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The World’s Largest Training and Development Association. 1244121187-1244121233276-transfer-van-leren. Jeffs_law_sharing_VOV. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies: Home Page. 10 Ways to Learn From Twitter.

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10 Ways to Learn From Twitter

In just 140 characters, users have organized political movements, ruined reputations of the famous, and reported first on timely events. Though you may have no desire to cause cataclysmic changes with Twitter, there is a lot you can learn by using this potent tool. You can use Twitter, a social-networking app for sharing brief messages (tweets), as a platform for personal and professional growth and enrichment. Twitter users share resources, engage in conversations and build relationships. 1. First-hand accounts of important news stories often break on Twitter before they are reported by news media services. Nothing beats citizen reporters who use Twitter to spread information about real-time events. Twitter Trends. Trends are provided by location. How to change location. 2. With more than 500 million registered users, an abundance of searchable information passes through Twitter. Search works with keywords, phrases and hashtags. Blits. 70-20-10 @ pinterest.

Just another site. Tell a four-word story. — Design story. Forget the elevator pitch.

Tell a four-word story. — Design story

You only get four words. If you want to start a business or launch a new project, you need to be able to describe your effort in four words. Why four? If you write a longer story, the door cracks open to ambiguity; you can start to hedge your bets, get vague or abstract. Stick with four. If this sound impossibly hard, then keep at it. Here’s my take on a few well-known companies: Pinterest: Organize everything you love.Facebook: Hear from your friends.Google: Easily find useful information.

“There’s no better way to force a conversation about what your team values than to write your four-word story.” Here’s a step-by-step workshop you can try during your next team meeting. Step 1:Start by brainstorming all the words you can think of that relate to your company. Step2:Eliminate some that are a little off the mark. Step3:Consolidate the groups until you only have four. Step5:Test the sentence. @magalidep. Measuring ROI of Training. Tell a four-word story. — Design story. Many-faces-of-action-learning.

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Learning Methods A to Z. There are SO many ways to approach learning.

Learning Methods A to Z

This post is the beginning of a learning methods A to Z, based on ideas I have been collecting and discussing in various conferences and workshops… If you have ideas, please comment and I will add them! Agenda tracking (time-tracking – see when you are most productive etc..)Assessment Back-channel learning (eg using Twitter # to support non-present learning participants or see for example, LnDDave‘s ASTD2012 ICE back-channel blog page)Blogs (like this one… or related to specific topics, lessons…)BooksBottom-Up Innovation (eg: Kluwer Inspiration Market)BrainstormingBrown Paper SessionsBuddy System (as originally used in diving, climbing etc.. now used in onboarding and induction)Business Games (see also “Serious Games”) Digital libraries, virtual bookshelf (like e-LearningEmailing (communication updates, tips and tricks…)Exercise (eg security drills, fire alarms)Evaluation (thus improving self-knowledge…) Gamification.

10 Learning approach variables.

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Teamleren_de_sleutel_voor_effectief_teamwerk. C4LPT. 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10 (2)