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10 Questions to Identify Innovative Thinking in Salespeople. Several people asked recently about questions to help identify innovative thinkers in sales.

10 Questions to Identify Innovative Thinking in Salespeople

While we have done a bunch of strategic and creative thinking skills workshops for sales teams in the past several years, we have never put together a specific diagnostic on this topic. When multiple people ask a question, though, it is time to do something about it! 10 Questions to Identify Innovative Thinking in Salespeople Thinking about innovative sales people I have known, how we teach strategic and creative thinking skills to sales teams, and strategic thinking questions we use to spur new thinking, here are ten questions to identify innovative thinking in salespeople.

Targeting These questions address focusing and prioritizing what matters for customers and the organization. 1. To innovate, you have to understand underlying motivations and needs. 2. Innovative thinkers are able to focus and deliver on great opportunities. 10 ejercicios creativos que son (probablemente) mil veces mejores que el "brainstorming" - Marketing Directo.

Strategic Thinking Exercise - Switch the Characters Around. Want to try something to get a particularly new and insightful look at a situation?

Strategic Thinking Exercise - Switch the Characters Around

Here’s how it works. After you identify the “characters” in a particular situation, completely shift their roles. After you do that, see how the situation looks differently, simply because the characters are playing different roles. 9 Strategic Thinking Questions - Innovative Ideas from Experts. We were on a hotel site visit to scout the location for an upcoming client conference.

9 Strategic Thinking Questions - Innovative Ideas from Experts

Beyond meeting with the client team, we spent considerable time with the hotel staff. The objective was to solicit their innovative ideas for how to create the highest impact in a challenging conference space. While we developed ideas for high-impact options, we wanted the experts at the hotel to come to the table with ideas. With that situation, we wanted to ask plenty of questions and provide plenty of room for them to contribute their experience-based, innovative ideas. The 30 Elements of Consumer Value: A Hierarchy. When customers evaluate a product or service, they weigh its perceived value against the asking price.

Marketers have generally focused much of their time and energy on managing the price side of that equation, since raising prices can immediately boost profits. But that’s the easy part: Pricing usually consists of managing a relatively small set of numbers, and pricing analytics and tactics are highly evolved. What consumers truly value, however, can be difficult to pin down and psychologically complicated. How can leadership teams actively manage value or devise ways to deliver more of it, whether functional (saving time, reducing cost) or emotional (reducing anxiety, providing entertainment)? The amount and nature of value in a particular product or service always lie in the eye of the beholder, of course.

Creative Thinking Exercises – 8 Ideas to Lower Your Creative Stakes. What if you are a person that freezes up when you think you need to come up with or implement a creative idea?

Creative Thinking Exercises – 8 Ideas to Lower Your Creative Stakes

What if even having someone TELL YOU that there are no wrong ideas doesn’t free you up to start sharing ideas in a group? What if your fear of being wrong is so great that you can’t even start implementing creative ideas that are just for you for fear you’ll goof something up? 5 Ways to Lower Risk in an Innovation Strategy Workshop. We wrote recently about lowering the stakes for sharing creative ideas.

5 Ways to Lower Risk in an Innovation Strategy Workshop

Right after that article, The Brainzooming Group facilitated a small innovation strategy workshop with a client. We discussed the approach for the client’s upcoming thirty-person new process innovation strategy workshop. The question emerged of how much prior thinking to share with the newly involved participants.

Innovation Best Practices

Customer Experience Fuels Innovation. How does customer experience fuel innovation?

Customer Experience Fuels Innovation

I was honored to be a guest on #innochat on Thursday, July 21. Innochat is a weekly Twitter chat (Thursdays, 9am PT) about innovation and covers a wide range of topics and angles. If you love talking innovation, make time for this chat every Thursday. The topic on July 21 was one of my favorites: customer experience, of course. Not just customer experience, though, but how customer experience drives or fuels innovation. Los Hábitos de un Director de Proyectos Eficaz: Agile Principles to Project Management. CulturaDeInnovacion.pdf. Most Innovative Companies 2015. Si quieres cambiar cosas… vas a tener que romper cosas. Team-Building Exercises: Creativity - Team Management Tools. Strengthening Creative Thinking in Your Team Balloon sculptures help people drop their defenses and connect. © iStockphoto/JohnathanAustinDaniels Jessica has a great team.

Team-Building Exercises: Creativity - Team Management Tools

Each person she manages is capable, experienced and hard working. But in team meetings, people seem reluctant to share insights and ideas. What's more, even though everyone respects one another's views, they seem afraid to say things that might be perceived as silly, off-the-wall or wrong. Jessica wants her team meetings to buzz with activity. Primer encuentro del Foro Colón de Innovación. Disruptors Sell What Customers Want and Let Competitors Sell What They Don’t. Over the past two decades, entire industries have been disrupted by Internet competitors who "unbundled" their content and delivered it to consumers in new ways.

Disruptors Sell What Customers Want and Let Competitors Sell What They Don’t

Newspapers lost out to Google and Craigslist, record companies to iTunes and Spotify, and travel agencies to Expedia and Despite this upheaval, it seemed some businesses were immune to the digital onslaught—companies whose products and services couldn't be easily turned into 1's and 0's and put online. UMNGAGG48FS-Diego%20Mauricio%20Fino%20Garz%C3%B3n-Ensayo%20v.5.pdf. Gestión del Cambio. Creating What Consumers Want. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have a big problem: They have almost no idea which of their new products will end up being popular with consumers.

