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How Does Twitter Work And What Can Twitter Mean For Your Business. HASHTAG The hashtag is used to categorize tweets in topics or subjects. This facilitates life for Twitter users when they want to follow a certain topic. So for example, if you wanted to know what everyone else is saying about SEO on Twitter, you type the hash or pound sign (#) in front of the word SEO like so #SEO. 4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools and How to Use Them.

Twitter Ads Earn More Money Per Impression Than Facebook Ads [REPORT] How To Optimize Twitter: Be Real, Profiles, RT, Hashtags & More. Twitter loves me, Twitter loves me not.

How To Optimize Twitter: Be Real, Profiles, RT, Hashtags & More

Getting found and heard on Twitter isn’t as easy as the early days. Back then you could hang out and easily meet people at what was referred to as the largest online cocktail party. Today you can still mix and mingle with top influencers, but the party is getting bigger and the saturation level is getting murkier. Twopchart’s latest figures, and countdown chart, show Twitter growing at a rate of around 11 accounts per second and reaching 500 million registered users this month.

Twitter Tips: Turning Your Twitter Followers into Readers. Social You: 6 More Reasons No One Follows You on Twitter. Recently Ted listed four reasons people don’t follow you on Twitter.

Social You: 6 More Reasons No One Follows You on Twitter

The list wasn’t punitive. Rather, Ted shed some light on social mistakes that interfere with making connections with others, or in his words “hold you back.” As Ted’s insights do, they got me thinking about why I choose not to follow, or engage, people on Twitter. Social is a two-way communication tool. Remove or limit the two-way and you have a winning strategy for boring and limiting your followers. You have no bio. Everything You Need To Know About Images For The New Facebook Pages. 61 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 24 Google+ 16 LinkedIn 16 inShare16 Pin It Share 0 Buffer 5 Email -- Email to a friend 61 Flares × I’m loving playing around with the new Facebook Timeline, I feel a bit like a kid with a new tool, there’s lots to learn and discover.

Everything You Need To Know About Images For The New Facebook Pages

One thing is for sure. Images are a huge part of the new design. Your cover picture, your logo, your tabs, even featured of pinned stories look better with images. This is why you must use Twitter. If you’re like me, you probably hated Twitter when you first tried it.

This is why you must use Twitter

The first tweet I ever received was “It’s 4 a.m.” – confirming this was the stupidest idea ever! The Anatomy of Effective Tweets. Now that you’ve decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon to gain maximum benefits for your business, what do you do next?

The Anatomy of Effective Tweets

Getting an impressive Twitter profile and getting a high-quality targeted ‘following’ is only half the battle won. The other important half is to maintain and increase your Twitter following in order to grow your business. Nothing works better than effective tweets in order to enhance your business’ reputation on Twitter. I’ve come across many online marketers who build sophisticated tweet plans detailing when to tweet and how to decide your tweeting audience. Unfortunately, they miss the most important aspect regarding the anatomy of effective tweets – the content of their tweets. The Effective Tweets So, what are the rules that determine the anatomy of effective tweets?

Informational + Interesting. Can Twitter Make Local Pay? The crazy kids at Twitter have been busy turning a revolution into a business.

Can Twitter Make Local Pay?

Led by ex-Googler (and ex-improv comedian) Dick Costolo, the five-year-old company bagged $260 million in revenues last year on the way towards justifying their $8 billion secondary market valuation. Costolo has deftly nudged the Twitter team towards subtle forms of monetization centered on sponsored tweets and sponsored trends that allow corporate marketers to place their message front and center. This is part of the now nearly decade-old shift towards what Web guru John Battelle has long called conversational marketing. In the next few months, Twitter plans on rolling out tools to help local merchants also buy tweets. To date, Twitter has primarily targeted larger businesses with bigger marketing budgets ranging from several thousand a month well up into the hundreds of thousands. I know a number of local merchants who are aggressive users of Twitter. 10 Tips to Master Twitter Etiquette. This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.

10 Tips to Master Twitter Etiquette

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