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7-Step Social Media Business Plan: Effective Social Media Tips For Business. We all know that failing to plan, is planning to fail. And this goes for social media too. No you can't just create a Facebook page, post a few nice photos here and there and expect to succeed. You've got to have a plan. But what does a Social Media Business Plan look like? You’re probably shaking your head right now and thinking, "Oh no. Trust me on this, if you don’t have a plan you’re just wasting your time. So what are the first few things that you need to think about when you decide to engage in social media for business? On this page, I share with you the exact plan that I use for my own business. Social media is not something that you do, because all your competitors seem to be doing it. So a Social Media Business Plan is really not that different than your regular business plan. To make things easier for you, I’ve created this step by step guide to help you create your plan.

You just need to ask the right questions, do your research and execute accordingly. Yes you've guessed right. 50 social media case studies and reports that are well worth reading. As social media evolves as sector we are starting to see some great case studies emerge around the world and we wanted to pick 50 of the best and share them here for you to enjoy.

50 social media case studies and reports that are well worth reading

We've focused in on the big social media areas of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, mobile and Blogging so as you can drill down in to the area that suits you best. There is a good mixture here of case studies for both smaller businesses and large brands so sit back and start reading and learning from these 50 great social media case studies... Twitter. Destroy Real-Time Social Media Obstacles. 14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships With the Who’s Who of Social Media. Is Social Media Strategy Required or Redundant. Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know. In my book, Go Mobile, written with Jeanne Hopkins from HubSpot, we point out that the vast majority of social media platforms can be accessed via mobile devices.

Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know

That should come as no surprise since the number one way many people access the internet via their smart phones. Whether you’re accessing your social media platform from a desktop or a smartphone, it’s important to be familiar with all of them. With that in mind, below is a list of the top 52 social media platforms. They’re broken into 3 categories — social media platforms that help you network (like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.); social media platforms that help you promote (like YouTube, blogs, etc.); and social media platforms that help you share (like Digg, Delicious, etc.).

Ready? Social Media Platforms that help you Network: Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook out of his dorm room for his fellow students at Harvard. Google+: This is the new kid on the block, but poses a serious threat to Facebook and other platforms. 9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros. Are you looking for some new ideas to simplify your social media marketing?

9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros

Do you wonder how others use social media to attract customers? We asked the pros for their hottest social media tips. Here’s their advice to help you power up your social media marketing. #1: Draw Attention to Your Custom Tabs in the New Facebook Timelines Andrea Vahl @AndreaVahl If you have a special offer on your website, why not use Facebook to showcase your freebie? With the new Facebook Timelines fan pages, you can no longer have a custom tab as a default landing tab, so now you will have to draw attention to your freebie with the custom tab photo and the custom tab name.

HubSpot has done a great job of that with their custom tab photo advertising their free ebook and the Customer Case Studies title on one of their other apps. Social Networking Spam - 5 Rules for Marketers. What to Say on Social Media - 10 Talk Worthy Topics. Are you participating with your friends, followers and likes on social media?

What to Say on Social Media - 10 Talk Worthy Topics

Okay, I hear the mumbling…”What do I share? Who cares if I am at the car-wash?” Right. I get that a lot. Try using these 10 talk worthy topics on social media (1-2 posts per day for 30 days) and I promise your perspective will be different…So will your business. Writing for Social Media - Strategy. Social Media Jobs and Salaries Guide. The Social Brand Value of the World's Leading Brands - By Erich Radstake.


Social Media For Business. Pinerly. Pinterest. Google + YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. How To Write Readable - And Retweetable - Tweets. You know the basics of Twitter, but now you want to boost the number of people following your 140-character missives.

How To Write Readable - And Retweetable - Tweets

We asked a dozen social media experts the best way to do that, and all of them recommended taking time to write readable - and, by extension, retweetable - tweets. What follows is their best advice for increasing your followers' engagement with the content you share on Twitter and other social networks. Short And Sweet Twitter lets you post up to 140 characters in each messages, but pros shoot for tweets in the sweet spot of 100 to 120 characters. The reason is simple: that lets people add their own quick comment when they retweet your message to their followers. "Twitter's limit may be 140 characters, but the most-read Tweets are even shorter," said Greg Hakim, a senior account executive with the Boston-based public relations firm Corporate Ink. Three Things To Include In Every Tweet Know When To Tweet Link Placement But it's also wrong. Composing Tweets.