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27 Ways To Be A 21st Century Teacher. 10 Reasons to Try Project-Based Learning. You may have never tried project-based learning, or you may teach in a purely PBL environment.

10 Reasons to Try Project-Based Learning

Whatever your background, you’ll find that PBL can be a powerful instructional approach. Here are ten reasons why. Adult life is project based. The Gamified Classroom. Part V: Gamification in Action This is the fifth part of an ongoing series on the role of gamification in modern education by Andrew Proto.

The Gamified Classroom

If you missed the previous articles, catch up with “Part I: the Unique Obstacles Teachers Face“, “Part II:Technology’s Role in a Gamified Classroom“, “Part III: The Importance of Motivation“, and “Part IV: Looking at Busy Work“ I recently had the opportunity to meet two teachers who had put together an amazing lesson for their class. While neither had heard the term “Gamification” before they’ve actively implemented many of the tools we’ve discussed. The results are nothing less then remarkable. TIC de la maison.