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Mustapha Akrim et Soukaina Joual - L'appartement 22. Les artistes Mustapha Akrim et Soukaina Joual sont en résidence de recherche à L’appartement 22, du 25 décembre 2016 au 10 février 2017, dans le cadre du projet d’exposition "JF_JH égalités", proposé par Abdellah Karroum.

Mustapha Akrim et Soukaina Joual - L'appartement 22

Wednesday 21 December 2016, by Abdellah Karroum L’exercice de résidence d’artistes permet de créer un espace ouvert à l’observation, à la lecture et à la réflexion sur plusieurs aspects fondamentaux pour une inscription de l’art dans le registre des activités utiles. L’artiste remet en question les acquis de l’éducation artistique conventionnelle, et des conventions sociales qui placent l’artiste en marge des activités sociales, pour essayer de proposer un vocabulaire artistique répondant au contexte du présent. La réflexion sur les notions de base qui gouvernent les règles de la vie sociale est importante pour tout le monde. Les artistes:Mustapha Akrim, vit et travaille à Rabat et Salé.

PORTO / Temporary Art Community. Ongoing Disciplines: Activism, Architecture, Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Curatorial, Design, Digital, Experimental, Fine art, Installation, Literature, Media Arts, Moving Image, Other, Painting, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound, Visual Arts, Writing.

PORTO / Temporary Art Community

Location: Porto, Portugal Duration: 1 month or more. Retour sur Amejjaou, Rif, Sofia Aguiar, Emma Chubb et Tomas Colaco - L'appartement 22. Expédition # 14.

Retour sur Amejjaou, Rif, Sofia Aguiar, Emma Chubb et Tomas Colaco - L'appartement 22

Montresso est une Fondation privée, créée à l'origine comme le cadre juridique d'une collection privée d'art moderne et contemporain. Résidences croisées Alsace, France / Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec. En 2003, une entente de partenariat avec l’Agence culturelle d’Alsace, le FRAC Alsace, et Langage Plus se concrétise par la fondation d’un programme de Résidences croisées entre l’Alsace et le Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean.

Résidences croisées Alsace, France / Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec

Les premières résidences entre Alma et Strasbourg ont lieu en 2004 et sont orientées par des préoccupations touchant : Alliance of Artists Communities. Para Site. CALL FOR PROPOSALS. An open invitation to creative practitioners for a 5-week residency in Partapur, India EQUILIBRIUM is an international cultural initiative that aims at building creative contexts in villages and towns in India.


Currently located in Partapur, the main aim of this project is to provide a platform for artists from Asia and Europe to enter into a dialogue with local communities via members of women’s self-help-groups in and around Partapur. About - ICARDI International Current Art Research & Development Institute. About INSTINC AIR. MANY CULTURES.


ONE PASSIONINSTINC seeks artists whose work is unique, demonstrates clear ideas and a fresh artistic approach, and is relevant to contemporary art today. About INSTINC AIR (ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE) ProgramAs an artist-centered organization, INSTINC was founded by artist Shih Yun Yeo, in the spirit of networking and collaborations. INSTINC AIR PROGRAM strives to provide artists undisturbed, quality time and inspiring environment for their artistic creation during the residency. Because the program focuses on process and experimentation, artists are encouraged to come prepared to work without a preconceived agenda. Artists are selected based on the quality of their current works, a strong commitment to the arts and their curricula vitae. Here at INSTINC, we believe that the art-making process is the highest priority. Having been housed in Chinatown, Emerald Hill and an old shop house along Mohamed Sultan Road, INSTINC has manifested itself in different ways since 2004.

Fogo Island Arts. Residency Unlimited About. About With the ultimate goal of fostering the creation and dissemination of contemporary art, Residency Unlimited provides a unique, multifaceted residency experience.

Residency Unlimited About

By incorporating presentation opportunities, production and technical assistance, networking opportunities and institutional partnerships, RU addresses both the creative and practical needs of artists and curators at all stages of their practice. RU tailors each residency to the specific goals of the resident, supporting the realization of short-term projects and the advancement of long-term career goals alike.

Residents benefit from the creative, technical and logistical support of our dedicated staff (/about/team), our program of studio visits, activities and events (/activities), and our extensive network (/residents/guest visitors) of art professionals and organizations throughout New York’s cultural landscape. Many of our residencies are implemented in partnership with other art organizations in and around the city. Freedom to Create. Silence.

Freedom to Create

Awareness. Existence Arteles special theme residency program For creative open minds from all the fields of Visual Arts | Media Art | Sound | Design & Architecture | Literature Philosophy | Psychology | Mathematics | Metaphysics | Meditation When: December 2013 (1 month) Deadline for applications was 13th of September 2013 Thank you to all the applicants. Retreat into existence December being the darkest of the Finnish winter, S.A.E offers an extreme retreat into existence through art, silence and nature. True northern experience The northern winter is an experience like no other. Faena ArtCenter. About The Faena Prize for the Arts aims to foster artistic experimentation, to encourage crossover between expressions and disciplines, and to promote exploration of the infinite links between art, technology, and design. As in all its previous editions, leading figures from the international art world will compose the jury for the 2015 prize—currently the most important art prize in Argentina.

Under the coordination of Ximena Caminos, the jury of the 2015 edition will include: Caroline Bourgeois, the curator of the François Pinault Foundation; Rita Gonzalez, curator of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); Katie Sonnenborn, co-director of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in New York; and Sonia Becce, a renowned independent Argentine curator. The winning project will receive a US$25,000 prize for the artist and a budget of up to $50,000 to finance the work’s production for exhibition at Faena Arts Center during 2015. Exhibitions present. Small Pond Arts. Small Pond Arts hosts self-directed artist residencies on our beautiful 87-acre farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Small Pond Arts

Artists can focus on their own artistic projects or participate in collaborative artistic pursuits. HUMAN HOTEL: COPENHAGEN. NOTE: Deadline postponed 24 hours until midnight, December 17th, 2012 (EST) due to several requests.


Human Hotel is an experimental residency program for artists with a critical interest in the interactions between humans and the spaces they occupy. In partnership with the city of Copenhagen (Denmark), Human Hotel is now calling for proposals from artists concerned with collaborative and participatory practices. Throughout 2013, the Human Hotel residency program will take place in the private homes of local Copenhagen families who have committed to have an artist living and working with them for a time. The duration of your residency is completely up to you – the applicant – to decide in your proposal. You will be staying with each host family for approximately 5 days and will then move on to another host until the end of your residency (no minimum or maximum length required). Please note that we are looking for original work proposals that engages with the participating host families.

Fire Island Artist Residency - Home.