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Best of the Web Directory. Top 25 Most Powerful Web Directories List. Traduction francaise: Liste des 25 RĂ©pertoires les Plus Puissants sur la Toile So after getting a fair amount of feedback on my last series I decided it was finally time to offer a "Top 25 Most Powerful Web Directories" list.

Top 25 Most Powerful Web Directories List

Now this comprehensive web directories list isn't set in stone, and will probably need to be updated on 3-month intervals, but it does cover a good majority of the top paid directories you should initially target to submit your site(s) too. Now I don't usually offer such specific details on link building resources; personally I prefer to provide general tips and then let the viewer read between the lines and extract my key points, but in this case I just felt that I should provide a quick and powerful directory list to follow up my three part series on directory submissions. Only seems fitting.

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