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High impact teaching – the Noble Piglet effect. There’s something more to teaching than theory, and planning, and pedagogy, and assessment.

High impact teaching – the Noble Piglet effect

Student Voice

VCE Improvement. We help great education practice become common practice. Tanya As global evidence shows, feedback has a significant impact on learning, contributing a gain of as much as eight months’ worth of learning progress in a year when implemented well (Education Endowment Foundation, 2017).

We help great education practice become common practice.

MYP. Entrepreneurship. What Would Happen If Learning in School Became More Like Working at a Startup? At its most basic level, a startup is a learning machine—one that helps its founders understand and serve the real world in a manner that enables itself to continuously gather information and grow. If it doesn’t learn and adjust, a startup ends. Successful students, like startups, are those who are resilient, constantly absorbing new information and challenging their assumptions. TIMSS and PISA 2015: Disadvantage an issue in Australia. Further analysis of Australian results from two large-scale international assessments highlight a ‘worrying’ decline in the achievement of disadvantaged students.

TIMSS and PISA 2015: Disadvantage an issue in Australia

According to two reports released today by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) – TIMSS 2015: Reporting Australia’s results and PISA 2015: Reporting Australia’s results ­– the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students has barely narrowed over the last 15 years. TIMSS (the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) is an international comparative study of more than 580 000 students in Years 4 and 8 across more than 60 participating countries, carried out every four years. PISA (the Programme for International Student Assessment) measures the performance of 15-year-olds in reading, mathematical and scientific literacy.

Table 4: Meta-analysis results for ‘the thrill’ : npj Science of Learning.

Community Service 1

Edutopia. Restorative Practice. Parents. Inquiry-Based Learning: From Teacher-Guided to Student-Driven. Student: I opened it up, and there was a root inside.

Inquiry-Based Learning: From Teacher-Guided to Student-Driven

Anne: What's exciting about the inquiry models that we go far and above what the curriculum expectations are. Kids are invested in their learning, and they're able to transfer and apply what they're learning in school to the real world. Lindsay: Inquiry based learning allows the students to be the thinkers. Teachers begin their lesson with an idea of where they want to end in mind, but really give the students the opportunity to drive it to that point. Lindsay: So your job, keep working through your procedure, when you all agree, I'll come back and check in with you. Dawn: We have guided inquiry, where teachers are guiding students through the curriculum.

D.J.: Okay, find that five milliliters. Dawn: And then making a shift into student driven inquiry, where students use that as prior knowledge and build their own inquiries around that. Lindsay: And once someone finds something, make sure that you tell the rest of the paleontologists. Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset. When you think about the word ‘entrepreneurship’ what sort of images does it conjure up?

Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset

It’s unlikely that whatever you’re picturing will be in a school or classroom environment, but this is exactly where teachers are encouraged to sow the seeds of the start-ups of the future. Boosting High-Impact Entrepreneurship in Australia, released by the Office of the Chief Scientist in 2015, looks at how universities and schools can help build a culture of entrepreneurship. This includes following the lead of other countries who’ve made it a priority. When the report was released late last year, the then Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb talked about the need to encourage an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ at all levels of education – starting in schools. In the report, he says the pop culture view that entrepreneurs are somehow rogue geniuses who manage to make it in business ‘without, or in spite of, education’ is simply not true.


Student. Curriculum Design. 5-Minute Film Festival: Inspiring Graduation Speeches. Graduation season is a time of both introspection and anxiety for many young adults.

5-Minute Film Festival: Inspiring Graduation Speeches

Questions abound: What am I doing with my life? Where do I go from here? Fortunately, graduation ceremonies have advice built in, as community leaders offer speeches full of wisdom meant to ease the transition from schooling to "real life. " Graduation speeches may be directed primarily at graduates, but adults sometimes need guidance at important junctures in their lives, too. So, whether you're hunting for the best advice to impart to your own soon-to-be-grads, or in search of a new direction of your own, these graduation speeches are sure to inspire and delight. We’re Trying To Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools — Modern Learning. We’re Trying To Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools Whenever I think about the way most schools are structured today, I always come back to the same question: Do we do the things we do because they’re better for kids or because they are easier for us?

We’re Trying To Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools — Modern Learning

For instance: separating kids by age in school. Is that something we do because kids learn better that way? Or do we do it because it’s just an easier way organizing our work? I think all of us know the answer to that.

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