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03 march 2018


There is absolutely nothing good about getting a cold sore. Nothing. Besides being painful and annoyingly itchy, cold sores are an eye sore and make their victims feel self-conscious. With that picture painted in your imagination, you are sure to understand how miserable I felt when I started getting cold sores some years ago. Well, it started a little less frequent at first but in the last few years, it's been really difficult trying to cope. It was very disturbing and most times I ended up sobbing privately and dreading any chance of leaving the comfort of my house.

Sad, right? Well, my situation wasn't all doom and gloom because eventually I found a supplement called Vital Reds that changed everything. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a journey to get there! 

First, I tried all sorts of funny internet ideas. From the use of nail polish remover to the totally insane "toothpaste remedy", I sure did exhaust all the funny options at my disposal with absolutely no solution to show. I also attempted to restrict my diet to foods that are absolutely free from arginine (a supposed cold sore trigger) with no luck either. 

In the midst of my deep confusion, I consulted a doctor who prescribed the same medication used by people with full blown herpes. Though it wasn't the permanent solution I eagerly craved, it did provide a certain level of comfort I wasn't getting before. But it only worked to prevent the cold sore when I took the medication before an actual sore had formed, which is kind of hard to predict. But one thing was sure, this remedy wasn't going to last very long. Soon I couldn't get refills and I had to keep tabs with my doctor just to keep my prescription cycle on course. 

I didn't really want to keep taking medications for something that wasn't constant. Even taking the medication didn't guarantee a cold sore wouldn't form, and medications have side effects that I don't like. I stopped taking these medications too at some point. 


When it seemed like nothing would work, I stumbled on a unique supplement named Dr. Gundry's Vital Reds. At this time, I was in search of supplements that contained extra nutrients and probiotics. Fortunately, Vital Reds provided both. 

Dr. Gundry is a seasoned heart surgeon who is passionate about helping people live a happy and healthy life without being aided by surgery. Driven by this passion, he started Gundry MD where he teaches people about the importance of what they eat and how it affects their health. As expected, he had a lot of followers who have tremendous testimonies to share. 

Vital Reds is one of Gundry MD's innovation and its basic four components are incredible: 

1. A rich vitamin and mineral blend of all the 8 essential forms of vitamin B and other nutrients. 

2. A Digestive blend of probiotics that help combat digestive issues while aiding the digestive process altogether. 

3. A blend of seven thermogenesis ingredients that improve fat burning processes and equally enhance body metabolism. 

4. A polyphenol blend of 34 super fruits that boost energy, provide support, and aid the heart. Berries get their dark colors from polyphenols. 


I never set out to remedy my frequent cold sore issues with Vitals Reds, but astonishingly that was the result I seemed to start getting. Miraculously, I started having less cold sore incidents. From my usual weekly cold sore routine to a totally unexpected 3 months absence of the condition. 

At first, I didn't understand what was happening but eventually, my reduced need for my prescription pills confirmed the great work that Vitals Reds was doing to get me back to shape. 

It is true that cold sores originate from an incurable virus, however, I had found a way to completely suppress it. Dr. Gundry's philosophy are simple and based on sound science that would help anyone improve their overall health. 


Vital Reds are available in powder form and should last for as long as 30 days if a certain dosage is maintained. All you need to do is mix it up with a glass of water and drink up. Did I mention that it also tastes good? It's fruit blend gives it a unique berry flavor that you are sure to love. 

Every batch of Vitals Reds are tested in a CGMP certified facility in the United States. Other laboratory testing are also carried out to ascertain purity, dosage, and content. This amazing supplement is sugar, and soy free and doesn't contain artificial sweeteners.


The product is sold on the Gundry MD website in a unique 30, 90, or 180-day supply. Discounts are available on increased volume of purchase and a money back guarantee provided in case you want to try the product out.