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The North & Found Project. Application. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY (deadline 30th September 2014) The ARTWARD, initiated by the Independent Contemporary Art Advisors ICAA e.K., awarded aready for the 7th time supports highly talented fine artists.


The 7th ARTWARD consists of: -a financial award to support artistic practice of € 4,000,- -a newcomer award of € 1,000,- -a 6 week Artist-in-Residenc in the studio loft by Belgian collector Alain Servais, Brussels. -a public choice award of € 500,- The annual budget for 2014 is 25.000 €. The announcements target freelance fine art artists under the age of 40, debutants and art students from the areas of painting, sculpting, photography, graphic reproduction, installation, video, media art, and new media. Our focus is the transparent and democratic promotion of artistic creativity through financial support and sustainable public awareness.

Are you interested in? Kontoinhaber: ICAA e.K. Name (mandatory) first name (mandatory) street and street number (mandatory) postal code (mandatory) Oliva Creative Factory. International and national open call for staying at Hangar’s residency. Hangar launches an open call for hosting artists of any nationality who need the services, the accommodation and the context that the center provides for the development of their research and / or artistic production projects.

International and national open call for staying at Hangar’s residency

The residency for artists: Hangar has a residency for artists, which is located in the old house of the guard of the industrial complex where the center is located. The building has two floors of 80,99m2 and 62,59 m2. Each floor contains two double bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The residency has also access to a garden. The artists hosted in the residency stay in a single room and share a kitchen -living room and a bathroom with another resident. Working space (optional): We offer an individual table in a shared space with other artists.

Addressed to: Artists, curators, art theorists and art researchers of all ages and nationalities. Disciplines: Visual arts, experimental music, artistic research and interdisciplinary projects. Fees: 1. Art4eu. Trans-what? Call for Papers/Proposals/Presentations. Call for papers/proposals/presentations The prefix ‘trans-’ points to some of the problems of universal concepts and ongoing boundary disputes between epistemes.

Trans-what? Call for Papers/Proposals/Presentations

It modifies the meaning of what it is attached to: transaction, transcription, transgression, translocation, transmission, translation, transdisciplinarity, to name only a few of the many examples in contemporary culture. Transart Institute positions itself in these alternative name-spaces where art practice, knowledge production, and research processes operate in the tensions between, across, through, and beyond establishing paradigms. Rather than prefixing meaning, Hito Steyerl talks about artistic research speaking several languages at once – and as “an act of translation”. But if this is the case, the symposium asks how do we further translate ‘trans’ to account for the apparent normalisation of its application? T.R.I.B.E. project OPEN CALL FOR RESIDENCIES NOW OPEN! ‹ Transitory Art. Park in progress. Home - e-Mobility - Laptop - EN. Apollonia art exchanges ~¨^` apollonia [FR] Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes.

ON-AiR. About Fluxus. Artists Residency space in Barcelona. You can apply to the residency.

Artists Residency space in Barcelona

All the requirements and conditions are listed in this section. Check out our residency studio space Visit our publication shop, where you can find our artist books and the catalogue of our projects 2007-2012. Invited is a program of production grants that supports specific projects conceived by spanish artists. Homesession studio is located in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec, in the centre of Barcelona, right beside Montjuic park 10 minutes walk from the historic centre.

Homesession studio provides accommodation as well as an artist studio and gallery. We offer an affordable space for your events: available for projections, exhibitions, performances, film screenings, cocktails etc. Curator in Residence. Agora Affect Residency » Apply. AFFECT is a program with a duration of 3 months.

Agora Affect Residency » Apply

Eight selected participants of various disciplines will develop a collaborative project under the subject of “Social Art Practice – where does art intersect with the social?” During AFFECT, the selected participants will have the opportunity to show their individual work to subsequently be advanced into a final collaborative project. One significant element of this program involves the encounters with relevant professionals based in Berlin; these aim to build bridges, generate dialogic situations and propose working tasks to the participants and the project in development. The result of the program is presented at an off-site location at the end of each module.

The program takes place 3 times a year with a group of 8 selected participants per module. DutchCulture. Home.