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Le Monde de Léa. Vous êtes nombreuses à vouloir réaliser ce magnifique sac mêlant les techniques du patchwork et de la broderie d’embellissement.

Le Monde de Léa

Cependant, certaines d’entre vous ont demandé des précisions sur le montage de celui-ci. En effet, la réalisation de la broderie nous impose un ordre précis pour l’assemblage des 4 parties composant ce sac. Mais commençons par le commencement … Vous trouverez le Kit dans la boutique ICI. Il comprend les matières à broder pour confectionner la broderie Tout est enguirlandé.

Tunique Canicule et son Tuto ultra simple et frais. Il fait chaud, on prépare les vacances et donc les valises, et pour me récompenser de mon travail du jour (un bermuda pour Monsieur Couette que je vous montrerais plus tard) je me suis cousu une petite tunique très légère à laquelle je pensais depuis longtemps sans me donner le temps de la faire.

Tunique Canicule et son Tuto ultra simple et frais

La voici donc selon un patron "pas de patron" dans un voile de coton indien acheté sur un groupe de vente d'occase de facebook. Tellement simple à mettre en oeuvre que je vous ai concocté un tuto pour vous refaire la même !! Boston Bag Patchwork Tutorial ~ Patchwork Boston Bag.

Boston Bag Patchwork Tutorial ~

Photo Sewing Tutorial. Etoile fleur. NATHALIE DELARGE - Tournage Pour l'Amour du Fil - Nantes 2014. Tuto-sac-a-pinces-a-linge-reversibles.pdf. Sac cabas pliable - tuto facile. Le-tuto-du-Sac-pliable. Sac cabas écolo pliable en toile enduite - tuto rapido. Ce sac n’était pas prévu dans mon programme, mais hier j’ai flashé sur cette toile enduite qui était dans un bac à chutes dans mon magasin de tissu.

Sac cabas écolo pliable en toile enduite - tuto rapido

Restait à inventer un sac cabas qui se plie et s’emporte partout et qui prenne le moins de place possible. Fournitures : Chefs. Quilts using Jelly rolls. Spiders and Webs Quilt. Hi!

Spiders and Webs Quilt

My name is Heidi from Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies. I grew up in a household that didn't celebrate Halloween or go trick-or-treating, so I have always been intrigued by the holiday. Since I first took my oldest son trick-or-treating fourteen years ago, I have wanted to take Halloween more seriously. This fall, I fell in love with Trick-or-Treat by Deb Strain. I couldn't resist the urge to make a simple quilt with this fabric! 1 jelly roll (Trick or Treat by Deb Strain) 4.5 yards of Moda Marble (purple) Acrylic ruler that includes a 60 degree angle Basic quilting supplies Variegated thread (purple/pink/gray tones) Unroll and sort the strips by color. Divide the rest of the strips into sets of four using the white, black, and orange. Sort the four colors in different orders. Sew each strip with 1/4 inch seam. Now it is time to meet your acrylic ruler and it's 60 degree angle markings. The line that is marked with the 60 degree number along the top edge of your rectangle.

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24 Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns + 10 New Jelly Roll Quilts

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Always Great, Always Free Quilting Tutorials. Chevron Quilts – How Many Ways? Happy Halloween.

Chevron Quilts – How Many Ways?

Five years ago today Ezri had the first of four surgeries to remove the large hypothalamic hamartoma (HH) brain tumor. She was 22 months old and just a baby. Because of the tumor she could not talk. However, the surgeons said that as they woke her up, she said words for the first time. Then in the ICU that night, she repeated the nurse’s name, Suzie. The question was recently asked on the accutquilters Yahoo group as to what AccuQuilt GO die to use to make a chevron quilt. Edited to add suggestion of Flying Geese version too Chevron Quilt made with Rail Fence Blocks This is my favorite way to make a Chevron quilt because the blocks are square and the only intersections that have to match are the block intersections. Another option is the Super Zig quilt by Lecien fabrics. Rail Fence on Point. Scraptacularity, Part II: Let’s Get Crazy. Scrap Attack is a festival of scrappiness hosted by Rachel of Stitched in Color.

Scraptacularity, Part II: Let’s Get Crazy

There’s also a lovely associated Flickr group getting geared up. Join in by making a quilt mostly from scraps by the end of March to win some goodies that she’s amassing. Get the details over on her blog. Long ago I wrote a Manifesto about using ALL scraps of fabric, where we should be clear in understanding that scraps in my studio are often much smaller than what might pass for scraps for others. In short, I don’t like to let any square inch go to waste. All the caveats of Scraptacularity, Part I apply. The Pitfalls of Bias Cuts: A friend of mine sent me a pile of scraps and I decided to handsew them into giant improv blocks. That is until I met pieces cut off the grain.