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What is SAML SSO? Security Assertion Markup Language is basically an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between two parties, in particular, between an identity provider and a service provider, where: An identity provider (IdP) authenticates a consumer and provides a SAML Assertion to service providers.A service provider (SP) verifies the Assertion and allows access to the consumer.

What is SAML SSO?

SAML is an XML-based markup language for creating, requesting, and exchanging security assertions between applications. In addition, SAML enables the cross-domain single sign-on (web-based), that helps reduce the administrative overhead of distributing multiple authentication tokens to the user. SAML is also: How can businesses drive digital transformation with CIAM? Whether you want to improve consumer interaction through new digital channels or optimize your business operations, a digital transformation strategy is becoming increasingly important.

How can businesses drive digital transformation with CIAM?

Meanwhile, to defend your reputation and financial stability, you must safeguard data privacy and security. Digital Transformation in a Business: A Necessary Disruption Digital transformation means using new technologies to manage or adjust the current business processes, culture, and consumer experiences in response to the employee or consumer expectations. The way you do business will change because of consumer IAM. Monthly Round-up of Cybersecurity Breaches in June 2021. The year 2021 will mark the 4th anniversary of the first WannaCry Ransomware attack, which brought the concept of ransomware breaches into the limelight.

Monthly Round-up of Cybersecurity Breaches in June 2021

It has been about half a decade since then. Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT issue anymore. It has caused substantial losses to businesses, governments, and individuals around the world. As we head into the third quarter of 2021, this insight is picking up steam. In this blog, we will look at the top security breaches in June 2021—when the world economy is already dealing with the effects of the coronavirus. Understanding PII for Enterprise Data Security. When you visit a website, it may store some basic information about you, such as your IP address, the operating system on your computer, the browser you use, ISP used to connect, location, screen resolution, etc.

Understanding PII for Enterprise Data Security

Some websites store login cookies on your computer, so you don't have to log in every time you visit them. But this is not all. When browsing online, you also leave enough breadcrumbs for websites and web applications to identify you. We often talk about personally identifiable information (PII), but few users know precisely what it is. The Future of Bring Your Own Identity. When was the last time you signed up to a website by filling out the entire registration form?

The Future of Bring Your Own Identity

Gone are the days where you had to fill out lengthy registration forms, create different usernames and passwords, and remember them every time you tried to login - awesome, right! Consumers demand a smarter experience today. They don't like to create a new ID every time they want to utilize a service.

Instead, they are open to leveraging their existing digital identity securely and easily, with the opportunity to reuse it in multiple domains. And as a response to this demand, businesses have come-up with a concept called Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI). Social Engineering Attacks: Prevention and Best Practices. Social engineering attacks have become a common occurrence against enterprises over the years.

Social Engineering Attacks: Prevention and Best Practices

In fact, it has grown increasingly sophisticated. Needless-to-say there is no ‘stop sign’ for cybercrimes any time soon. Instead, hackers have been coming up with more creative methods to deceive employees and people into sharing sensitive credentials. It is high time that companies conduct proper research and utilize the right tools to keep ahead of the fraudsters. Dark Side of Identity Management Explained. Overcome On-Prem Deployment: Move To Cloud. Checklist to Strategize CIAM in the Cloud. Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities List. Checklist to Strategize CIAM in the Cloud. 5 IoT Techniques For Consumer IAM. React Error Boundaries · LoginRadius Engineering. When we develop a project in a react application, we encounter errors such as server-related errors, component/function errors, and so on, which break the application and result in a blank web page, which is not ideal.

React Error Boundaries · LoginRadius Engineering

To resolve this, many methods are created that handle these errors and improve the user and developer experience. In React, Error Boundaries comes in the picture, which was introduced in React v16 that catch the javascript errors found in UI and handle them efficiently. React Error Boundaries · LoginRadius Engineering. What is a Formjacking attack? There has been a significant surge in formjacking attacks recently.

What is a Formjacking attack?

It has been affecting organizations that mostly accept online payment from consumers. In recent times, cryptocurrencies have progressed in both popularity and technical improvements. However, the radical decrease in the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero has led to cybercriminals looking elsewhere for fraudulent profits. That being said, what better place to steal your financial information than a product order form on online shopping websites before you even hit the submit button—that's formjacking! How to Handle Data Breaches in Your Business. While the internet becomes the second home for most of us amid the global pandemic, there’s a substantial increase in the number of data breaches worldwide.

