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Icônes maison. {Adele Bruno, CZT} [Tickled to Tangle] This is a sweet day indeed.

{Adele Bruno, CZT} [Tickled to Tangle]

Milton Hershey's birthday, the famed philanthropist and founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company, was celebrated this week. His life's story is inspirational - from his struggles and persistence in pursuing his passion for candy making to his unmatched generosity to the community he built. In honor of Mr. Hershey, I have created a sweet and simple pattern. It comes with a caution though: tangling may require more chocolate than usual :) First, the step out and then the story ~ While tangles are meant to be non representational, I think this captures the essence of a Hershey Kiss without trying to be an exact replica. And now, the story ~ The CBS Sunday Morning News program this past week featured a story about Milton S. In his younger days, Mr. It wasn't until he attend the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois, that he discovered the possibilities of manufacturing chocolate. As an aside: My great great grandparents attended that same fair.

Back to the story... {Alice Hendon, CZT} [The Creator's Leaf] Are you ready to try a new tangle?

{Alice Hendon, CZT} [The Creator's Leaf]

Here is one I designed recently called Cee-A-Mosa. So named because the pods remind me. {Angie Whalen → Flickr} {Anneke van Dam} [Merry-Go-Round] ► Quelques uns # A-G = OK. {Anya Lothrop, CZT} [Willkommen bei Tangle Germany!] ► Quelques uns. {Anya Lothrop, CZT} [Willkommen bei Tangle Hamburg!] ► Quelques'uns. Liebe Tangler, immer wieder werde ich gefragt, was man tun soll, wenn man beim Tangeln einen Fehler gemacht hat.

{Anya Lothrop, CZT} [Willkommen bei Tangle Hamburg!] ► Quelques'uns

Die erste Antwort darauf ist ganz klar: Im Zentangle gibt es keine Fehler. Wie im wirklichen Leben kann man Dinge, die man getan hat, nicht rückgängig machen. Man kann nur damit arbeiten, darauf aufbauen, und sehen, was sich daraus ergibt. Ich habe aus “Fehlern” schon das ein oder andere Tanglemuster neu entworfen! Bronx Cheer ist ein amerikanischer Ausdruck für “die Zunge rausstrecken und dabei unschöne Geräusche machen” (wer sich darunter nichts vorstellen kann, kann sich auf Wikipedia ein kurzes Video ansehen).

Viel Spaß beim Reparieren! Dear Tanglers, {Beate Winkler, CZT} [bea bea design] Hier findest du eine Übersicht der Zentangle-Muster "Tangle", die ich designed habe.

{Beate Winkler, CZT} [bea bea design]

Bis jetzt sind es schon 17 Muster. Okay, endlich mal die Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung als blogeintrag dazu gestellt, die genau Anleitung findest Du: hier. Goldilocks. {Carole Ohl, CZT} {Carol Ottaway} [Blog] = Quelques uns. But I bet you thought I would:) I really like these two new tangles.

{Carol Ottaway} [Blog] = Quelques uns

I think they have an elegant feel to them and were alot of fun to draw. There are probably (by now) thousands of tangle patterns scattered through the wide world web. So if I post something that’s already been done, it is not intentional and please let me know and I will remove the pattern. This is for fun and for sharing and cutting someone off to the knees defeats the purpose. This Zentangle was especially fun and although it may be squarish (Is that a word?) Posted below is the Fanz and blowin’ leaf patterns. By gaps I mean the double line please note the Zentangle above Be Well and Happy!

{Chrissie Frampton} [Flickr] {Christianne Gerstner, CZT} Cirque, Chris Gerstner 10/30/14 Drifts, January 23, 2016 Like this: Like Loading...

{Christianne Gerstner, CZT}

{Christina Vandervlist, CZT} [Start] {Cindy Angiel} [Flickr] + Images sectionnées & Zendalas. {Cindy Angiel} [The Rainbow Elephant] {Debbie New, CZT} [tangled pursuits] # Tous téléchargés. Tangles by Debbie Everyone is welcome to use these step-out instructions to re-create any of the tangles found on this page.

{Debbie New, CZT} [tangled pursuits] # Tous téléchargés

However, all images featured below remain the intellectual property of Debbie New, our resident certified Zentangle teacher. These images should not be copied or reproduced. Angeleafe Here are the step-out instructions to “Angeleafe”, a tangle created by Debbie New. [ This tangle was originally posted on ] {Denyse Jones, CZT} [Bee Zen] {Diane Knauff, CZT} [Stone Angel Arts] ► Téléchargé ceux qui m'intéresse. This is my favorite time of the year and it has been perfect autumn weather in Madison lately.

