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iPad in de klas Dominicus College. Citroengeel. Citroengeel. Radical Reform: iPad Schools Seek to Transform Education. <br/><a href=" US News</a> | <a href=" Business News</a> Copy Plenty of schools use iPads.

Radical Reform: iPad Schools Seek to Transform Education

But what if the entire education experience were offered via tablet computer? That is what several new schools in the Netherlands plan to do. There will be no blackboards or schedules. Think different. Some of the ideas that may have occurred to Jobs are now on display in the Netherlands. There will be no blackboards, chalk or classrooms, homeroom teachers, formal classes, lesson plans, seating charts, pens, teachers teaching from the front of the room, schedules, parent-teacher meetings, grades, recess bells, fixed school days and school vacations. Preparations are already underway in Breda, a town near Rotterdam where one of the schools is to be located. And there is still plenty of work to do on the pleasant, light-filled building, a former daycare center. iPads in Schools. Your Quick Guide to Teaching with iPads. Below is an awesome infographic shedding more light on the use of iPad in education.It provides some amazing facts about the potential of this mobile device in learning and reviews the reasons behind this growing popularity of iPad in the educational circles.

Your Quick Guide to Teaching with iPads

I find this infographic to be a nice addition toTeachers Guide on The Use of iPad in Education.Give it some time and read through it attentively and share it with your colleagues., History, Documentary and Television on the web. Technology Integration Matrix. Programmeren voor kinderen. 10 iPad Apps To Record How Students Learn. Editor’s Note: TeacherWithApps is proud to announce TeachThought as a partner to help bring you the very best in app resources and reviews for your 21st century classroom! For all of the analyses of academics, learning models, curriculum, 21st century thinking, assessment, project-based learning, self-directed learning, social media integration, iPads and related technology, and other emerging trends, how students learn is why we’re all here, yes?

And understanding how something happens requires observation as an early step. What’s developing, when and how? Where are the misunderstandings? Inspire. Invoke. Illuminate. Apps for multiple intelligences. What makes the iPad brilliant is that it caters to all different intelligences.

Apps for multiple intelligences

In fact most apps touch upon all different types of intelligences. I’ve tried to match all of my favorite educational apps with their corresponding intelligences. For those apps that matched with more than one, I’ve used equivalents. For example, Showme and Educreations are interactive whiteboard apps that have got the same functions and both fit in the Visual and Aural box. Just like I don’t believe all students fit only in one intelligence box either. Students can use whichever app they chose to study. Take the brilliant app “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. The debate whether Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences really excist or not has been contested quite a few times. Children do differ in their abilities with different modalities, but teaching the child in his best modality doesn‘t affect his educational achievement.

Click on the app icons to see the app in the App Store. iPAD IN EDUCATION. Werken met bestanden uit Smartschool op je iPad. Android. Maak je eigen stylus voor €0 – Create a DIY stylus for €0 « Koen Mariën blogs. Geplaatst door marienkoen English below.

Maak je eigen stylus voor €0 – Create a DIY stylus for €0 « Koen Mariën blogs

iPad/Student Resources. iPad for Education. iPad Apps. iPad for Teaching & Learning. 6 different ways of getting student feedback in your iPad lesson. Update 14-09-2012: Syncing Notability with Dropbox is possibly the easiest and best way of keeping track of your students’ work.

6 different ways of getting student feedback in your iPad lesson.

One of the most difficult challenges for the teachers at my school is changing from workbooks and worksheets to get students to work and monitor their answers on the iPad. There are many ways to go about it. Here are 6 of them: 1. Google Forms This one, is my go to tool form creating questionnaires. TPACK helpt je met ict in de les. TPACK in het onderwijs. TPACK in het onderwijs. TPACK Xplained. Create an interactive eBook for the iPad using iBook Author: THE COMPLETE GUIDE. Want to create your own interactive eBook for the iPad?

Create an interactive eBook for the iPad using iBook Author: THE COMPLETE GUIDE

It’s actually really simple using the iBooks Author program that Apple provides for free! Writing eBooks has so many awesome business applications and benefits. Books on iPads are the where books are headed. Even our classrooms are reading their text books on an iPad. To make this easy on you I have put together the complete guide to help walk you through the entire creation and publishing process. I have created two eBooks using this method and I loved how easy the creation portion was; however, the uploading, publishing and approval process can be sort of tricky. Never fear! Creating your eBook The creation part is really easy especially if you already have the text written out on a word document or similar format. First, you will need to open iBook Author.

The first option you have is to choose your template. Now that you have you template chosen you can start creating your book. » Appsakee (Educatieve apps)