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Just Gravy, No Potatoes
manalogue As the kick-off for the Master Playwright Festival, Chekhovfest, the cast and crew of Theatre by the River and Little Echo Theatre’s co-production of “The Cherry Orchard” will host a soiree at Fame Nightclub. The event has a hilariously appropriate title: Dance Off for Chekhov and THE SHAKE will curate the tunes for the evening. (If you weren’t aware, I’m one half of this back2back / tag team duo, along side LOTEK.) manalogue
Check out the latest interviews from the world of SB.TV. Our presenter, Georgia LA, regularly grills the hottest names from grime, pop & hip hop, putting the best in the business through their paces. We've spoken to everyone from Wiley to Wiz Khalifa, Tinie Tempah to Bruno Mars. Inspiration Season is concerned with positivity and youth empowerment. – The UK's most popular street broadcaster – The UK's most popular street broadcaster