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Jen’s Buffalo Chicken Ring. Recette Risotto légumes meditérannéens mozzarella. Bacon Explosion! For the 4th of July each year, my husband and I like to serve our guests something tasty and unique off the grill.

Bacon Explosion!

One year it was mead-marinated tri-tip steaks. Another year we did candied chicken teriyaki skewers. This year, we decided to go for the gusto and cook up a variation on a famous internet recipe: The Bacon Explosion. We started on Saturday night, cooking up a pound and a half of bacon. We were up until almost midnight getting it crispy, and didn't take any photos. On Sunday afternoon we got out the pile of cooked bacon and got to work. We read a lot of blogs and watched various You Tube accounts of people's experience with this recipe before giving it a try. I opened up our three pound package of thick cut bacon, and set about weaving a 5x5 strip lattice with all the enthusiasm of a Girl Scout fashioning her first sit-upon (probably more, because, let's ace it -- sit-upons aren't made of BACON).

Below is my dainty (did someone say sissy?) Next we open up the beef.


Chicken. Brochettes de dinde pannées et son risotto aux poivrons rouges. Parmigiano Panko Herb Encrusted Chicken Breasts. This is my version of Italian Fried Chicken.

Parmigiano Panko Herb Encrusted Chicken Breasts

Well I am a Southern girl after all & do love fried chicken so I thought this would be a good marriage of the two! I’ve been crazy for Panko lately & just love the texture & crunch that it gives, all the while being light & airy! Crazy I know, but true. These cook oh so quickly too because of the thinness of the chicken, so keep an eye on them. I think there is something truly therapeutic about pounding things with a mallet & do it every time I can. Use your judgment with the amount of cheese and panko you’d like to add. I prepared these with Peperonata the other evening and just loved the flavors together! Want another great way to make this?

Try making Parmigiano Panko Chicken and Honey Biscuits! Baci! Parmigiano Panko Herb Encrusted Chicken Breasts What You Will Need: 4-6 chicken breasts (enough for your family) olive oil panko flakes – enough for breading 1 1/2 cups Parmigiano Reggiano – grated 2 tablespoons dried basil salt/pepper What To Do: Risotto crémeux au chorizo - cooking-by-ahes. Dimanche 8 janvier 7 08 /01 /Jan 10:43 L'occasion de tester mon premier risotto et d'utiliser la fin du chorizo acheté pour la recette des cannelés au chorizo et au comté !

Risotto crémeux au chorizo - cooking-by-ahes

Une recette finalement très facile, il faut juste avoir le temps de rester devant le plat pendant presque 20 minutes ! Un premier risotto réussi ! Rizotto aux légumes croquants et gambas roties. Recette Jambon à la bière et au sirop d'érable à la mijoteuse. Recette Tartare de filet de boeuf, basilic et crumble au parmesan. Méchouia.