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E-Learning Course Content Development Company. Allos Consulting (Pty) Ltd Training in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa, 0169, 012. The Training Room Online. Skills Education Training Authorities. SETA Offices in South Africa. The Ultimate eLearning Course Design Checklist. The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Authoring Tools. I have received several requests from fellow eLearning developers that are looking for a list of Cloud-Based content authoring tools.

The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Authoring Tools

This is why I listed 54 Cloud-Based Authoring Tools. More and more eLearning tools are migrating to the cloud. eLearning developers access the content authoring tools over the Internet via a secure hosted system without thinking about IT configurations, software set-ups and licenses. At the following list you will find links with a short descriptions of the Cloud-Based Authoring Tools. Enjoy, and in case that I haven't listed your favorite Cloud Based Authoring Tool please leave a comment and I will added at the list. 5 Tips to Market Yourself as an eLearning Professional. In this article I will share some invaluable tips and techniques for how to market yourself as an eLearning professional, so that you can get the word out about your top-notch eLearning services and attract the clients and projects that you really want!

5 Tips to Market Yourself as an eLearning Professional

There isn't any doubt that acquiring experience and expanding your knowledge of eLearning practices and principles are key to success in the eLearning industry. However, even the most seasoned eLearning Professionals won't be able to build a thriving eLearning business unless they have an effective marketing strategy in place. And this is wherein the challenge often lies. Minneapolis IT Training + Business Training. The Top eLearning Blogs - Submit your Top eLearning Blog’s RSS Feed. Death, Taxes, and E-Learning Mistakes. There are quite some mistakes to be made when you’re designing and developing e-learning.

Death, Taxes, and E-Learning Mistakes

Here’s a list with 10 common mistakes that are easy to prevent or fix. 1) You don’t need a course.Yep that’s right. A lot of courses are being developed that shouldn’t exist at all. Crazy about Captivate. E-Learning Challenge #34: Instructional Design Learning Activities. A couple weeks ago I asked my graduating preschooler what she wants to be when she grows up.

E-Learning Challenge #34: Instructional Design Learning Activities

I mean, with Kindergarten around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about those things, right? Her answer was cute and predictable, considering her home environment. She replied, “I want to be a mommy, a teacher, and a e-learning.” So I started listing some ideas for ways to incorporate her favorite characters (Dora, Barbies, Rainbow Dash, etc.) into simple learning activities. My idea was to use familiar characters to teach instructional design concepts.

As I was mapping the topic ideas, I realized that this project was really more about my own professional curiosity and development than my daughter’s education. Captivate 8 Reimagines Responsive eLearning for a Multi-device World. InShare52 In the web world, being responsive has become a norm.

Captivate 8 Reimagines Responsive eLearning for a Multi-device World

It’s considered uncool if you don’t have your website mobile- or tablet-friendly. As much as we have been trying to make our eLearning courses responsive, we have been facing a lot of challenges all these years. The main challenge is that an eLearning course is not like a big long web page that you need to make responsive. In eLearning courses, you are dealing with screen/slide based approach, which are essentially of fixed width and height. Adobe Captivate 8: The Essentials eBook: Kevin Siegel: Kindle Store. E-Learning Uncovered: Adobe Captivate 8: Diane Elkins, Desiree Pinder, Tim Slade: 9781499692495: Books. E learning south africa jobs - Trovit.

2013 E-Learning Awards. 16 Best Proposal Templates. Lyva Feb 20, 2013 Comments Off In this article we collect some great proposal templates (psd, indesign and power point) 1.

16 Best Proposal Templates

Agency Proposal Template 18 page professional fully customisable proposal mockup was created with creative businesses in mind. Fully customisable pages including quote, project timeline, client testimonials and case-studies etc. 2. Home - BaxterBruce, Risk & Capital Management, Consulting, Insurance Training & Education. ePortfolios. Reflective Practice by Jane Bozarth. “We spend a lot of time in this business talking about how to do things: build it, program it, deliver it, launch it, or sell it.

Reflective Practice by Jane Bozarth

We don’t spend much thinking about what to do after we’ve actually done it. Consider investing more time in working toward improving in the future, reconciling your walk with your talk, and building your role as practitioner in a professional pursuit.” I won’t get into the old argument about whether an L&D person (designer, developer, trainer, or producer) needs a specialized degree. Community Edition. 5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Sharepoint. Collaboration is an important part of any business process or operation.

5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Sharepoint

Or, perhaps, you’re working with a friend on a project for school. Whatever it is, sometimes you just don’t have the budget to purchase an expensive collaboration suite such as Microsoft SharePoint Server. So, what do you do? Do you just keep passing around a USB stick? Let’s look at some solutions that won’t cost you a dime and will give you similar functionality as SharePoint. If you already have Microsoft Office, and you don’t want to end up using Google Docs because of its lack of rich features and slight awkwardness in the editing process, then Google Cloud Connect is the one for you.

While you’re editing, the Google Cloud Connect will automatically sync your changes over to its Docs application and send the new edits to all other team members using Microsoft Office simultaneously with you. If you want the luxury package without paying a penny, you should probably try Alfresco. Urse Types. Managing the Design Process-Implementing Design: An Essential Manual for the Working Designer: Terry Lee Stone: 9781592536191: Books. E-learning trends for 2014. E-learning has been around for quite some time now, and as its popularity continues to grow within the corporate and educational sectors, so does its capabilities.

E-learning trends for 2014

Computers are becoming increasingly essential as educational tools, while technologies are becoming more portable and cost-effective - mobile learning is a perfect example of this. It has become imperative in recent years to look critically at the learning outcomes of training and to adapt those outcomes accordingly. Organisations no longer require an endless accumulation of general knowledge, but the focus is now rather on skills that help them to save money, decrease downtime and increase effectiveness.

