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Karl Marx. Attacks on RT and Assange reveal much about the critics. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, unveiled a new talk show on Tuesday with his own version of a sensational get: the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Attacks on RT and Assange reveal much about the critics

That contrast — between one of America’s Most Serious Journalists and Assange — speaks volumes already about who is interested in actual journalism and who is not. Then we have this, a trite little point, impressed by its own cleverness, found at the center of almost all of these sneering pieces on Assange’s new program: Mr. Assange says the theme of his half-hour show on RT is “the world tomorrow.” But there is something almost atavistic about the outlet he chose.

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ISPN. Politics. Iran. Would You Support an Iran War If ... National Security Notice We are NOT calling for the overthrow of the government.

Would You Support an Iran War If ...

In fact, we are calling for the reinstatement of our government. We are not calling for lawlessness. Iran's standoff: Khamenei vs Ahmadinejad. No matter how he twists and turns, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad keeps sinking.

Iran's standoff: Khamenei vs Ahmadinejad

No sooner than he appeared to have mended his frayed relationship with supreme leader Ali Khamenei - he was photographed sitting dutifully at Khamenei's feet during a religious ceremony over the weekend - new assaults against him have begun. The motivations of conservatives around Khamenei trying to discredit him seem clear: upcoming parliamentary elections are an opportunity to deny hardline supporters of the president the chance to win a clear parliamentary majority. Mexican Drug Cartels Recruit Child Soldiers - Friends of Ours. Seizure of springs by settlers greatly limits Palestinian access to water – UN report. 19 March 2012 – Palestinians have increasingly lost access to water sources in the West Bank as a result of the takeover of springs by Israeli settlers, who have used threats, intimidation and fences to ensure control of water points close to the settlements, according to a new United Nations survey released today.

Seizure of springs by settlers greatly limits Palestinian access to water – UN report

Thirty of the springs were found to be under full settler control, with no Palestinian access to the area, according to the survey carried by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) over the course of last year. The survey identified a total of 56 water springs close to the Israeli settlements, the majority of which are located in Area C – which represents over 60 per cent of the West Bank where Israel retains control over security, planning and building – and on land parcels recorded by the Israeli Civil Administration as privately owned by Palestinians. On the Palestinian side, Ms. US Politics. Visible Children. Thoughts for young people from the author of Visible Children.

Visible Children

Since this all started two weeks ago, I’ve occasionally been criticized for the attention my blog has received on the basis that, as a university student, my opinion shouldn’t be as widely-read as it has been. I guess the logic is that because I’m a “young person”, my opinion is less valuable, or “misinformed and naive”, as Invisible Children’s PR firm eloquently described it.

Actually, the best and most thought-provoking questions I’ve received came from “young people” in a series of discussions I had over Skype with students in Pennsylvania. “What are you actually doing to help?” Reforms. NYC Protest for American Revolution. George W. Romney. Initially a front runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 1968, he proved an ineffective campaigner and fell behind Richard Nixon in polls. After a mid-1967 remark that his earlier support for the Vietnam War had been due to a "brainwashing" by U.S. military and diplomatic officials in Vietnam, his campaign faltered even more and he withdrew from the contest in early 1968. Elected president, Nixon appointed Romney as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Romney's ambitious plans for housing production increases for the poor, and for open housing to desegregate suburbs, were modestly successful but often thwarted by Nixon. Romney left the administration at the start of Nixon's second term in 1973.

Politics. Lifornia Legislative Information.

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Thought Provoking. Consciousness. Funny Stuff. Crazy Animal Stuff. Things That Need Attention. The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'? Chiang Mai, Thailand - Does Facebook exploit its users?

The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'?

And where is the $100bn in the company's estimated value coming from? This is not a new debate. It resurfaces regularly in the blogosphere and academic circles, ever since Tiziana Terranova coined the term "Free Labour" to indicate a new form of capitalist exploitation of unpaid labour - firstly referring to the viewers of classic broadcast media, and now to the new generation of social media participants on sites such as Facebook. The argument can be summarised very succinctly by the catch phrase: "If it's free, then you are the product being sold. " This term was recently relaunched in an article by University of Essex academics Christopher Land and Steffen Böhm, entitled "They are exploiting us! MakerBot Industries. How social interaction and teamwork led to human intelligence. Scientists have discovered proof that the evolution of intelligence and larger brain sizes can be driven by cooperation and teamwork, shedding new light on the origins of what it means to be human.

How social interaction and teamwork led to human intelligence

The study appears online in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B and was led by scientists at Trinity College Dublin: PhD student, Luke McNally and Assistant Professor Dr Andrew Jackson at the School of Natural Sciences in collaboration with Dr Sam Brown of the University of Edinburgh. The researchers constructed computer models of artificial organisms, endowed with artificial brains, which played each other in classic games, such as the 'Prisoner's Dilemma', that encapsulate human social interaction. They used 50 simple brains, each with up to 10 internal processing and 10 associated memory nodes. The brains were pitted against each other in these classic games.

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