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'My Hands' Lasercut - Rob Ryan. Tallulah Terryll artist, painter, printmaker. Mike Schultz Studio Blog. Mike Schultz Studio Blog. The Art of Kathe Fraga. Atelier & photos in situ – Aurélie Alvarez. Beginners Drawing course, how to draw videos with professional artist Will Kemp. Sketch by Will Kemp, From the Uffizi window, Florence, Italy.

Beginners Drawing course, how to draw videos with professional artist Will Kemp

Ever wanted to learn how to draw? Have you daydreamed of just picking up a pencil and sketching? But inside there is a lingering doubt. A distant memory of a school teacher who told you once you were bad at art. An inner critic that holds you back…. But what if you could learn to draw? Wouldn’t you give it a try? A solid Step-by-Step Foundation Course I believe anyone can learn how to draw accurately and realistically – without years of grueling study. I’ve developed this easy to follow, 7-part online downloadable video course, to help frustrated artists really understand how drawing works. You will go on a creative journey to learn how to ‘see like an artist’. You will learn how to confidently pick up a pencil and draw any scene in front of you. Imagine gaining a new perspective on the world, ‘seeing’ drawings and compositions around all you!

Will Kemp – Artist The 3 things that are holding you back from learning how to draw: Murals Splash - Zoe Design. Le blog de l’artiste peintre Gwenn Seemel, en français et en anglais. L’art contemporain, le portrait, la peinture, et la culture libre. Business of art: cette catégorie de mon blog contient les articles qui parlent de comment vivre de son art. 2017 . 01 . 15 - Comments / Commentaires (5) It exists!

Le blog de l’artiste peintre Gwenn Seemel, en français et en anglais. L’art contemporain, le portrait, la peinture, et la culture libre.

Il existe! 2017 . 01 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (2) How I know I’m doing it right. 2017 . 01 . 05 - Comments / Commentaires (2) Knowing who to listen to is the best thing you can do for your confidence as an artist. 2016 . 12 . 19 - Comments / Commentaires (4) My 2016. 2016 . 12 . 12 - Comments / Commentaires (9) It’s the right speech and not to an audience. Le Grillon Voyageur qui organise des ventes privées deux fois par an a exposé certaines de mes toiles.

C'est un très grand plaisir pour moi de voir ces toiles présentées dans une décoration aussi pleine d'esprit et d'élégance. L'essence de la peinture décorative est un art de la relation. Une peinture décorative n'est pleinement vivante que lorsqu'elle communique avec un lieu et dialogue avec des objets , des lumières, des couleurs et des textures. Mes toiles ne sont pas des solistes mais des musiciens dans l'orchestre. "Oiseaux Huet" 110x73cm caséine sur toile "Le Funambule" (d'après Watteau) 150x85cm caséine sur toile. MacKenzie-Childs. Furniture Perhaps nowhere does our imagination run freer—or manufacturing become more complex—than in furniture.


To translate our design fantasies into MacKenzie-Childs products, we seek out the best production partners in the world. Often, happily, these are right here in our Aurora studio. Sometimes, we go further afield in the U.S. or to other countries to find the best-in-class manufacturers to bring our designs to life. The process of hand-painting furniture and accessories requires concentration, skill, and artist’s eye and hand. Minerva's Temple. On July 25, 2014 The Clement Art Gallery will open a group exhibition of thirteen national and international artists entitled: “of Beauties and Beasts”.

An opening reception will take place on Friday July 25 from 6-9pm. The exhibition will run through September 20. A small exhibition catalogue will be produced and available at the end of August. This exhibition will feature the work of thirteen diverse and talented artists whose work is filled with grace, mystery and elegance. Exhibiting Artists include: Claus Brusen, Russell Gordon, Jon Christopher Gernon, Spring Hofeldt, Caitlin Hackett, Steven Kenny, Richard A. Claus Brusen Claus Brusen is an award-winning artist, a curator, and a publisher. Russell Gordon Born in 1968, Russell Gordon received his undergraduate and graduate art education at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. Jon Christopher Gernon With my work, I try to bring the use of classical techniques and subject matter into the 21st century. Spring Hofeldt Caitlin Hackett. Lyndie Dourthe.