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World Of Metal - Darkcell May 22.png. Darkcell Photo Gallery, @ Stay Gold Melbourne May 4th 2019 — Keen Eye 4 Concerts. Darkcell - Darkcell review - DARKCELL formed in Australia during 2010.

Darkcell - Darkcell review -

Their self-titled album "Darkcell" is their latest release. The album begins with "La Chambre Des Cauchemars" which is a brief track featuring some shrill audio samples intermixed with an eerie synthesizer track. While it definitely got my attention I'm glad it was short because it didn't do much for me. I don't think it's necessary to set a "tone" for your album if you've written your songs effectively. "The Great Big Nothing" begins loudly, too, but in a much more pleasant manner with plenty of guitar riffs and bass to balance the synth backing track. By now you're probably wondering if I like any of the album. Even if you are older like I am and find yourself not exactly impressed with music that sounds like Nu Metal you should consider getting this album.

DARKCELL // The Freaks Are Unleashed. DARKCELL w/ Virtues, Sarah Joh, For The Wolves & TorizonCrowbar, BrisbaneSaturday 18 May, 2019 After three weeks of touring down the East Coast, DARKCELL wrapped up the Darkcell Album Launch tour in their hometown of Brisbane on Saturday night—arguably saving the best for last.

DARKCELL // The Freaks Are Unleashed

Walking the streets of Fortitude Valley into Brisbane’s Crowbar, there was already a vibe of excitement amongst the few dozen patrons who filled the downstairs area as doors opened. MORE: SLIPKNOT: Reveal We Are Not Your Kind With Unholy Lead Single Unsainted // DIAMOND CONSTRUCT: Diamond In The Rough REVIEWS: RAMMSTEIN: Rammstein // THE DAMNED THINGS: High Crimes // DIAMOND CONSTRUCT: Diamond Construct // FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: Veleno A last minute opener line-up change didn’t seem to have too many people phased, with Brisbane local rock band Torizon taking place of the previously booked Serene due to an injury. Darkcell Brisbane May 2019. Darkcell Brisbane May 2019 May 18, 2019 @ Crowbar in Brisbane, QLD Bands: Darkcell, Virtues, Sarah Joh, For The Wolves, Torizon The final show of the tour to celebrate the release of Darkcell’s self titled album was kicked off with Brisbane locals Torizon.

Darkcell Brisbane May 2019

The heavy rock group warmed up the crowd nicely with Mish on vocals & looking ever the Vamp Glamour, Ash and Nick on Guitars, Julio on Bass and Adrian on Drums. They are having a release party for their debut single on 27 July at the Brightside, partnering up with the next band that hit the stage For The Wolves. I have been following For The Wolves for a couple of years now, with their heavy alternative rock highlighted with Alex Thompsons Synth it is always a pleasure to listen to their sets. Goldy Gents Sarah Joh took the baton next with their more heavy rock style. Brisbane Metalcore kids Virtues screeched their way into the last support slot for the evening. Darkcell. Darkcell by Darkcell The new self-titled album from Brisbane gothic shock rockers Darkcell, has retro-futuristic pull, throwback vibrations and LOTS going on.


First off, it’s worth mentioning that Darkcell are stalwarts of the scene up in the Brisbane (and abroad) they have been plugging away for 10 years, garnering a solid fan base and are known for their generous relationship with their followers, two things that immediately get respect from me. Their sound draws heavily from industrial and goth-rock but their 2019 self-titled release also has elements of Nu-metal, straight up rock and even nods to the edgier fringes of pop. The album begins with a broody, synth-led intro track, no surprises here and strings the listener along until shoving us into the album’s opener, The Great Big Nothing.

A powerful opener too, chugging riffs, gothic synths and a soaring chorus are an accurate reflection of what’s to come. Forte #713 by Forte Mag. Review: Darkcell - Darkcell (self-titled album) Darkcell are no strangers to that of the weird and eerie and that is exactly what we get from the Australian kings of darkness.

Review: Darkcell - Darkcell (self-titled album)

The band’s upcoming self-titled album is out on the 12th of April, 2019 and you are here today because you are asking yourself, “is this album worth it?” Let’s find out. The album opens with the eerie instrumental La Chambre Des Cauchemars sporting an array of spooky and distorted sounds, really setting the tone for this dark journey you’re about to embark on. This quickly leads on to the second track of the album The Big Nothing. This one kicks off straight away with an intense amount of energy, the drums in particular absolutely driving this one. Crannk Reviews Darkcell and their new self-titled album "DARKCELL" - Calling all corpses,freaks and monsters All Hail Australia’s kings of creepy Darkcell have released their new self titled album on April 12th featuring 11 tracks that will terrify, horrify and delight the ghouls in all of us.

