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Chemical Industry Analysis and Forecasts Reports

Global Photonic Crystals Market Research Report 2021. Photonic crystals (PhCs) are novel class of optical media represented by natural or artificial structures with periodic modulation of the refractive index.

Global Photonic Crystals Market Research Report 2021

Such optical media have some peculiar properties which gives an opportunity for a number of applications to be implemented on their basis. The factors that propel the growth of the global Photonic Crystals market research report include increase in demand for photonic crystals in LEDs and growing R&D activities. In addition, ideal properties of photonic crystals such as exceptional control over behaviour of light, unusual optical dispersion, and others. Synthetic Lubricants Market Size.

Projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 2% from 2016 to 2024, synthetic lubricant market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to growing consumer in emerging countries such as Europe and North America.

Synthetic Lubricants Market Size

The majority of technician, automotive engineers and garage owners in this region are well aware of benefits of these lubricants over traditional mineral oil lubricant. Rapid growth of industrialization and automotive sector in Asia-Pacific region such as China and India owing to enhanced product launches by vehicle manufacturers and new machine installation is expected to drive the market in next few years. Aerospace Plastics Market Size. The global aerospace plastics market was valued at approximately 57 kilotons in 2014 and it is projected to grow at an approximate CAGR of over 10% over the forecast period of 2016 to 2024.

Aerospace Plastics Market Size

Government regulations coupled with strong financial support are expected to remain a key driving factor for market growth over the forecast period. The market is expected to be driven by factors such as growing aviation sector, substitute for aluminum and steel and easy adoption in aircraft design. Aviation sector is expected to witness a significant growth in the Middle East countries such as Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi. In Line Process Viscometer Market. The viscometer is an instrument used to evaluate the viscosity of fluid when it is stagnant.

In Line Process Viscometer Market

One flow condition can be measured at a time by one viscometer. In operation, either fluid remains stationary and object moves around it, or the object remains stationary and the fluid moves past it. Drag caused by relative motion of the fluid and the surface is the measure of viscosity. In line process viscometers are widely used across industries such as chemicals, petroleum, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. Conventional commercial instruments like rotational, vibrating and tube viscometers can suffer from poor lifetime or insufficient performance in harsh applications. Powder Coating Market Size, Share.

Powder coating market is expected to grow at a significant pace from 2016 to 2024 due to its application versatility and market innovations.

Powder Coating Market Size, Share

Powder coating is the process in which dry powder is first electrostatically charged and then applied as a coating on the product surface. It offers one-coat finish in varying thickness ranging from 20micron to 1000micron. Powder coating possesses properties such as anti-weathering, anti-corrosion, chemical stain resistance, and formability. Ammonium Sulfate Market Size & Trends Research Report, 2024. The global market for ammonium sulfate is expected to grow over the forecast period on account of the growing demand from the agricultural industry and increasing fertilizers demand which will be a key factor for growth.

Ammonium Sulfate Market Size & Trends Research Report, 2024

Decreasing cultivable and the increasing demand owing to the rising population has a direct impact on the production level of the fertilizers. The increasing consumption of fertilizers to improve the crop fertilization coupled with growth in the consumption of nutrients such as sulfur and nitrogen particularly for the crops is expected to drive the industry in the near future. The global ammonium sulfate market can be segmented on the basis of product form, application, and regional spread. Aerospace Plastic Flame Retardant Market Trends Report, 2024.

Global Aerospace Plastic Flame Retardant Market is expected to witness significant growth over the next eight years on account of high safety precautions regarding the flammable materials and owing to the increased use of plastics in the aviation industry.

Aerospace Plastic Flame Retardant Market Trends Report, 2024

Plastics in aerospace gives freedom to the component design which further results in low installation and production costs. High utilization of plastic in aerospace is owing to the fact that it imparts good chemical strength and possesses the ability to resist flame and smoke gas toxicity which is expected to propel growth in the near future. In addition, various superior properties including high specific strength, gliding properties, low outgassing in a vacuum, good radiation resistance, and maintenance-free will drive its demand over the forecast period.

Imposition of firm regulations by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), European Commission, and the U.S. Biopolymer Films Market Trends, 2024. The global biopolymer films market, in terms of volume is expected to exceed 17 million tons by 2022.