{Diane Knauff, CZT} [Stone Angel Arts] ► Téléchargé ceux qui m'intéresse

The temperatures have been in the upper 60s to lower 70s (I feel a bit like Goldilocks…not too cold and not too hot…it is just right). The leaves are changing and showing vibrant golds, oranges, and reds. Sunday was particularly wonderful. I went to campus to listen to speaker Sir Ken Robinson discuss Creativity, Truth and Beauty. He is an internationally-renowned expert in the field of creativity and innovation in business and education. {Diana Sexton} [Hunkey Dorey Land] ► Tous téléchargé (septembre 2016) {Donald Wilka, CZT} [Tangles and More] EN + FR (Google Traduction) I have been meaning to get this page up for a while.

{Donald Wilka, CZT} [Tangles and More] EN + FR (Google Traduction)

I was waiting to do it all at one time but think if I do that, it may never get done. So I am going to start and add things as I can. These are all patterns that I deconstructed or created. I do not know that I will necessarily post them in chronological order. If you use any of them, I would like a link where I could see what you did. This first one is the first one that I did do. . * I found out after posting this that someone had come up with a similar tangle earlier. Here is a tile where I used this tangle. {Donald Wilka, CZT} [Tangles Plus] FR (Google Traduction) + EN. {Elaine Benfatto} [Flickr] # Une douzaine de tangles. {Elena Hadzijaneva (Helena)} [Flickr] {Ellen Wolters} [Tekenpraktijk De Innerlijke Wereld] ► Quelques uns → FR (traducteur de l'allemand)

Op deze pagina vind je diverse tangle-patronen.

{Ellen Wolters} [Tekenpraktijk De Innerlijke Wereld] ► Quelques uns → FR (traducteur de l'allemand)

Sommige lijken moeilijk, maar dat is het echt niet! Probeer het ook eens of volg een workshop bij mij! Naast heel veel patronen vind je ook diverse uitdagingen op en leden kunnen hun tekening posten. Ook is er de mogelijkheid met de eigenaar van de site Cindy Angiel te chatten. Het is een erg actieve website. On this page you'll find lots of tangle-patterns. The sites (Pattern List) or show the links to the designers pages on how to draw them. {Emily Perkins} [Flickr] {Eni Oken} [The Creative World of Eni Oken] # Tout au long du blog. {Erin Koetz Olson, CZT} [The Bright Owl → Zendala Dare] # En haut à G. {Geneviève Crabe, CZT} [Flickr] {Geneviève Crabe, CZT} [Tangle Harmony by Amaryllis Creations] Skip to content My Tangles Here is a list of all my tangles. The images link to the step-outs. Share this: {Hanny Waldburger, CZT} [Zenjoy] Für weitere Shnek Varianten schau im Blog.

{Helen Williams} [a little lime] Read about it and see samples here Read about it and see samples here Read about this pattern and see some samples here Read about this pattern and see some samples here. {Hsin-Ya Hsu, CZT} 這是美華(damy)投稿的第五十八個圖樣 Tangle pattern--- 1+1 Pattern by ------ DAMY TENG CZT#17 Posted by 美華與心亞禪繞 at 痞客邦 PIXNET Guestbook(0) 人氣(392) 禪繞遊戲 Tangle-game No.2主題:挑戰極限試試看01代針筆可以把線畫得多靠近? {Ina Sonnenmoser} [Ina's Tangles] ► Plusieurs. As promised, here comes the sequel This week I will analyse the different stages that tanglers go through. Stage 1: {Jane Dickinson, CZT} {Jane Monk, CZT} [jane monk studio] A tangle for Shelley - you can make one for Shelley and send it to her for wellness wishes - see this blog post from Beez in the Belfry And now ... I know some of you have been waiting patiently for my new patterns ... below you will find six of my new patterns ... I hope you like them. An A5 sized zentangle using a variation of my new pattern ... see below. Okay ...

