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10 Value Proposition Examples. This is a long article, but it’s jampacked with value proposition examples, and I promise you’ll leave knowing what the heck your value proposition is. What is a Value Proposition anyway? I know the best way to answer this for Entrepreneurs is to give examples.

First, let me give a basic definition of a value proposition. A value proposition is the solution to your customer’s problem. It goes hand in hand with the problem you are solving. I am a customer, I walk in with a problem, I walk out with a solution. The solution then is not your product or service, but the solution your product or service provides. ie: the end result, the value given to the customer. 1. For example, we did not know not having a TV was a problem…until we were introduced to the TV. Newness may be your value proposition if: You have a new technology.You have a new invention.It is very, very unique.You can’t figure out what industry you are in, because nothing fits. 2. For example, the iphone was first to market. 3. 4.