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INSEGNARE in Etwinning_ (Marina Marino) Intervista Davide Faraone. eTwinning Conference 2014. Il mio commento. “Twitter in the class and staffroom” eTwinning Conference 2014. Workshop: “eTwinning & the family” / Rute Baptista & Rita Zurrapa Teachers know how important it is to be in contact with students families.

eTwinning Conference 2014

Also me. Spreading Innovation in School. Webcast & Flipped classroom The world of teaching has dramatically evolved in the 21st century and it is now whereby teachers and all other people involved in educating young people need to rise to the challenge.

Spreading Innovation in School

So what is this challenge all about? It is, of course, innovation in our schools. Teachers across Europe attended this workshop which was very informative, inspiring and demonstrated a variety of ways and methods to encourage teachers to be creative and enthusiastic in their teaching through new technologies and initiatives. With this positive outlook, educators can inspire, enthuse and motivate students and of course, students themselves can become more independent learners and be self-disciplined.

eTwinning Conference 2014. Conference 2014 - Rome: Plenary sessions - an album on Flickr. Enseigner Les LV avec eTwinning. EVALUER TICE ET LV EN ETWINNING LYCEE. Etwinning CONFERENZA EUROPEA ROMA 2014. This is the blog of the eTwinning Conference, 2014.