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La claridad mental es clave para el éxito. Cuando Steve Jobs volvió a Apple en 1997 a la compañía que él mismo había fundado y de la que había sido despedido, 2 palabras definieron su estrategia: sobrevivir (survival) y sencillez (simplification).

La claridad mental es clave para el éxito

Respecto a la que nos ocupa, la sencillez se convirtió en uno de sus rasgos de su liderazgo como una extensión de su persona a toda la organización: en sus presentaciones, en la estructura de la empresa, en el tipo de equipos, en sus claims (Ipod: mil canciones en tu bolsillo) o en sus productos, ya que cuando regresó a la empresa había más de 40 productos y los redujo a tan sólo 4. Esto decía el mismo Jobs: «Éste ha sido uno de mis mantras: foco y sencillez. Lo simple puede ser más difícil que lo complejo. Tienes que trabajar muy duro para pensar con claridad y hacer las cosas sencillas. Pero merece la pena, porque una vez que lo logras puedes conseguir cualquier cosa. De ello se habla largo y tendido en el libro El poder de lo simple que te recomiendo. ¿Y cómo ser sencillo? Understanding Workplace Values - Management Skills From

Finding the Best Cultural Fit © iStockphotodblight Make your team's cultural values shine.

Understanding Workplace Values - Management Skills From

Your newest recruit, Brandon, has been working with your team for several weeks now, and you're wondering if you made a mistake in hiring him. His workplace values are very different from those of your team, and from the values of your organization as a whole. Your core team members care passionately about doing work that helps others. Brandon, on the other hand, wants to climb the corporate ladder. Tom Wujec: Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast. Org DNA Profiler® Survey. C-level span of control diagnostic tool. What is your target number of direct reports?

C-level span of control diagnostic tool

We invite you to use this real-time learning tool to help you assess your target span of control looking forward for the next two years. There are 13 questions in five categories. After each set of questions, the tool resets the target span on the display bar. Question 1:Please answer this question to get a valid result. Question 2:Please answer this question to get a valid result. Question 3:Please answer this question to get a valid result. Question 4:Please answer this question to get a valid result.

10 Principles of Organization Design. A global electronics manufacturer seemed to live in a perpetual state of re-organization.

10 Principles of Organization Design

Introducing a new line of communication devices for the Asian market required reorienting its sales, marketing, and support functions. Migrating to cloud-based business applications called for changes to the IT organization. Altogether, it had reorganized six times in 10 years. Suddenly, however, the company found itself facing a different challenge. What is the best way of leading change?

The 4 Practices of Successful Flat Organizations. As more organizations are becoming flatter, the looming question is whether it’s possible to “do more with less” or whether it’s necessary to rethink the distribution of power and control as described by Peter Drucker, Peter Block and Gary Hamel among others.

The 4 Practices of Successful Flat Organizations

Emergent Leadership Topples the Pyramid shows why a non-hierarchical view of leadership makes the most sense in today’s complex world. But non-hierarchical leadership without supporting practices leads to chaos, not a self-organizing, successful organization. These four practices provide the vehicle to move forward. Without them, you will end up with flat tires, not a successful flat organization. 1. How to Eliminate Traditional Job Descriptions. How to Eliminate Traditional Job Descriptions February 26, 2010, I wrote, “Traditional job descriptions are a relic of a past age when jobs didn’t evolve and people were more inclined to do what they were told.”

How to Eliminate Traditional Job Descriptions

Yesterday, Stan Endicott, partner at Slingshot Group, got me fired up when he said, “Job descriptions are, most of the time, not a good way to attract great talent.” Simon Sinek - how do great leaders inspire action? This article is a summary of Simon Sinek's TED Talk, which asks how great leaders inspire action.

Simon Sinek - how do great leaders inspire action?

His talk is the most-viewed of all time - many millions of people have tuned in. How do you explain when things don’t go as you assume? And, more importantly, how do you explain when others are able to achieve things that defy that assumption? Securing HR’s place at the strategy 'top table' Business strategy matters.

Securing HR’s place at the strategy 'top table'

It is an organisation’s means of laying out its mission, its values and objectives, as well as being the key to unlocking growth. Everyone's role within an organisation is influenced by the direction of its strategy - what they do, what they don't do, and how they do it. Successful strategy requires all levels within a business to be able to buy into it. To get where you want to go, everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction.

Firms must use metrics to ensure recruiting practices are delivering results.

These metrics cover monitoring career site performance, owning sources of talent, leveraging free sources through SEO, measuring social media performance, and utilizing mobile interfaces and tools. Rate this Whitepaper: (4.4 Stars | 5 Votes) Tags: SuccessFactors | Recruiting | Hiring | Best Practices in Recruiting To receive the white paper on this topic please submit your information in the form below. By entering in your information and submitting the form, you give the sponsor permission to contact you regarding their product. Los 6 pilares del nuevo lugar de trabajo digital Zyncro Blog. How Leaders Mistake Execution for Strategy (and Why That Damages Both) When discussing strategy, executives often invoke some version of a vision, a mission, a purpose, a plan, or a set of goals.

