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Becas y oportunidades

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Find A Masters Mobile Site. MSc Applied Technologies: Rapid Prototyping and Digital Technologies. Fondeadora. The Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund. General criteria Country The Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund is open to applicants from the United States.

The Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund

Study levels The scholarship is intended for professional enrichment and is thus not applicable to studies or work related to academic degrees. Fields of study The scholarship programme especially supports fields which the Fund prioritises, i.e. politics, public administration, working life, human environment, mass media, business and industry, education and culture. Programme description Objective The Swedish Bicentennial Fund for the exchange of qualified persons from the United States and Sweden was established by an Act of the Swedish Parliament in 1976 as a tribute to the United States Bicentennial and began operations in 1978 with grants to Americans and Swedes.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide opportunity for those in a position to influence public opinion and contribute to the development of their society to make a two to four week study trip to Sweden. The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships. Scholarship recipients 2014/2015 Click here for the list of recipients for 2014/2015.

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

Who is eligible? The scholarships are only intended for students who are required to pay tuition fees according to the information at University Admissions. There is no age limit for scholarship holders. The Swedish Institute is looking for applicants who display both intellectual ability and leadership potential and welcome applications regardless of age, gender and religious beliefs. JCMM - Jihomoravské centrum pro mezinárodní mobilitu. The programme Scholarship for foreign students supports foreign students from the third countries out of European Union who want to study at one of the universities in the South Moravian region in the Czech republic, in the Czech study programmes.

JCMM - Jihomoravské centrum pro mezinárodní mobilitu

Knowledge of Czech language is required. Scholarship (monthly 6000 Czech crown - approx. 220EUR) for the first study year - to cover basic living costs (if students achieves good study results during the first study year, they obtain scholarship straight from the university in the following years). There is no tuition fee for students attending study programs in Czech language.Free administrative assistance and consultancy – help with university entrance exams procedure and during the first study year in the South Moravian region (diploma recognition, information service, visa, study matters etc.)

Detailed information to be found in the section How to apply. Applications for the academic year 2014/2015 had been accepted till 30th January 2014. The New Zealand Aid Programme is the New Zealand Government's international aid and development programme managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Roski School of Fine Arts. Special Student Jobs. Are you looking to earn some extra money to supplement your student budget and haven’t found the right job yet?

Special Student Jobs

In the following series, we present unusual ways to earn money in interesting side jobs. This week – Part 1: Jobs in the Great Outdoors. by Britta Simon Carriage ride across the island Theda, 26 years old, is actually studying to become a teacher in German and Art. Careers. Plataforma Integrada Carlos Chagas. Becas y Convocatorias. List of universities and colleges in Slovakia. This is a list of all schools of higher education (i.e. colleges and universities) in Slovakia as of June 30, 2005.

List of universities and colleges in Slovakia

Terminology[edit] The Slovak term "vysoká škola" ("school of higher education", literally "high school", compare the German name Hochschule), which for lack of other expressions is also translated into English as "college", can refer to all schools of higher (i.e. tertiary) education, or in a narrower sense only to those schools of higher education that are not universities. Oficina México, D.F. - Requisitos de admisión. Sterreichischer Austauschdienst - Ernst Mach Grant. Cartelera de becas y programas de estudio al extranjero 2011. Blog Estudiar fuera – Blog Universia » Consigue tu beca Erasmus Mundus para estudiar un Máster o un Doctorado. Admission - Roski School of Fine Arts.

Roski School of Fine Arts - USC Graduate Admission. N.o. - Research in Slovakia. Programa Nacional de Becas - solicitantes extranjeros. La creación del Programa Nacional de Becas de la República Eslovaca (NSP) para apoyar la movilidad de los estudiantes universitarios, estudiantes de doctorado, profesores universitarios, investigadores y artistas fue aprobada por el Gobierno de la República Eslovaca en el año 2005.

Programa Nacional de Becas - solicitantes extranjeros

El Programa Nacional de Becas de la República Eslovaca es financiado por el Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia, Investigación y Deporte de la República Eslovaca. El Programa Nacional de Becas de la República Eslovaca va destinado al apoyo de la movilidad de los estudiantes universitarios, estudiantes de doctorado, profesores universitarios, investigadores y artistas procedentes de países extranjeros para las estancias en universidades eslovacas u organizaciones de investigación en Eslovaquiauia.

VŠVU - Štúdijné programy.ýsledky výberových konaní/zahranicni/NSP_zahr_2011-5-15.pdf. National Scholarship Programme - Programme Terms and Conditions. Upper Austria. FHK: Home. Faculty of Design. Studying design in Hildesheim has a long tradition.

Faculty of Design

The foundation for today’s Faculty of Design was already laid in 1831. The Faculty’s current study programme in modular form is a two-stage study system with a Bachelor degree and a consecutive Master degree that qualify graduates to work in this field. With its large spectrum of eight competence fields, which complement and are also linked with one another, the artistic-scientific Bachelor programme in Design forms an interdisciplinary study programme that is unique in its diversity and with its very well equipped workshops. The fields of competence are: Advertising Design, Corporate Identity/Corporate Design, Colour Design, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Interior Design/Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, Metal Design and Product Design. Default. Sterreichischer Austauschdienst - To the Database. Sterreichischer Austauschdienst - Grants & Scholarships. Sterreichischer Austauschdienst - Ernst Mach Grant.

Österreichischer Austauschdienst: STUDIEREN  UND FORSCHEN IN ÖSTERREICH. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Embajada de México en la República Checa. Central European University. Through its rich interdisciplinary curriculum, CEU facilitates academic dialogue, emphasizing respect for, and sensitivity to, differences among people and ideas.

Central European University

Educational innovation is part of the university's continuing contribution to the region as well as to other countries experiencing emerging democracies. Schools CEU Business School CEU Business School was the first educational institution in Central and Eastern Europe to offer graduate business education leading to an American MBA. The School has been a landmark institution in the region since its inception in 1988 by a group of visionary leaders including George Soros. Phone: (+36-1) 887 5014Fax: (+36-1) 887 5001Web: Embajada de Bélgica en México.