How to Handle Data Breaches in Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you’ve heard of bigger breaches in the news, you shouldn’t assume that your industry or businesses can't be on attackers’ radar. According to Verizon's breach report, 71 percent of breaches are usually financially motivated, which means the main motive is to exploit user data or privacy for financial benefits. Cybercriminals are exploiting consumer data of big brands and even startups that have recently stepped into the digital world. How to Set Up 2FA on All Your Online Accounts. How to set up 2FA on your accounts?

How to Set Up 2FA on All Your Online Accounts

And why is it important in the first place? As social media is becoming increasingly popular, security is becoming something of supreme importance. Buyer's Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication. Fix Broken Authentication With Adaptive MFA. Identity Brokering Datasheet. Digital Transformation in Retail and Ecommerce. Identity Management Architectures for Ecommerce. Existing Threats To Cybersecurity In The Digital Trade Zone. LoginRadius CIAM for Developers Whitepaper. How Secure is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? Data breaches can have devastating consequences for both a user and the website.

Several platforms turned to magic link or OTP (besides using a password) to counter these events and protect users’ online accounts. Presently, many companies are using two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure no unauthorized party has access. For example, recently, Google announced that they are planning to make two-factor authentication default for users, so more businesses are obligated to implement it. However, despite this widespread popularity, experts question how secure 2FA is. Implement Authentication in React Applications using LoginRadius CLI · LoginRadius Engineering. Hey Everyone !!! This blog will walk you through the steps necessary to quickly implement authentication mechanisms for your React application by leveraging LoginRadius and the LoginRadius CLI with the help of examples.

Using the LoginRadius CLI, you can perform basic actions of your LoginRadius Dashboard through the command line. The actions include login, register, logout, social configuration, domain whitelisting, site management, etc. Once the actions are performed, changes will be reflected in your application. Configuring LoginRadius. Code spliting in React via lazy and suspense · LoginRadius Engineering. Everyone wants their application so fast, but how to achieve that, in that case, code splitting comes into the picture, where we split code and set the priority loading of the code snippet. But how do we set the priority or load them whenever required? 1. React.lazy() Using this we can set code priority to the lower or it will load only whenever required.

So how to do that? Implementing Social Authentication Solution with LoginRadius. Did you know adding social login to your website can drastically enhance engagement and bump-up registrations? If you’re a business with an online platform that has a significant amount of traffic but unable to generate a good amount of leads, you probably need to rework your website’s authentication process. Yes, nobody wishes to squander their precious time when it comes to registrations on a website.

Or we can say, no one wants to juggle separate passwords and ids for different platforms. Social login enables users to use existing login credentials from a social networking platform including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more enabling simplified logins and registrations. Let’s learn how LoginRadius’ social authentication helps to scale business growth and how to implement social login. Why Cloud Governance Matters For Your Business? With cloud computing evolving leaps and bounds, enterprises are exploring new horizons to streamline processes and scale business growth.

Since many businesses are inching towards cloud services, it’s becoming quite challenging for them to provide a governance model that not only provides visibility of every cloud service but eventually offers appropriate access with proper security. It would be great for businesses to learn about the fact that migrating from on-premises to cloud isn’t a piece of cake and requires an adequate governance model in place.

You might be thinking about what governance model is and why your business requires it implemented within the organization. Well, just like on-premise IT infrastructure, companies relying on the cloud must have control over which apps or software can be accessed within the organization and by which department. In the cloud, the same can be implemented in a couple of seconds. Role of Identity Management in Enterprise’s Decision-Making. What is Mobile Biometric Authentication? How LoginRadius Handles Scalability and Enhances Security. How Enum.TryParse() works in C# · LoginRadius Engineering.

Loginradius. What is recoil.js and how it is managing in react? · LoginRadius Engineering. How do I install multiple node js version on the same machine · LoginRadius Engineering. A Guide To React User Authentication with LoginRadius · LoginRadius Engineering. Login Screen - Tips and Ideas for Testing · LoginRadius Engineering. Nginx - Everything you want to know about the Nginx logs in 10 minutes · LoginRadius Engineering. How Git Local Repository Works · LoginRadius Engineering. Implement Authentication in Angular 2+ application using LoginRadius CLI in 5 mins · LoginRadius Engineering. React with Ref · LoginRadius Engineering.

How to Login using Your Microsoft Account. A Comprehensive Guide to Consent Management & Processing Data. What Is a Salt and How It Boosts Security? A Detailed Guide: How UX/UI Affects Registration. Compliance-Ready Identity Solution. Customer Segmentation Analysis and Profiling. User Provisioning for Customer Accounts.