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CardBoard // tudo em papelão. Já andava com uma fixação por casinhas, cabanas e outros “brinquedos” feitos com papelão.

CardBoard // tudo em papelão

Com essa mudança, que foi toda “picadinha”, me vi entre caixas e mais caixas…nossa montei taaantas delas, não consegui mais abandonar meus sonhos com papelão. A fixação piorou!


Cartography. Magic. Games. RPG - Cosplay. Como desenvolver um robô? Robugtix. Untitled. – Your Fun List of Hobbies. Making wire gears - Arthur Ganson. Hobbies - Hobby Resources Online. Squawkfox: Personal finance blog that makes frugal living fun. Browse Activities. ROCK'N TECH. Making Toys. 1) Dancer Automata Toy dances by user’s clapping sounds Emotions: Joy, happy Keywords: Electret microphone amplifier, servo 2) Welcoming Robot Create a robot that recognizes you, and it welcomes you.

Making Toys

When you get home, he will be coming to you and lighting on his eyes to welcome you. He is just like your own pet, but no needs to feed or walk out. Keywords: RangeFinder, servo, LEDs, speaker Emotions: Comfort, friendless Based on “Tea-serving robot” 3) Nodding toy This toy agrees every single things what you say by nodding his/her head. 4) Blooming flowers in vase The flowers in vase notify your facebook, text messages, any notifications on your phone. 5) A everyday valentine flower Create a flower if you get closer, it blooms and has nice smells.

Blue, Red, Green Laser Pointers. KNOTS. Types of Knots | Figure-eight or Flemish bend | Double fisherman's knot | Prusik | | Klemheist | Bachmann | Hedden | Bowline | Ring bend or Water knot | Figure-eight or Flemish bend The figure eight is the most secure and common way to tie into your harness.


The knot is almost idiot-proof, all you have to do is add an extra twist to a normal knot then follow the rope back through. The knot is the strongest if the working end stays on the inside and no strands are crossed. This can also be tied very easily when making a loop. Disney Theme Park Merchandise. Learn Free Magic Tricks - The Hottest Magic Trick Web site in the World!

DIY Hacks, Gadgets, Lasers and Pranks. This isn't the real world… this is video! Untitled. A Magnet Experiment Makes Learning Fun Experiments with magnets and electromagnets can be built and demonstrated for science fairs and classroom projects in elementary school through high school.


Our Most Advanced Magnet Experiments Dowling's Science Discovery Kits are best suited for ages 10 and up. Each kit includes a comprehensive activity booklet with up to six supporting magnet experiments all leading up to the main project. All the main components and necessary magnets are included, but some household items may be needed and adult supervision is strongly suggested. View Magnetic Experiment Videos These videos provide a helpful guide for building the main project in each of our Science Discovery Kits. Schell Sculpture Studio. Model Buz Woodcraft. Old Style New Ideas. The standard Lorem Ipsum passage, used since the 1500s "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Old Style New Ideas

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Busted Bricks. Seven amazing marble machines by Paul Grundbacher. Paul from Thurgau, Swizerland, sent me some pictures of his marble machines.

Seven amazing marble machines by Paul Grundbacher

Paul writes: There is nothing to do in the garden in winter, so I have time to tinker. I only worked on one marble machine at a time, and when I had another idea, I continued building, without hurry and only when I felt like it. Subscribe. Croquet Sets Wooden Toys Train Sets Marble Rollers Games Paper Roller Coaster Teacher Information. Judging the coasters by the participants' peers provides an audience.

Paper Roller Coaster Teacher Information

Each teacher places the his or her students coasters on display in their room. On the two days following the deadline I have students from all the participating classes, and any interested teachers, walk between the rooms with coasters in them and play with each coaster to judge it for the bonus category. To pull this off take some additional organization. Paper Roller Home. Marble Rollercoaster Design. Don't lose your marbles!

Marble Rollercoaster Design

Source Perfect for science fairs, physics lessons, or just for fun, marble rollercoaster design challenges can be a great way to indulge in a love for roller coasters without needing engineering expertise or a theme park budget. Building Marble Coasters Science teachers may assign roller coaster model projects for science fairs or physics units, and building your own roller coaster can be a fun and challenging hobby.

Building a successful marble rollercoaster design, however, takes more than a love of thrill rides. Materials. PBS KIDS: Educational Games, Videos and Activities For Kids! ZOOM . ZOOMerangs.

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Compra de materiais. Templates. Faça você mesmo - DIY. Experiências. Eletrônica. K'NEX User Group - 70 K'NEX and Kid K'NEX sets. Desenho. Dioramas. Modelismo. Pipas, kites. Coleções / Brinquedos. Moedas / Coins. Selos - Stamps. Origami. Pliages & Origami.

Modelos de Papel [Paper Toys]