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#SocialShakeUp15 Day 1: From Coca-Cola to Space Exploration. FBinfluence « Your all inclusive guide to Facebook Marketing. Porter Gale on The Power of Building Your Network. Given the impact that technology has had on the modern business landscape, it seems as though companies and marketers have an increased access to both consumers and potential partners.

Porter Gale on The Power of Building Your Network

Explaining this growing connectivity, Porter Gale, author and former Marketing VP at Virgin America, conveyed her views to the crowd of social media leaders gathered in Atlanta for the Social Shake-Up conference. Previewing her new book “Your Network is Your Net Worth,” Gale spoke to the importance of building a web of connections – both personal and business – to enhance one’s productivity, happiness and return. From six degrees to three degreesThanks to the technological advances made in recent history, the concept of human networks has changed rapidly.

Instead of the old “Six Degrees of Separation,” we are now living in a world of roughly three degrees of separation. Not only has this transformed the personal networks that we all keep, it changed the way that businesses can operate. Connect: #SocialShakeUp Tweetchats. With 6 tracks, comprised of 38 panels and over 125 speakers, there's a lot going on at the Social Shake-Up!

#SocialShakeUp Tweetchats

That's why for each panel, we will be holding a tweetchat to guide the panel's 20-minute Q & A session! We have experienced audience moderators who will be fielding your questions and providing live-tweets throughout each panel. So even if you couldn't make it to Atlanta, you can still participate in all the lively, educational discussions. Afterwards, we will be Storify-ing the highlights to provide a chronicle of what we know will be fantastic conversations. We love our Social Media Today audience and can't wait to see the thoughtful insights you'll bring to these panels. #SocialShakeUp Preview. When it comes to social media, even those who think they have it figured out may be dangerously close to falling behind.

#SocialShakeUp Preview

The book on Social Media is still being written and many of us are still testing, measuring and refining. Finding the right balance of traditional communications, social listening, data analytics, digital production, SEO and social media expertise is a tough nut to crack. Are you empowered to try new things? Respond in real time? Admit That You Don't Have All the Answers. So far, in this series of blog posts presenting principles for managing online reputation risk, I have laid out what I call the “Principles for Survival”, that is, the absolute essential practices for avoiding crisis.

Admit That You Don't Have All the Answers

Starting with this post, we will move into the “Principles for Success”, precepts that, if adopted, can confer competitive advantages to the leaders who take them on. Principle #6, discussed below, is all about the surprising power of showing a little weakness online, especially if you are an all-powerful corporation or public institution. I will begin this discussion with an anecdote from the field. Not so long ago, a team I was working with was privy to a surprising turn of events when managing the Twitter account of a large mining company. As with many Twitter accounts, from time to time, our client’s was temporarily taken over by a person (or robot) that began spouting the virtues of rapid weight loss programs. Connect: Andrew Bowins: #SocialShakeUp Interview [VIDEO] Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall and the #SocialShakeUp: Connecting with Constituents via Social Media. Social media gives up and coming politicians the opportunity to build a local and then a national audience.

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall and the #SocialShakeUp: Connecting with Constituents via Social Media

The really innovative ones are using social media in ways that provide value to constituents and voters. Cory Booker made an early big splash with his "tweet me if you need help digging out your car from the snow" idea. The Social Shake Up Video. What is the Social Shake-Up?

The Social Shake Up Video

Social tools are breaking down barriers: between companies, their customers and across organizations. Yesterday's silos are collapsing as social media, big data, and a world of constant communication drive strategy, collaboration, and decision-making. Companies are shaking up the traditional order and re-emerging as Social Businesses. 1st Principle of the Social Survival Manifesto. Endorsed by global leaders in PR, Corporate Affairs and Crisis Communications, The #Social Survival Manifesto is an ex-activist’s tell-all guide to what makes companies and institutions vulnerable to online reputation attacks.

Presented within are five Principles of Survival and five Principles of Success designed to help companies and institutions mitigate risk, avoid crisis and winning back the hearts and minds of their stakeholders. Here is the full text of the first Principle, shared exclusively with Social Media Today readers. Principle of Survival #1: HIDING IS NOT AN OPTION! The first Principle of Survival is essentially a warning that keeping a low profile, or no profile, is a tactical risk when it comes to reputation management in the 21st century . If you work with corporate or institutional decision makers, I am sure you have come across the ‘If we ignore it, it will go away’ philosophy.

You and making up their minds about you. Connect: Authored by: Tom Liacas See complete profile. Myrstad. The Future of Social Media in Journalism. This series is supported by Gist.

The Future of Social Media in Journalism

Gist provides a full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details. See how it works here.