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Wisner cameras

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c01.pdf. Review of Wisner portable large format view cameras, 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 20x24. Information about Wisner 4x5 inch view cameras, a good portable large-format field camera.

review of Wisner portable large format view cameras, 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 20x24

I first ended up selecting the Linhof Technikardan in 1994 and used that for 18 intensive and productive months in Mexico, producing stunning photographs with Schneider and Rodenstock lenses. I wish I had their newer model which does not flex as much. My entry into the large format world of photography came about when a Japanese publisher said they would award me a prestigious contract if I would produce images in 4x5 format. I had an old Linhof Kardan model at the time, which I had not really ever used because Ian Graham (Harvard University, Peabody Museum) indicated two decades earlier that a medium format camera was better for working out in the jungle. He said that 4x5 film did not stay flat in the high heat and humidity of the tropics.

Now that I have experienced large format photography for several years, I can only say that I wish I had immersed myself in 4x5 photography decades ago. Wisner 4x5. Wisner12x20with250xl_zpsc13933b1.jpg Photo by templsounds. Wisner 4x10 Technical Field Panorama Camera. Wisner 4x10 Technical Field Panorama Camera. Wisner Cameras. Wisner Cameras Wisners are some of the most beautiful cameras.

Wisner Cameras

Technical Fields are undoubtedly some of the best flatbed cameras ever built. Cameras up to 8x10 are equipped with exclusive ultra-flexible bellows of kid leather, lined with black China silk. The bellows are available in either rich burgundy (for Technical Field cameras) or royal English red in the case of the Expedition series. Because of its fine materials and construction, the bellows will never crack with age.

Expedition The Wisner Expedition cameras are available in 4x5 and 8x10. 4x5 Pocket Expedition The Pocket Expedition is Wisner's newest model. 4x5 Technical Mahogany Greatest bellows extension of any 4x5 field camera (23",584mm) with interchangeable bellows, geared-axis tilts and parallel rear rise, rigid focusing track and rails, and high strength bronze tripod plate. 5x7 Technical Mahogany 11x14 Technical Mahogany 5x7 Traditional. WisnerCatalog300dpiMonoChrome. EXPEDITION REVIEW. Five Years of Practical use with the Wisner Expedition Technical Field Camera By Terrance Hounsell © 2006 for I have been a photographer and a photographic artist for over 30 years.


I use my 4x5 for commercial and fine art applications. In addition I also use a variety of 35mm film and digital SLRs and rangefinders, 120 SLRs, TLRs and rangefinders; but my preference is for 4x5. I started into large format with 8x10 but soon discovered that for me 4x5 is the best compromise in terms of film availability, lens choice, weight and ease of use etc… I found that the 4x5 negative size is a good compromise in terms of image quality and given modern film and lenses a larger format is unnecessary for me. Storm gathering over Signal Hill in St. I have put 1500-2000 sheets of film through my WETF Camera over the last 5 years. The layout of the WETF Camera is one of its strongest points.

The three spirit levels are useful and they can easily be seen. Wisner 4x5 Technical Field Camera. 56. Wisner 8x10 technical Field Camera. 4x5 Zone VI Camera. How to fold & unfold the Wisner 4x5 Field Camera. Wisner 4x5 Additional Setup Details.