — Establish your revenue driven content subscription service. Ten critical features that you shouldn’t miss on your food delivery app like UberEats. How to get back on track with your ride-hailing business in the post-COVID era. Complete Guide Get Back On Track With Ride-hailing Business In The Post COVID Era Beyond 2020 - Tech Travel Hub. What It Takes to Launch A Successful Uber-like Taxi Hailing App Amidst COVID19? How COVID-19 Created The Perfect Scenario for On-Demand Tutor Apps In The Market. The Ultimate Guide to the Online Food Ordering System- Know Hows and Much more. Advanced Features and Technologies Worth Considering to Boost Your Cab Booking App Business. How apps like Gojek are performing amid the global pandemic?

Know about the potential opportunities and advantages of getting a Gojek clone app. Why Is Now the Right Time to Launch Your App Like UberEats? What is in store for ride-Hailing business in a post-COVID era. Need a Uber Clone App To Start Your On-Demand Taxi Business? Develop a Taxi Booking Solution Like Uber For Your Business. The Ultimate Guide to Building an On-Demand Services App and The Current Market Scenario. How to Develop Home Service Marketplace App like UrbanClap? Business And Revenue Model For Grocery Apps Like Instacart. The Ultimate Checklist for Your On-Demand Taxi App Business. The aspects, advantages, and basic features of the Gojek clone app. What are on-demand services apps and how to build it successfully to cater to a modern customer's needs?

COVID-19 Pandemic: Right Time to Launch an Alcohol Delivery App. Developing a Future-Ready TikTok Clone App. How to build an on-demand food delivery app like Swiggy? Business models in the on-demand food delivery market and what do modern consumers expect from an app. How to Build a Food Delivery App (Like UberEats) How On-Demand Food Delivery Apps Are Operating Amid The Pandemic? The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Social Media App Like TikTok. How to launch a Book Doctor Appointment Online app like practo or zocdoc? Things to Consider Before Building A Video Conferencing App Like Zoom. Why should you choose a white label taxi booking software?

Why should you invest in a white label taxi booking app solution? How to Make an App Like Udemy: Complete Guide. Insights into the factors, opportunities, and benefits of grocery delivery apps. Is COVID-19 Outbreak a Right Time To Launch an Online Grocery App Like Instacart? Why should you get a Gojek clone app?