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Antique and Vintage Furniture. Source: Google News Business finds its true nature in Carbondale Aspen Times, April 7th Eaden and Deva Shantay have made a multimillion dollar investment in their yoga studio and tea room at 100 N.

Antique and Vintage Furniture

Third St. They imported antique furniture, elaborate wooden posts, doorways and lights from Kashmir, Afghanistan, India and Morocco...Read more Vintage shop opening - rent free St Helens Today, April 7th A vintage furniture shop is set to open up in Prescot Shopping Centre... rent free! Local history: Akron librarian entertained children as 'Story Lady' on WAKR radio Akron Beacon Journal, April 6th In 1941, she built a home at 1157 Greenvale Ave., which she filled with antique furniture, Pittsburgh glassware and old books.

Scott Large Round Ottoman in vintage brown premium leather. Georgian house interior design. Georgian Style and Design. For those of you who are fans of Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, I think you'll enjoy her latest offering Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living .

Georgian Style and Design

The book focuses on contemporary interpretations of the Georgian style with interiors that focus on comfort and functionality first and foremost. But what really struck me the most about the book were the lush wallpapers used in many of these homes. Gorgeous scenic and hand-painted wallpapers abound, and you know I've met very few of these wallpapers that I didn't like. How incredibly fabulous is this hand-painted paper that features an Indian colonial scene? I have no idea who makes this architectural toile, but I just adore it. At first glance, I assumed this wallpaper might have been Gracie, but I'm really thinking it might be de Gournay.

In this Scottish country house, the chinoiserie room features a hand-painted de Gournay wallcovering. Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living: Henrietta Spencer-Churchill. Henrietta Spencer-Churchill brings the practical comfort of 21st century living to the elegant and timeless classical proportions of 18th century design.

Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living: Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

This inspiring and invaluable book showcases Henrietta Spencer-Churchill's recent projects. Whether working with authentic Georgian interiors, apartments or newly-built homes, Lady Henrietta brings her perfectionist talent to the task of marrying comfort and practicality to the spirit of 18th century elegance and timeless classical proportions. The book is lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs from the author s latest portfolio of work, and contains insights into how the design process works at a practical level. With chapters looking at each room in the home individually, from the dining room to the home office and media room, discover Henrietta s secrets for achieving the ultimate blend of classic style and the needs of a modern home.

This is the classic design book for 21st century living. Georgian Interior Design Ideas - @DesignProNews. Homes - Design - Georgian. The three phases of Georgian are a continuum of each other.

Homes - Design - Georgian

As the century progressed, the style became lighter and lighter in terms of colours and decoration and eventually became regency style. My first project. Adobe Flash Player 10 or newer must be installed - Download the latest version here.

My first project

Create your floor plan before you complete any do-it-yourself home improvement. Get home design inspiration. Will your bed fit in the new apartment? What will that couch look like in the living room? RoomSketcher lets you try before you buy. Visit RoomSketcher website. Bedroom Designs: Modern Interior Design Ideas & Photos. Do you prefer plush padding a minimalist pillow, a decked-out design or toned-down interior?

Bedroom Designs: Modern Interior Design Ideas & Photos

From dazzling abstract designs to humorously offbeat sleeping spaces here are seven brilliant bedroom designs to inspire your imagination. Who knows, with a few decorative adjusts you might be able to remodel your own bedrooms to similar effect. If you love soft illumination and hate to sacrifice privacy, this bedroom interior has a brilliant combination of strategies from uplighting around the bed itself to wall panels that block direct views and sunlight but let light in around them. If you are more of a minimalist, this simple bedroom space has a rhythmic modularity and combines soft white walls and ceiling with variegated wood furniture and furnishings for a pleasantly mixed aesthetic experience.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, how would you like to have your bedroom be in the middle of your pool room? Luxurious NYC Penthouse Apartment with Astounding Space Design. This next exquisite penthouse comes from the amazing collection of Sotheby`s for sale portfolio.

Luxurious NYC Penthouse Apartment with Astounding Space Design

Located in New York City`s gorgeous TriBeCa neighborhood , the luxurious penthouse apartment has an extended space that measures over 10,000 square feet, all designed and carefully maintained so that the luxury can be recognized in every corner. Even from outside, one can see the huge glass windows that flood the interior with pure sunshine and absorb any worries. The ample space was used to create astounding rooms. The kitchen has a breakfast room, insuring an interior design that will leave the gourmands breathless and the 1,000-bottle wine storage will make wine conosiures reach Nirvana. A cosy fire from the fireplace will accompany your meals and the evenings will have a different meaning while enjoying the sunset on the terrace. Three private terraces surprise the view with amazing panoramas of the city that never sleeps. 30 Thrilling Open Plan Living Rooms with a View. Designing an open floor plan can be a great way to make your living areas seem more spacious.

30 Thrilling Open Plan Living Rooms with a View

What is the first aspect that comes to mind when thinking about modern living rooms? For us it’s openness. European Antiques. John Stephens Antiques - Buying from the best Antique Furniture Website in New Zealand.