Biopolymer Films Market Trends, 2024

It had a market demand of 5 million tons in 2013. Preference for renewable materials in an attempt to reduce pollution levels is a prominent factor driving this industry. Bio-based polymers such as PTMT (polytrimethylene terephthalate), TPS (thermoplastic starch), PLA (polylactic acid), and PHA (polyhydroxyalkonoates) could witness high demand over the forecast period (2016-2024). Biopolymers are polymers made from renewable sources. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Market Trends and Forecasts, 2024. Nitric Acid Market Size, Industry Trends And Forecast, 2015 To 2022. Nitric Acid is a strong mineral acid and manufactured commercially by the catalytic combustion of ammonia.

Nitric Acid Market Size, Industry Trends And Forecast, 2015 To 2022

Ammonium Nitrate (AN) manufacturing is the largest application of nitric acid and accounts for over three quarters of global nitric acid consumption. There is very limited merchant portion of nitric acid market and is mostly consumed captively. Acetic Acid Market Analysis, Market Size, Regional Outlook, and Forecasts, 2015 to 2022. Global acetic acid market is expected to witness significant growth over the next six years owing to increasing use in industrial and household applications.

Acetic Acid Market Analysis, Market Size, Regional Outlook, and Forecasts, 2015 to 2022

Acetic acid is manufactured by methyl acetate and is one of the important chemical reagents. Acetic acid is used in manufacturing cellulose acetate and polyvinyl acetate, which finds application in production of fabrics and fibers. Increasing fibers demand in major end-use industries including automotive and defense is expected to drive the acetic acid market over the forecast period. African Engine Oil Market size, share, analysis Report, 2024. The African engine oil market was valued around 2 million tons in 2015. It is expected to surpass 870, 710 kilo liters by 2024 (2016 to 2024 being the forecast period). Augmentation in vehicular sales in African regions like Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa will drive the market in the coming eight years. African automobiles stood more than USD 1.6 million units in 2013. In Africa, twenty one million units of passenger cars were operational that year. Another market contributor is rise in the purchasing power of consumers.

Glyphosate Market Size & Share. The global glyphosate market is expected to be valued at USD 9 billion over the forecast period of 2016-2024. Surging demand for (GM) genetically modified crops is expected to remain a key driver for the market. Growing population coupled with augmented crop consumption in bio-fuel and as well as in animal feed is anticipated to fuel the genetically modified crops market. Increasing demand for no-tillage and minimum tillage system is expected to boost the demand. Stringent regulation on agrochemicals based product and emergence of glyphosate-resistant weed is anticipated to be a hinder in the market growth. Construction Chemicals Market Size. The global construction chemicals market size is expected to grow significantly over the next seven years on account of its growing requirement from various sectors including construction & infrastructure. Rising demand in the Asia Pacific for infrastructure & construction industry and technological advancements is expected to drive the industry growth.

In addition, growing infrastructure projects in developing economies and shift towards urbanization in these economies will drive the market growth over the next seven years. Construction chemicals are compounds that are added to concrete and mortar to enhance compatibility with the structure of buildings. Biocides Market Size, Share, Analysis Report, 2024. Expanding at a CAGR over 5% during the forecast period (2016-2024), the global biocides market is projected to reach nearly USD 12980.8 million by 2024. Factors fuelling the industry are increasing awareness and stringent environmental regulations. Industrialization and urbanization in emerging nations contributes to industrial growth.

Health awareness and the need for potable water will positively influence the industry. Bio based PET Market size, share, analysis Report, 2024. The global bio based PET market, in volume terms stood at 496 kilo tons in 2015. It is expected to grow (in terms of volume) at a CAGR over 42% during the forecast period (2016 to 2024). Growing awareness could drive the market. Stringent environmental regulations to promote environment-friendly products may contribute significantly to market demand in the next eight years. The introduction of bioplastics as a substitute in packaging and automotive industries may catapult demand. Argan Oil Market Size, Share, Analysis Report, 2024. Synthetic And Bio Super Absorbent Polymer Market Growth and Analysis.

Injection Molded Plastic Market Insights, 2016 to 2024 - Hexa Research. Global Industry Report, 2022. Spray Polyurethane Foam Market Analysis, Market Size, Regional Outlook and Forecasts, 2015 To 2022. Inorganic Nanoporous and Microporous Adsorbents Market Size, Industry Trends And Forecast, 2013-2019. BDO-PTMEG-Spandex Market Size and Share, 2024. Synthetic and Bio Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Films Market.

Ultraviolet (UV) Curable Resin Market Size, Share, Growth, Industry Trends and Forecasts to 2024. Global Industry Report, 2024. Adipic Acid Market Share, Size, Analysis, Growth, Trends and Forecasts, 2014 to 2020. Plastics Market Growth, Trends and Forecasts, 2012 to 2020. Epoxy Surface Coating Market Size.