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1C Publish. KingsBounty Legend. Armored Princess. Warrior, Paladin, Mage. BioWare. Mass Effect. Dragon Age. Characters, Classes. GameFAQ Guides. Arcane Warrior. ========================================== Dragon Age Origins (PC): Arcane Warrior Guide, by Erik Fasterius, Copyright 2009 Erik Fasterius ========================================== ----------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Just smalltalk before we get to the good bits... 1.1 What is the Arcane Warrior?

Arcane Warrior

1.2 How to use this guide 2.0 ATTRIBUTES What you need and how to allocate your points. 2.1 Strength 2.2 Dexterity 2.3 Willpower 2.4 Cunning 2.5 Magic 2.6 Constitution 2.7 Allocation 3.0 SKILLS Character fluff and optionals. 4.0 SPELLS Ah, now we're talking! Gamespot FAQ. Walkthrough Brighthub. Waukster Guides. WikiCheats. From WikiCheats Basics Character Creation Classes Companions Origin Stories Walkthrough Side Quests Quick Strategies Achievements Trophies Warden's Keep Stone Prisoner Return to Ostagar Awakening The Darkspawn Chronicles Leliana's Song.


Bethesda. Fallout 3. Character Creator.