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Market Finance India

Market Finance India is a finance company having main objective to bring down the cost of capital that businesses in India pay for equity funding, sme loans or an Invoice discounting facility. Give us a chance and see what MarketFinance India can do .

MarketFinance India: Business Loans In India. First things first, an introduction- I am Saurabh Dev Pandian, the Director of Finance for Seeds Agro and Products Private Limited. We are a private limited company and a highly sought after exporter and supplier of a wide array of products in Tamil Nadu. We offer seeds of the open pollinated and hybrid kinds, plant oils, charcoal, processed grain flours, natural honey, nuts and more.

Since the inception of our firm in the year 2007, we have been carving our own niche in the market. Our staff and processing units are set to the highest possible standards to ensure optimal quality for all our products. Our main office is located at 1/436 Lakshmi Nagar, Aathipatti, near Royal Garden Hotel, Sempatti- 626101, Aruppukottai. From humble beginnings to growth in agriculture In 2007, the CEO and my dear friend Mr.Rohin Bhaskar started this company on his own. Difficulties managing working capital In 2007, the CEO and my dear friend Mr.Rohin Bhaskar started this company on his own. How to Invest in New Technology with Bill Discounting. I am Vinay Murthy, Director- IT Staffing at Antal Infotech.

Ever since my first assignment with Infosys, over the last ten years, I have been in the space of “Discovering Talent”. Over time I had accumulated significant expertise in the recruitment space. It was my dream to create a one stop shop for IT technical talent. I set out to do the same with my partners, Joseph Devasia and Tony Goodwin by setting up Antal Infotech Pvt Ltd at the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. We currently operate out of our beautiful office at 80 Ft Road, 4th Block, Koramangala. The HR solutions dream We are an integral part of Antal International, UK a global leader in Search, Staffing and RPO. Many small organisations whether start-ups or franchisees end up being crippled by large business loans or financial confusion. The need for working capital We decided to make an additional spend of 50L in state-of-the-art technology for applicant tracking systems and advanced analytics.

Bill discounting in Bangalore. How To Access Pay Later Finance Scheme For Vendors. I am Tarun Sarin, Director of Fidere Facility Management, a Pvt Ltd company. We have our office at 211 2nd Floor, Satyam Plaza, near Civil Hospital, Gurgaon – 110030, Haryana. A World Class Facilities Management Business We conceptualised our company primarily to manage and operate world class developments of facilities / infrastructure.

The market demand for a global benchmark facility management delivery and the local focus and local approach policy of ours have set the path for us to be an organisation with a personal touch. We wanted an organisation that could help us in our vendor payments and thus help us reduce our working capital cycle but there was no end in sight, and we were frankly quite demotivated. Problems in getting finance to pay vendors We operate with a workforce of more than 2000 across more than 65 sites in Delhi/NCR, Punjab & Haryana. I had already seen some of my entrepreneur friends resorting to informal channels to avail finance due to a cash crunch.

How To Get Merchant Cash Advance Loan from Financing Companies In India. So, let me introduce myself. I am Altaf Durani from EON Retails LLP. Ours is a Limited Liability Partnership, and we are retailers of American footwear and athletic accessories brand Skechers. Two partners set up this business in 2014.

Our efforts bore fruit when we set up our office at 44/g Adelphi Chambers 1st Floor, Ismalia housing society, Clare Road, near Byculla West, Christ Church, Mumbai – 400008. Hard work by the Entrepreneurs reaped reward For the last three years, we have put our blood and sweat into developing this business. With our quest for expansion came the need for more finance. Read how business owners, such as Altaf, managed to increased their customer base in practically no time Difficulties in access to working capital in India We applied to two state-run banks for a loan, but our credit application went unanswered.

We were losing hope and felt that we would have to put a hold on our expansion plans. An online application process for business loans Information security. How Munnar Managed To Grow His Small Business 3-fold In A Year. When Munnar saw his medicine distribution business grow in Hajipur, Bihar, he didn’t understand why no bank was willing to lend to him. His 2 year old sole proprietorship was growing significantly, and was profitable as per his income tax returns. He had no previous history of loans, and he was ensuring that he maintained strict banking discipline in his bank account, never once issuing a cheque that would not be honoured due to insufficient funds.

Read here for more information on why your business loan application keeps getting declined Yet this was precisely the problem. As his business grew and took on more clients, he was finding it more difficult to maintain enough cash in the bank to pay for regular expenses, as well as pay himself a salary. He had seen the area he grew up in riddled with multitude numbers of diseases, especially encephalitis, the mosquito borne virus, and kala-azar, which had resulted in the death of one of his child hood friends.

How to Determine Business Loan Affordability. For years, business have happily applied for working capital loans, invoice (bill) discounting, collateral free loans and small business loans in order to improve and expand upon their business. Whether it is required for emergency cash relief in a period where working capital has been tied up, or the money has been required to facilitate growth of the business by expansion, purchase of fixtures and fittings or even hiring new staff, the requirement of having cash from borrowed funds is there for almost everyone. Yet, it is amazing how most business owners completely forget the flip side of the coin, about whether they can actually afford to repay the loan or not.

It definitely is something to consider, after all, life is tough enough as it is with paying your vendors, employees, overheads and maintaining your machines, without having to also add to this with a loan repayment plan which your cash inflows simply cannot afford. The easiest way to think about it is this: Simply do this: Voila!