Jane's new pattern "Fern" - make them any size, shape etc to fit. Same with this pattern - "Amaze" - any shape any combination of mazes. {Jane Monk, CZT} [One Tangle] # D'autres Tangle Pattern. Day One Hundred. I cannot believe we are at Day One Hundred. I think that is an amazing thing. {Janice Sherlock} [MoonAttic]

I found another tangle pattern for you in the Moon Attic! Ever heard of a bumbershoot? It's what I don't bother carrying around with me in Seattle. (It doesn't usually rain very hard here - it just drizzles. A lot.) It's what we've named our annual Labor Day weekend international music and arts festival. It's what looks a lot like a parasol, without the optimism. {JJ LaBarbera} [Tinker Tangles] # À G. {Jo Newsham} # Tout au long de son album Flickr. {Judy Richards} [Judy's Zentangle Creations] Hi everyone... my Tangling friends I have loaded up some patterns...  It's great to play around with your own patterns... and a great way of practising them On of my all time favourite Paradox Triangles.

{Judy West} [Creative Doodling] → Doodle. My Creative Doodle Patterns The patterns below are designed to fill a large or small shape. With most of my Doodle Pattern Distructions I show the basic outline. {Julie Evans, CZT} [Julie's Zen Bliss] ► Quelques uns. {Lara Williams, CZT} [Paper Rock Studio] # À D.

{Lila Popcheff} [Poppies's Pen Pics] {Linda Rea → Texasdoxiemama} [FlickeFlu] {Linda Rea → Texasdoxiemama} [Flickr] {Livia Chua [Flickr] {Lizzie Mayne} [Flickr] {Lori Byerly} [all things tangles] ► Une dizaine. Paki March 26, 2015 mashed November 30, 2014 gr8 November 23, 2014 3 to go November 23, 2014 flipflop November 22, 2014 offkey November 22, 2014 ruflz November 22, 2014. {Lori Howe} [Flickr] {Mafê Mavromati} [Flickr] {Maggie Murray} [FlickeFlu] ► Quelques uns. {Margaret Bremner, CZT} [Enthusiastic Artist → My tangles] Margaret BremnerArtist and Certified Zentangle Teacher Here you'll find links to the blog posts where I show the steps for creating tangle patterns I've developed. They are alphabetical. Click on the name of the tangle, not the picture of it.

{Margaret Bremner, CZT} [Enthusiastic Artist → Tangle insructions] Wow. {Mariet Lustenhouwer} [Flickr] {Mariet Lustenhouwer} [Studio ML] {Melinda Butcher} [Molly Bee's Attic] # Section New Tangle + A-G téléchargés. I've been setting aside tangles that I've created in a special file in my cabinet. When I put one in last night, I realized that I had quite a stockpile and that I hadn't put only of them out there for others to here they all are. I'm not good at stepouts or at naming. Most of them are named after placed in Maine...just because. I'd love to see any tangles that you've done that use any of these patterns! Have fun and tangle on! {Melinda Butcher} [Molly Bee's Attic] # Poursuivre la recherche avec 2013 et moins.

{Michele Beauchamp, CZT} [] {Neil Burley} [Flickr] → Galerie. {Neil Burley} [perfectly4med] I’m prepping for a presentation on Tuesday (hopefully more news on this later) and have been working on a couple of art journal layouts. I thought I’d play a little more with polystyrene printing and zentangling/Florabunda (above) and elements of stencil and pen work stippling (below). Pretty pleased with the colour choices and how each page turned out. As well as the journal pages, I’ve also spent some time doing some tangles to fit my lokta paper wallet.

{OwlLovingApril} [Flickr] ► Quelques uns # A-G = Télécharger ceux désirés. {Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT} [Tangle Vermont] {Sandra Strait} [Flickr] {Sandy Bartholomew, CZT} [Beez in the Belfry] {Sandy Hunter, CZT} [tanglebucket studio] {Simona Cordara} [Kai-Zen Doodles] → Surtout des Doodles. {Simone Bischoff} [Kunstkramkiste] {Stephanie Jennifer, CZT} [Everything Is Art] ► Quelques uns (jolis) {Sue Clark, CZT} [Tangled Ink Art] # À D, au milieu. {Sue Jacobs, CZT} {Suzanne Davis} [Flickr] ► Zentangle?

{Suzanne McNeill, CZT} [ → Uncategorized] {Suzanne McNeill, CZT} [Clipzine] 1*** {Suzanne McNeill, CZT} [Clipzine] 2*** {Violet Township, CZT} [Tangled Up in Art] ► Quelques uns. {Zendoodle-Wege} [Flickr] ► Quelques uns # A-G = OK. [Zentangle for Kids] [Flickr → Groupe] Tangles Patterns. [Flickr → Groupe] Tout Zentangle. [Pattern] {Lori Byerly} [all things tangled] Dernier : Paki (10x au 07-16) {Maureen Stott, CZT} Dernier : Orb Pods (au 07-16)