How Leaders Mistake Execution for Strategy (and Why That Damages Both)

I call these “the corporate five” (see exhibit, below). Each is important in driving execution, no doubt, but none should be mistaken for a strategy. What should HR professionals know about neuroscience? I keep being asked ‘what relevance does neuroscience have for HR?’ These clients have done a little reading, seen the more sensational media on ideas like mirror neurons and the Tarantula study and some of the claims about research into the human brain. There are lots of claims and a vast amount of research being done and the number of articles makes it hard for HR professionals to sift through what is relevant and what is not.

I believe the best way of thinking about neuroscience if you are in HR, is as research which can verify or discredit our assumptions and psychological theories about how people interact, make decisions and work effectively. But look for reliable sources that reference the original peer reviewed research, for example the original article on Tarantula research. The 75 KPIs Every Manager Needs To Know. El coste del papel en la gestión de gastos de empresa. 4 Types of Basic Value Propositions. A "value proposition" is the reason that your customers buy from you rather than somebody else. According to Michael Treacy, co-author of the bestseller "The Discipline of Market Leaders," there are four basic value propositions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here they are: 1. The importance of aligning culture and values. Every company has a culture, but this isn’t always something that employees – or leaders – are aware of. In fact, a recent survey carried out by assessment and development consultancy, Cubiks, found that only 54% of respondents said their organisation had a clear definition of its culture. When it comes to hiring, this can be problematic. In order to attract and retain the best talent, both culture and values need to play a key part, so how can you incorporate them into the recruitment process?

It’s important to have clear values in place from the start – ideally before you hire your first employee. These aren’t always easy to define, but it’s important to be creative and think long and hard about your principles before you begin the recruitment process. Capital - Funny business: Why humour on the job matters. The antics of the so-called Redneck Sermon Series have a point, said Pastor Perry Noble, whose Southern Baptist church often attracts 20,000 worshipers to its two locations each Sunday. Humorous subjects lead into serious sermons, like the one about how John the Baptist was himself a “blue collar, git-r-done kind of person.” If you can get people laughing, you can get people listening. — Perry Noble “If you can get people laughing, you can get people listening,” Noble said. “Once they get comfortable from laughing, they’re more likely to listen to the sermon and to what we’re trying to say.” Top 50 tips to achieving customer service excellence.

This piece was written by Chris Tyrrell, Senior Assessor with standards organisation Customer Service Excellence (CSE). Customer Service Excellence was set up and trade marked by the Cabinet Office. With the economy still as unpredictable as ever, with major organisations going into administration every week, good customer service is more important now than it ever has been for companies not only to survive, but also thrive. Nflict in the matrix - the challenges of moving away from hierarchical structures. Kevan Hall is CEO of Global Integration, consultants and trainers in matrix management, virtual teams and global working. He is also the author of "Making the Matrix Work. " Many international organisations are moving away from a hierarchical structure to a matrix organisation, designed to improve work and processes that cut across the traditional vertical silos of function and geography.

Even those without a formal matrix structure are using virtual teams and cross functional working to become more “horizontally” connected. Organisations need to be connected in this way to serve global customers, run supply chains that span the world and operate more integrated business processes and internal functions like HR and IT. Globalisation has led to the need and information technology has enabled it to happen. Culture and the Chief Executive. What Drives a Company’s Success? An oil and gas drilling company from Oklahoma invests in attracting geoscientists and developing them into leaders, parlaying its prowess with talent to a leading position in its industry. An internationally beloved Danish toymaker reduces the complexity of its product line to fit the new realities of big-box toy stores, and turns around its financial prospects. Talent Mg in SME's. Los 10 componentes culturales a la hora de realizar cambios organizacionales. Leadership Style Matrix - Leadership Training From MindTools.

Leadership Styles - Leadership Skills from MindTools. Choosing the Right Approach for the Situation Situational Leadership® is a registered trademark of the Center for Leadership Studies. ‘La Voz Laboral’ nuevo formato de entrevistas. Comunidad de innovación, la estructura organizativa de las empresas del siglo XXI. Vamos hacia nuevas organizaciones que deben estar en una continua transformación para permitir afrontar cambios rápidos en una sociedad red, en una nueva economía.

Indicadores de productividad: cuantitativos y cualitativos. Haz tu propio cuadro de mando de forma sencilla. Haz tu propio cuadro de mando de forma sencilla Posted on Tue, Oct 23, 2012. An A-Z of business quotations: Strategy. The Top 5 Reasons Your Strategic Plan Is Not Being Implemented - Synergy Work Solutions. 10 cosas que las organizaciones deben reaprender sobre el talento. Strategy or Execution: Which Is More Important? Los directivos suspenden en innovación. How to be a Leader in a Crappy Culture. How to Be a Good Team Player - Team Management Training from MindTools. Finanzas del LEAN Manufacturing « LIQUIDEZ, VENTAS Y MARGEN. Como reunir los datos necesarios para medir la productividad. 5 Rules For Making Your Vision Stick. TODO sobre el cuadro de mando integral. 5 Ways to Find Candidates Who Fit Your Culture.

Cuando trabajar también es un problema. Diccionario de Recursos Humanos. 10 conductas que alguna vez fueron exitosas. Cuadro de Mando Integral: Software en Excel para Balanced Scorecard. Misión, Visión, Cultura y Alineación Estratégica « Linx Recursos Humanos.