Crannk Reviews Darkcell and their new self-titled album "DARKCELL" -

Darkcell are one of Australia’s best and foremost industrial horror metal groups having already proven what they are capable of with the albums Reboot/Repeat, Dark Verses, Haunted Reality, Darkcell Rewired and the Devolve Destroy Ep. This album has such a great sound and production,to it that is filled to the brim of the crypt with horror filled rock/metal hooks that had myself and my daughter both rocking out in the car too.It is really hard to pick a favourite track on an album that has so many great songs on it,I really loved the living dead out of this album Reign Of the Monsters,Night rider,Carnevil,Sold My Soul and Hail To The Freaks are just some of the great tales of the macabre that you’ll find on this album. Twinmusix. Scenestr-NSW-35. Search Social Share Twitter Facebook Google.

scenestr-NSW-35 DARKCELL Set To Release New Self Titled Album on April 12 Announce New Tour Dates! – SCENEZINE. Aussie Industrial Outfit Darkcell Reveal Evil New Track 'Reign Of The Monsters'. - Maniacs Online. Australian kings of dark and creepy industrial metal Darkcell have revealed the first track from their forthcoming self-titled ablum!

Aussie Industrial Outfit Darkcell Reveal Evil New Track 'Reign Of The Monsters'. - Maniacs Online

The delightfully dark new song Reign Of The Monsters comes with a very slick looking lyric video for you to sing along to. Check it out now. The full record is set to come out in Australia and New Zealand this Autumn via the band's own label RTD Records and features tracks co-produced by Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson, Motionless In White) and Lindsay Schoolcroft (Cradle Of Filth). Darkcell – Darkcell (2019) Brisbane’s Darkcell have been a stalwart of Australian industrial horror metal for near on a decade now, and with the release of their latest self titled effort, the band is taking a huge step forward to cement its place as one of Australia’s best of any genre.

Darkcell – Darkcell (2019)

Instrumental opener, La Chambre Des Cauchemars, slowly builds up its intensity before launching in to The Great Big Nothing. It’s a slab of Nu Metal styling, which is relentless in its delivery. Intro track aside, The Great Big Nothing is the true opening statement of this record. Reign of the Monsters is as menacing as it is heavy. With its electronic undertones it creeps along beautifully. Scars and Stripes is another Nu Metal banger with a massive chorus, while Godless (featuring former Jerk guitarist Jonathon Devoy) is sure to be one of the biggest mosh pit moments of Darkcells live shows. Sold My Soul creeps out from beneath your bed and works its way into the darkest places of your mind. Witching Hour for Darkcell. Australian Metal - DARKCELL announce new album and tour. - METAL MAL. AFTERLIFE ZINE - DARKCELL Release First Track & Video From...

AFTERLIFE ZINE - DARKCELL Release Self Titled Album Today!... DARKCELL // Reveal New Album Details & Tour Dates - Hysteria Magazine. Darkcell Announce Tour Dates and Launch New Video for Upcoming Album. Australia’s kings of all things dark and creepy, DARKCELL will release their long awaited new, self titled album, on April 12.

Darkcell Announce Tour Dates and Launch New Video for Upcoming Album

Darkcell features a guest appearance by Skold (Marilyn Manson/KMFDM), Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), KidCrusher (Official) & Johnathan Devoy. Photobook also includes photography by Devin 'Ghost' Sola (ex Motionless In White) The album will be released in the UK and Europe via Dark Tunes Music Group and in Australia & New Zealand via the bands own label, RTD Records. DARKCELL Unveil Most Ambitious Music Video To Date! Self Titled Album Out Today! – Kronos Mortus News. Australia’s kings of all things dark and creepy, DARKCELL release their long awaited new, self titled album, TODAY!! In honour of their incredible new release, the band now unveil their most ambitious music video so far!

Watch the jaw-dropping video for Burn The Witches now! New Gold Coast Music: April 2019 - Blank Gold Coast. Wrap your ears around these local beauties, Gold Coast. Lemaire | 20 Dollar Wine Bass and beats frame Lemaire’s debut single ’20 Dollar Wine’, released in March. It’s the first in a series of new tracks due this year, culminating in an EP scheduled for mid 2019. Burleigh based Lemaire has combined his singer-songwriter roots with hip-hop and rap influences in this polished debut. Listen now via Spotify. Amy Elise | How Bout No Gold Coast’s Amy Elise has been singing since she was eight. Liv Heyer | Something in the Water. Forte #711 by Forte Mag. Interview with JESSE DRACMAN from DARKCELL - Amnplify. Project Description Interviewer – Vicky Hebbs Darkcell have risen to become Australia’s foremost heavy rock acts. The bands musical output is legendary, releasing three full length albums, an EP and a remix album in last 7 years.

