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Spectacular Ukrainian Crowns On Slavic Inspired Photoshoot Look Absolutely Mesmerizing » Design You Trust. Design, Culture & Society. Kyle Thompson -  Portfolio. Second Adolescence - Ben Gore. Introduction to Second Adolescence by Alexander Norton "Being young is something precious.

Second Adolescence - Ben Gore

Each birthday that comes brings new challenges as our bodies change, our ideas evolve and our situations become greater. Our inner workings make us almost unrecognisable from when we were children. Your face looks different since I last saw you. The adolescence that transcends us from a child to becoming an adult, whatever that idea is meant to entail, leaves us in a position of doubt. You are a cat with 9 lives. This second adolescence, something that brings together the notion of trodden ground formalises the people we become as we enter and leave our golden years. We look in the mirror once more and realise that many years have passed but that’s okay. In this youthful state of mind the experience seems to indefinitely last. I barely recognise the kid I once was and this second adolescence refines this adult personality.

Your tastes change and you become a more refined person in parts. Nude Photography by Matt Blum. "clifton r adams": Search Results. 1001 Fesses. Morten Nordstrøm (@mortenordstrom) Instagram photos and videos. Andréa de Keijzer. Ryan McGinley. The Patti Smith Blog. Crcksnaphtgrph asked: i love this blog, it's my new favourite. i could look at Patti Smith photos forever. :) thank you, i’m glad!

The Patti Smith Blog

Anonymous asked: it is my photo and i would like you to remove - it is not a photo I want on the internet - please do not make me pursue this as an infringement of my copyright-- lynn goldsmith i’ll remove it from this blog, as you wish. the original post that i only reblogged as it appeared by the original poster, is here however, if you’d like to contact them. tumblr works mostly by reblogging, and the one who originally posted it to tumblr is different from people who only share it on their tumblr. Anonymous asked: thank you for all the pictures of Patti you post.

I appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog as a fellow fan of her. thank you ! Anonymous asked: Did Patti know Edie Sedgwick? As far as i know, patti didn’t know her personally but saw her around new york with warhol’s clique and was inspired by her, admired her in her early years. Look at Me Look at you. Humans of New York. Galerie de lekoil. Book: The New Gypsies -

Typography. UK design studio Hype & Slippers has created beautiful cards for CardNest an online subscription service delivering beautiful, emotive and exclusive greetings cards to your doorstep.


Three designs per month from the world’s most exciting illustrators and designers. Escape Kit / Twitter / Subscribe Naughty Christmas Cards Rounded up by Huffington Post, these naughty christmas cards would be perfect for that special someone. Escape Kit / Twitter / Subscribe (Source: A member of the Buzzfeed community has taken some of American comedian Louis C.K.’s famous quotes and turned them into motivational posters. (Source: Hand-Lettering by Drew Ellis Virginia based graphic designer Drew Ellis creates awesome hand lettered typography. Spanish designer Rafa Goicoechea along with Nina Sans have created 36 Days of Type, combining digital and hand done type. (Source: Y&R Toronto got messy to promote Earls’ Annual Lobster event. Devenir mère en Afrique sub-saharienne. Fiddleoak's albums on Flickr. Raintree1969 - artnau. Jansky .

Raintree1969 - artnau

‘Apocalipsi’ Bestial videoclip del dúo Jansky dirigido y producido por Joan Guasch. Embracing Touch Embracing Touch is a project about designer’s relation with the works and designer’s presence in them. Sanctum . An architectural sketch by Felix Faire that became an inhabitable online space of peace and contemplation. Riccardo Mannelli Los carnales y técnicamente impresionantes dibujos del artista Riccardo Mannelli. Pen Orchestra The pen orchestra is a personal workshop by Benoit Challand playing around with 3D pen.

Husky . A beautifully hand and digitally animated video directed and Illustrated by Lucinda Schreiber created for Husky’s latest single St Joan. Voyager backpack Las preciosas mochilas-bolsos diseñadas por Alexandros Kotoulas. Mokuyobi Threads Patches Mokuyobi o 木曜日 (もくようび) significa jueves en japonés y Mokuyobi Threads es una marca que se dedica a hacer bolsas, mochilas, gorras y otros complementos. Bildungsroman “Nobody said that growing up was easy.” Serban Savu. Galerie de Bastiank80. Ellie Parker.