According to research firm, Ambient Insight, the global market for self-paced e-learning products and services reached US$ 27.1 billion by 2009 and is likely to double by 2014. HOME. Register FET institution. List of FET Colleges within South Africa. Customised Corporate Training Solutions. The Fastest & Easiest Way to Create E-learning Scenarios. These days, most e-learning developers want to find ways to move beyond linear click-and-read courses.

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Create E-learning Scenarios

One of the best ways to break out of the “tell ’em then test ’em” mode is to incorporate scenarios into your courses. When you present your learners with scenarios and challenge them to make decisions, you are asking them to apply what they’ve learned in a real-world context, which helps them gauge their learning. If you’re new to building scenarios, Tom Kuhlmann’s Three-C Model of Scenario Building shows you the three simple elements you need for creating a scenario: Challenges, Choices, and Consequences. Basically, you start every scenario by challenging your learners’ understanding with a realistic situation. Then you provide choices that allow them to make a decision that ends with a consequence, providing them with appropriate feedback.

There are a lot of options for building scenario interactions, but none of them are faster or easier than using an Engage interaction. 7 Ways to Use Graphics for Learning. Virtually everyone has an opinion on how to use graphics in their training materials. The criteria most people use for selecting visual elements is typically based on surface features—things like style, coloring, degree of realism, etc.

While there is no doubt those are important considerations, they have little, if anything, to do with how well a graphic contributes to the learning experience. When it comes to learning, evidence suggests that how you use your graphics is more important than their visual properties. It is much more important for a graphic to clearly communicate your message regardless of how it looks. To help select graphics based on their function, instead of just on their appearance, here are seven different ways to use graphics in your projects:

Instructional Design Tips for Scenario-Based E-Learning Content. Scenarios are a great way to make your e-learning content more relevant and meaningful for learners. They set a context and a setting for the training, and show learners how they can apply the knowledge and skills in real life. Scenarios also force learners to make real-life decisions that indicate whether they’re truly grasping what you’re teaching. In the past, I’ve shared some tips on how to build scenarios in Storyline (Building 3 Step Scenarios in Storyline), but I’d also like to share with you some of the instructional design considerations and thought processes that go into creating these. How to Motivate Adult Learners. I was going to help my son build a computer game using Kodu. I like the app because it’s a simple way to introduce visual programming.

I was prepared to sit down with him, watch some tutorials, and then practice. But he was already messing around with the application. Impressed with what he had done I asked if he had already watched the tutorials. He told me he didn’t know what he was doing. Funny thing about the young ones, they have no problems jumping in and messing around. Here's Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio. A few weeks ago I announced a job opening.

I got about 1000 inquiries and ended up looking at over 200 portfolios. I could have looked at more but I got a lot of emails from people who didn’t have portfolios. They tended to fall into one of two camps. They either didn’t have a portfolio or the projects they worked on were proprietary so they couldn’t share them. eLearning Jobs and Contests. Writing Your Own Contract: Pre-Contract Checklist. By Mark Monlux. Graphic Artists Guild. Designer of 2015 trends. Six major trends, and the challenges they pose for the profession (which AIGA will take on as its challenges), emerged from our research. Intellectual Property Laws and Acts. Intellectual Property Laws & Acts There are four Acts of Parliament in South Africa that govern the country’s Intellectual Property Laws.

Generally, the most widely applied law is that of Copyright, for in most cases it is not necessary to register copyright in your artistic, literary, or musical work – it vests in the author as a matter of right. The law of copyright covers all literary, musical and artistic works, cinematograph films and sound recordings, broadcasts, published editions and computer programs. South Africa: Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Act 1997 (Act No. 38 of 1997) The Next 9 Years - R/GA. Startup Weekend. Tuition fees per faculty. UP Website > BEdHons Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development. Subject to the stipulations of General Regulations G.1.3 and G.62, a candidate can be admitted if he/she holds one of the following qualifications:

UP Website > BEdHons Computer-integrated Education. Subject to the stipulations of General Regulations G.1.3 and G.62, a candidate can be admitted if he/she holds one of the following qualifications: Summary of fees. UP Website. Adobe Voice. Payment Strategies. Article by Emily Ruth Cohen July 21, 2004 It's the nature of working in a creative industry; each job and client has unique characteristics, requirements, and needs. Although the professional flexibility can be rewarding, devising a consistent payment strategy can be another matter altogether. Pricing Models. When design firms sell work, there are several very different ways to structure the compensation. The Living Principles for Design. Standards of professional practice. A professional designer adheres to principles of integrity that demonstrate respect for the profession, for colleagues, for clients, for audiences or consumers, and for society as a whole.

These standards define the expectations of a professional designer and represent the distinction of an AIGA member in the practice of design. AIGA members at the Supporter level and above who have agreed to adhere to these standards are denoted in the Designer Directory by an AIGA logo. Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services. Creating Web Courses (ISD) 8 Best Open Source e-Learning CMS. ExpertCollege. Demo Gallery - The eLearning Network. Glossary Terms Archive « The eLearning Network The eLearning Network. Custom eLearning - The eLearning Network. Pricing Per Produced Minute, e-learning courses, multiple e learning voices. What's the going rate for freelance work?

Freelance eLearning Contractor Rates « The eLearning Network The eLearning Network. Instructional Design Hourly Rates and Salary. Investor Campus - Relevent. The Campus Group ↓ Customised E-Learning Solutions for Corporates. Universities South Africa. E-Learning Courses. Educational Software by EvaluNet - South African Education. City & Guilds Kineo. Educational Software by EvaluNet - South African Education. Compliance Online - Welcome. Eduthink - The Learning Company.