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Small Data: cómo aplicar el Big Data para pymes. Para entrar en detalle acerca del Small Data, necesariamente tenemos que hablar sobre el Big Data; un concepto que puede parecer intimidante e incluso pudiéramos llegar a creer que es un proceso que requiere de grandes recursos, tanto tecnológicos como humanos, para poder beneficiarse y sacarle el máximo provecho.

Small Data: cómo aplicar el Big Data para pymes

Sin embargo, hoy veremos como el Big Data para pymes es perfectamente viable. Otros artículos relacionados que te pueden interesar: El origen del Big Data Si buscamos en google el término “Big Data” encontraremos diferentes tipos de conceptos, en los cuales veremos palabras como: “masivos”, “gran escala”, “grandes conjuntos de datos”, “enormes cantidades de datos”, “Petabytes”, “Exabytes”, entre otras. ¿Sabéis cuanta cantidad de información contiene un Exabyte? Definición del concepto Big Data Al Big Data empezó como el proceso de las 3 V; volumen, velocidad y variedad. 6contenidos evaluacion proyectos tcm10 13353. Calculadora Online Gratis NPS® What's Your Leadership Style? - Leadership Training From

Goffee and Jones' DREAMS - Team Management Training From Retain People by Being Authentic © iStockphotoBet_Noire Does your organization have an attractive vision and set of values?

Goffee and Jones' DREAMS - Team Management Training From

When you last applied for a job, what was it that attracted you to the role? Was it simply the salary and perks, or did the company offer something more? The paycheck is the deciding factor for some people. One way to do this is with DREAMS – a model for creating authentic organizations and for helping people to be their very best. About the Model In their 2015 book, "Why Should Anyone Work Here? There are a number of definitions of authenticity . Goffee and Jones' solution is to harness the power of DREAMS. Difference. Team-Building Exercises: Communication - From Fun Ways to Build Communication Skills "Build a bridge" is just one of several team-building exercises you can use to improve communication within your team. © iStockphoto/axnjax How well do your team members communicate with one another?

Team-Building Exercises: Communication - From

Poor communication lies at the root of many team problems. It can lead to mistakes, quality problems, conflict, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities. Team-Building Exercises - Problem Solving - from Mind Fun Ways to Turn Problems Into Opportunities.

Team-Building Exercises - Problem Solving - from Mind

Team-Building Exercises: Creativity - Team Management Tools. Strengthening Creative Thinking in Your Team Balloon sculptures help people drop their defenses and connect. © iStockphoto/JohnathanAustinDaniels Jessica has a great team.

Team-Building Exercises: Creativity - Team Management Tools

The Performance and Potential Matrix (9 Box Model) – an Update. Note: this is an update to one of the very first posts I wrote in November 2007 and continues to be one of my most popular.

The Performance and Potential Matrix (9 Box Model) – an Update

I thought it was time for an update. The performance and potential matrix (9 box model) is one of the most widely used tools in succession planning and development. It can be a valuable tool for anyone who works in talent management, or for any manager. For some reason, however, it seems to be covered in a veil of secrecy, leaving those that want to learn how to use it with little guidance. You’ve probably found this post from an internet search – I hope it helps answer your questions and you’ll find Great Leadership to be a valuable resource for all things leadership development.

Affor. Six Emotional Leadership Styles - Leadership Training From MindTools. Choosing the Right Style for the Situation Find out how emotional leadership styles can affect your team's happiness. © iStockphoto/Kuklev Imagine that you work with a positive, charismatic leader.

Six Emotional Leadership Styles - Leadership Training From MindTools

She's excited about the future of the organization, and she shares this excitement with her team. She makes sure that people understand how their efforts contribute to this future, and this inclusion sparks loyalty and intense effort in the team. Generally, morale and job satisfaction are high, because team members feel that they're making a difference. How to Get It Done: Four Drucker-Like Action Steps. Mind Maps - Mind Mapping Training from MindTools.

A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking (Also known as Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping, Spray Diagrams, and Spider Diagrams) "Mind Map" is a trademark of the Buzan Organization (see

Mind Maps - Mind Mapping Training from MindTools

We have no association with this organization. Record ideas memorably with James Manktelow & Amy Carlson. Have you ever studied a subject or brainstormed an idea, only to find yourself with pages of information, but no clear view of how it fits together? This is where Mind Mapping can help you. Mind Mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving. By using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject. More than this, Mind Maps help you remember information, as they hold it in a format that your mind finds easy to recall and quick to review. SQ3R - Learning Skills From MindTools. Studying More Effectively "Mind Map" is a trademark of the Buzan Organization (see

SQ3R - Learning Skills From MindTools

We have no association with the Buzan Organization. The Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) Model - Team Management Training From MindTools. Analyzing and Improving Employee Well-Being A positive working environment can reduce work-related stress. © iStockphoto/Graugaard Indira works in a high-pressure role.

The Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) Model - Team Management Training From MindTools

However, she is rarely stressed or upset by this – in fact, she thrives, despite the demands of her job. One reason for this is that her boss and her organization are so supportive. Indira is also friends with many of her colleagues, and she sets aside time each week to meet them for coffee. Keller's Brand Equity Model - Strategy Tools From MindTools. Building a Powerful Brand "Patagonia" is a trademark (see We have no association or connection with this company. Use Keller's Brand Equity Model pyramid to strengthen your customers' perception of your brand. Core Competence Analysis - Problem Solving Techniques from MindTools. Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage What makes you stand out from the crowd? © iStockphoto/abzee The idea of "core competences" is one of the most important business ideas currently shaping our world.

This is one of the key ideas that lies behind the current wave of outsourcing, as businesses concentrate their efforts on things they do well and outsource as much as they can of everything else. In this article we explain the idea and help you use it, on both corporate and personal levels. By using the idea, you'll make the very most of the opportunities open to you: You'll focus your efforts so that you develop a unique level of expertise in areas that really matter to your customers. USP Analysis - Problem-Solving Training from MindTools. The Unique Selling Proposition: Finding Your "Competitive Edge" Stand out from the crowd! © iStockphoto/nicolas For years, business trainers have stressed the importance of "USPs" (Unique Selling Propositions). Your USP is the unique thing that you can offer that your competitors can't. The Stop - Keep Doing - Start Process - Communication Skills Training From MindTools. Simple Questions for Improving Performance MBTI® is a trademark of the MBTI Trust Inc. (see We have no association or connection with this organization. "Stop – Keep Doing – Start" provides action focused feedback. Autodiagnóstico emprendedor - Test para emprendedores - Crear una empresa - El portal líder en Economía de Empresa. About StrengthsFinder 2.0. "Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?

"-- Benjamin Franklin Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? Chances are, you don't. Emotional Intelligence - Assessments - Clarion Enterprises. We offer two assessments for emotional intelligence: EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory) The EQ-i 2.0 is the next generation of the globally renowned EQ-i ® assessment. It is one of the most respected and widely used emotional intelligence test. More than 1 million people, in over 65 countries have taken the EQ-i ®. As you would expect from Clarion Enterprises Ltd., we have chosen to offer a scientifically validated and reliable emotional intelligence assessment, based on rigorous statistical analysis.

Datos macroeconómicos - Expansion. Como evaluar los conocimientos y habilidades adquiridos en la formacion. Salesforce Demo. VMOST Analysis - Strategy Skills Training from MindTools. Ensuring That Organizational Activities Deliver Your Vision of the Future. Hoshin Planning System - Strategy Skills Training from MindTools. Steering Everyone in the Right Direction Getting people's goals aligned. Birkinshaw's Four Dimensions of Management - Team Management Skills From MindTools. Reading Strategies - Learning Skills from MindTools. Reading Efficiently by Reading Intelligently.

Inbox/In-Tray Assessment - Team Management Training from MindTools. Uncovering How an Employee Will Perform on the Job Find out how candidates would deal with the work they'd be doing. Aptitude Testing - Team Management Training from MindTools. Assessing the Potential for Success Assess aptitude before investing in development. Understanding Workplace Values - Team Management Skills from MindTools.

Finding the Best Cultural Fit Learn how to identify the workplace values of your team, and your new recruits. 25 tips to punch up your writing. Whether you're a writing newbie or an old pro, it can never hurt to have a few more tricks up your sleeve. Whether you're writing a press release, blog post, or marketing copy, drawing from a rich pool of writing tips is always a plus. With that in mind, here are 25 quick ideas—some are old classics and some are more creative—to improve your writing: 1.

Cut clutter. Mind Maps - Mind Mapping Training from MindTools. Review Strategies - Learning Skills from MindTools.

Learning Styles

14 ideas para una empresa 2.0: management, gestión de personas y productividad en la Web Social (746. Resolving Team Conflict - Team Management Training from MindTools.coms. Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing - Leadership skills from MindTools. 7 tips: How To Write Effective Business Reports « International Business Skills (Business English & Business Skills) The Three Component Model of Commitment - Team Management Training from Mindtools. Cause and Effect Analysis (Fishbone Diagrams) - Problem Solving Tools from MindTools. Coping with Change - Stress Management Techniques From MindTools. Mind Tools - Management Training, Leadership Training and Career Training.