Creating What Consumers Want

Despite big data, despite a decade of heavy investment in innovation, despite chief innovation officers and efficient R&D, failure rates for new products have hovered at 60 percent for years. Two-thirds of new product concepts don’t even launch. One reason is that the retail environment has become far more complex. E-commerce continues to upend long-established business models, and consumers are shopping less at supermarkets and hypermarkets and more in convenience stores, at discounters, and online.

What’s more, although CPG companies are extremely good at the early stages of innovation—identifying promising areas of growth and creating new product ideas in those areas—and at the later stages of testing concepts and commercializing them, there’s a conspicuous hole in the middle of the process. Las personas, clave del éxito en la innovación. The Truth about Breakthrough Strategies. Ford, Apple, Netflix, Starbucks, and Google struck gold with these breakthrough strategies, and changed the game in their respective industries: Offer a standard, mass-produced automobile Turn a personal computer into a “digital hub” for consumers Rent movies through a monthly, direct mail subscription service Create a “third place” between office and home to enjoy high-quality coffee drinks Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful Although each strategy is distinctive, they share a few common characteristics that tell us how breakthrough strategies really come to be.

The Truth about Breakthrough Strategies

First, they start with flashes of insight prompted by working on big problems. For example, Henry Ford had the idea to move the cars, not workers, down an assembly line, while struggling with how to make the automobile more affordable. Lecturas recomendadas de la semana (21/11/14) 6 Recetas Mágicas para Innovar en Procesos. Wp-content/uploads/2014/10/HDBR-La_innovacion_centrada_en_el_cliente_ESEGARRA.pdf. Lean Manufacturing Principles ...{Strategos} Herramientas de Apoyo - Herramientas de Apoyo. Three-axes innovation - Sastre & Asociados - Innovación. Have you ever noticed that the type of business that McDonald’s and low cost airlines, like Ryanair, carry out is quite similar? 9 Biggest Myths About Creativity You Should Never Believe. The following beliefs are held firmly throughout corporate America, and I hear them all the time. They simply make sense to people, but they are not true. Here is why. 1. Innovation = creativity Those two words are often used interchangeably.

Reality: although related, those are two different terms. 2. Myth: Innovation cannot be achieved by mature, large companies. Reality: while most innovation comes from startup companies, some of the top innovative companies are mature and large (Apple was founded in 1976 and generates $228b. Innovación y Apoyo Téc. a Docencia e Investigación » Los 8 pilares de la innovación. Innovación y Apoyo Téc. a Docencia e Investigación » Los 8 pilares de la innovación. Para competir con éxito hay que ser innovador. Distribuidores de suplementos deportivos. Somos una empresa altamente especializada en suplementación deportiva. ACLARANDO CONCEPTOS SOBRE LEAN MANUFACTURING - Proyecta Innovacion. 12 iniciativas para que los empleados puedan generar innovación. The Jazz Musician by @xcampscoma : 12 iniciativas para que los empleados puedan generar innovación. Creating a culture of innovation. 27 ideas para entender la Transformación Digital #infografia #infographic.

Investing For a Sustainable Future. Sustainability Investing Is On the Rise In 2009, Bloomberg LP researchers were delving into corporate executive attitudes about their company’s investments in sustainability. In the middle of the interviews, where executives proudly recounted their company’s sustainability efforts, the conversations would often stop suddenly. Exasperated, business leaders would exclaim that the topic was moot since investors didn’t care. In fact, only 22% of the executives in the study believed that mainstream investors would ever be major stakeholders in their company’s sustainability efforts.1. ¿Por qué una pequeña empresa tiene que innovar? - Hoy más que nunca innovar es una obligación porque en un mercado como el actual, competitivo y cambiante, las empresas deben de construir solidas ventajas competitivas.

Doble reto de #RRHH : comunicar para la acción y conocimiento para innovar. No ganarán las grandes empresas, lo harán las rápidas. Comunidad de Liderazgo e innovación Humannova - La innovación es sobre todo gestionar talento. La función de RRHH en el fomento de culturas innovadoras. Gestión de personas y redes de talento en la empresa innovadora. Innovando desde RRHH para impulsar la transformación empresarial. La innovación empresarial ha sido caracterizada desde muy diversas perspectivas analíticas, en un sinnúmero de libros, publicaciones especializadas, y blogs.

Ideas disimiles, argumentos contrastantes, y teorías no siempre congruentes, han sido desarrollados por múltiples autores, en un elusivo intento por caracterizar las derivaciones, posibilidades y alcance, de la innovación empresarial. La presidenta de la Fundación I+E apuesta por un pacto por la innovación. The eight essentials of innovation. Artículos seleccionados de los mejores bloggers.

Apoyar la innovación en las pymes. Las empresas que convierten a sus empleados en emprendedores internos tienen mayor capacidad de innovación. Turn Customer Input into Innovation. Introverts Will Soon Rule the Business World. 5 Ejemplos y 3 claves para diseñar la propuesta de valor de tu empresa.