Thesoundcheck. ALBUM: Darkcell // ARTIST: Darkcell Come take a walk on the dark side! Tomorrow, Brissie kings of industrial freak chic Darkcell unveil their long-awaited self-titled album, and it's a daring, devilish delight. Long revered for their superlative heavy tones and bombastic live shows, Darkcell's output is already that of legend; with three full-lengths, an EP and a remix album in the short space of seven years, the Brisbane quartet's latest self-titled release steps up even further into their own unique stratosphere - abrasive force, infectious hooks and theatrical mayhem abounds on 'Darkcell'. Buckle up kids - here there be rhapsodic monsters. Intro track 'La Chambre Des Cauchemars' slowly whirrs to life building some heady anticipation; white noise builds into gothic organs and ascending textures, exploding into one of the lead tracks: 'The Great Big Nothing'.

Thesoundcheck. Brisbane's eminent purveyors of macabre rock Darkcell have rapidly evolved into a spine-tingling force to be reckoned with since their inception in 2012. Pairing ghoulish tones with hard-hitting industrial rock, the quartet balance their love for their craft equally with the adoration of their loyal fans, with the likes of Rob Zombie, Slipknot and Wednesday 13 amongst the many who count themselves as followers of this ferocious foursome. Currently poised to release their latest beast, a self-titled full-length due out this Friday April 12th, it's clear this commanding bunch aren't stopping their frenzied musical freight train anytime soon. But before the album unleashes, we tip-toed through the brain of frontman Jesse Dracman to chat inspiration, evolution and the impact of the legendary Chris Fehn in shaping the latest chapter in the Darkcell story. DARKCELL // Darkcell - Hysteria Magazine.

DARKCELL // A Voice For The Black Sheep - Hysteria Magazine. Brisbane’s lords of darkness Darkcell are gearing up to unleash the beast in the form of a brand new self-titled album and a release tour that’s sure to shake the earth underneath you. MORE: THE HYST LIST: The Top Ten Musical Bamboozles That Scramble Your Brain REVIEWS: I PREVAIL: Trauma // TOTALLY UNICORN: Sorry // DARKCELL: Darkcell Rising in the ranks of Australia’s heavy rock music scene, Darkcell’s impressive discography over the last seven years has elevated this self-proclaimed underground cult band to the lords of Brisbane’s horror rock scene.

In the lead up to the 12th of April release, Darkcell vocalist Jesse Dracman spoke with Hysteria about Darkcell the album, the journey behind it, and the legacy they hope to leave for their fellow Black Sheep. “The journey on this album was pretty special” began Jesse. “We went through a lot of changes in making it. DARKCELL Announce Tour And Album. Darkcell unveil most ambitious music video to date with “Burn The Witches” DARKCELL: Unveil Most Ambitious Music Video To Date! Australian Metal - DARKCELL announce new album and tour. - METAL MAL. Darkcell: ascolta la nuova traccia 'Godless' (ft. Johnathan Devoy di "Queen of the Damned") DARKCELL: Announce Euro Tour Dates! Release Haunting New Video. New Self Titled Album Out April 12.

Darkcell: guarda il music video ufficiale del nuovo singolo 'The Great Big Nothing' Therockpit. DARKCELL Announce Tour And Album. Darkcell Announce Tour Dates and Launch New Video for Upcoming Album. Everblackmedia. Darkcell – Reign of the Monsters (Lyric Video) The Underground Australia. DARKCELL // Reveal New Track 'Reign of the Monsters' - Hysteria Magazine. Reign of Darkcell. DARKCELL Release First Track & Video From Brand New Studio Album - Overdrive Music Magazine.

DARKCELL Announce Release Date for New Album and Tour Dates - Overdrive Music Magazine. DARKCELL Release First Music From New Studio Record. Album to feat Members Of Marilyn Manson & Cradle Of Filth. DARKCELL Set To Release New Self Titled Album on April 12 + Announce New Tour Dates! Metal Mayhem with DARKCELL. Listen to the interview right here.

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You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast: Darkcell drops new track from upcoming album featuring members of Marilyn Manson & Cradle Of Filth – The Rockpit. Australia’s kings of all things dark and creepy, DARKCELL are gearing up for a huge 2019. Darkcell set release date for new album & announce tour dates – The Rockpit. DARKCELL: Release First Track & Video From Brand New Studio Album Coming Autumn 2019 feat Members Of Marilyn Manson & Cradle Of Filth. DARKCELL: Announce Release Date for New Album & Tour Dates.