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Mark Larkin

Mark enjoys writing, editing and ranking keywords in search engines. His passion for business, auto, health, fitness, basketball, football, baseball and other sports has led him to write. He has been writing and promoting his blogs in the past ten years.

8 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Physical Health. What is deep learning? what are its benefits. What is artificial neural network? And what are its advantages. What is sdlc? What are the 7 phases of SDLC? Private cloud. Lead scoring. What is Lead Scoring?

lead scoring

Lead scoring could also be a strategy utilized by sales and marketing departments to figure out the worthiness of leads, or potential customers, by attaching values to them that support their behavior regarding their interest in products or services. The “value” of every lead varies from company to company, but generally is characterized by the interest shown within the company or their places within the buying cycle. Companies assign point-based systems in qualifying leads or just confer with them as “hot,” “warm” or “cold” supported the history of interactions. The first goal of companies is to urge sales leads or prospects into their pipeline, but once a considerable number of leads are obtained, it is vital for companies to specialise in the prospects that are most inquisitive about buying, which is where lead scoring can play a vital role.

Many lead scoring systems assign point values to different actions a lead or customer can soak up the sales funnel. Agile SDLC. Scholarship for business administration. Big Data. Big data is a concept describing the large data volume that might structure and unstructured .But what's relevant is not the amount of data.

Big Data

It is what organizations are doing with the appropriate data. Big data can be analyzed for insights leading to better strategic moves & decisions in business. Big Data Technology might describe as a computer infrastructure designed to analyze, interpret, and derive information from highly sophisticated and large data sets that were never handled by traditional computational data processing. IMPORTANCE of BIG DATA: Importance of big data can be analyzed from following points: Big data analytics will help to change all operations in the company. Some Big Data solutions like Cloud-based Analytics & Hadoop can give companies cost reductions as vast amounts of data need to be stored, and these solutions will help them discover more effective forms of doing business.

The third Big Data form is semi-structured. Joel Taylor. Arm Architecture is a family of RISC (Reduced instructions set computing) for computer processors.

Joel Taylor

ARM architecture is also called Advanced RISC machine/Acorn RISC machine. Arm Architecture is the base of the design of a processor or core. This architecture provides a common instruction set to developers to ensure interoperability across different implementations of the architecture. ARM Architecture processors use a simplified, less power-hungry method of processing. It is made for accepting only instructions that can be accomplished in a single memory cycle. 1. The below mentioned arm profiles are used for different tasks. 2. Before knowing the use of architecture, it's necessary to know what an architecture is? Architecture provides the following to processor: The function of each instruction in the device. Information Communication Technology (ICT) - ICT stands for information and communication technology.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) -

ICT is described as a group of elements, components, and a framework that enables the system of modern computing. There is no single universal term for ICT. It is widely understood to mean all networks, devices, and computers, systems that enable people/organizations to interact in the digital world; (i.e., non-profit agencies, governments, companies, and criminal enterprises).

Components of ICT: Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) CRYPTOCURRENCY - Information Technology. Cryptography is defined as a virtual currency, protected by cryptography, which makes counterfeiting or double-spending impossible.

CRYPTOCURRENCY - Information Technology

Cryptocurrency is also known as “DIGITAL CURRENCY”. One defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they've been usually not issued by any central body. Apps & Gadgets - AWS (AMAZON WEB SERVICE) AWS defined as Amazon's emerging & comprehensive cloud services framework.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Service AWS offers a mix of service application (PaaS), company bundled software (SaaS) services & service network (IaaS). AWS services may provide tools, including computing resources and content delivery services for databases to an organization. AWS is defined as a secure cloud infrastructure network that provides processing resources, web distribution, database storage capacity, and other features to help entries expand and scale. Biotechnology. Your Personal Knowledge Engine. BIOMETRICS - Mark Larkin. In technological terms, Biometrics defined as behavioral or physical features of humans that might use to distinguish an individual digitally to access programs, computers, or information.

BIOMETRICS - Mark Larkin

Types of these biometric identifications include facial patterns, fingerprints, voice, or cadence texting. A Biometric Method is defined as an Automated Process of Recognition of individuals depending on their actions & physical characteristics as well. A biometric application allows for automatic measurement of employee hours, reducing the expenditure of paper and effort spent manually in reconciling the attendance records. Fingerprint biometrics may offer a physical access to company buildings and allow for logical access to internal infrastructure such as machines and networks used for businesses. Types: • Face recognition: facial characteristics measurement • Vascular patterns: vein patterns analysis. • Fingerprints: studying movements of fingertips • DNA: genetic structure study. Markklarkin. Big Data. Single board computer. Scholarship for business administration. SCADA solutions, Internet of Things, LTE modem. AM335X evaluation board.

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