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Top 10 FREE Responsive HTML5 Frameworks in 2015. HTML5 has indeed become one of the most popular technologies used for building responsive websites quickly.

Top 10 FREE Responsive HTML5 Frameworks in 2015

Plus, we have a wide range of HTML5 frameworks which come equipped with stunning features that can impressively reduce the need for writing lengthy and repetitive code. The best part of these HTML5 frameworks is that they support responsive web design. That means, you’ll be able to use them for creating apps and websites that would work perfectly across multiple browsers and devices. So, if you too are going to delve into the world of HTML5 development and are confused about the best HTML5 Framework to choose, this is a pist that will tell you all. Here, I’ve covered a list of some leading Responsive HTML5 frameworks which work as the best options for developing eye-catchy, fully-functional websites. 1. As a lightweight, modular front-end HTML5 Framework, UI Kit can be effectively used for developing powerful web interfaces. Download 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 52Framework 7. 8. 9. 10. Wordpress and WooCommerce Plugin Development Company Best WooCommerce plugin to surge in eCommerce - Wordpress and WooCommerce Plugin Development Company.

Every one exists in this world, but in in order to succeed you need to push the envelope.

Wordpress and WooCommerce Plugin Development Company Best WooCommerce plugin to surge in eCommerce - Wordpress and WooCommerce Plugin Development Company

Likely in this cut throat eCommerce world you need to delve deeper on how to comfy your audience while visiting your eCommerce store. Therefore, in this article we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce plugins which will help you attain greater heights. If you need to create engaging and beautiful slider to display your products then Woo Slider created by DJMiMi is one of the most suitable WordPress based eCommerce plugin. Be it a single image, a video or an image gallery this plugin offers you beautiful display of images. Best of 5 Dropbox Connecting Plugins For WordPress - Theme Fusion. N-Media Five Best WordPress Affiliate Themes For Creating an Affiliate Network - N-Media. Learn How Not To Make Poor Choices While Developing a Theme for WordPress. 7 Tips To Stop ‘Comment Spam’ in WordPress! WordPress is an awesome platform for bloggers.

7 Tips To Stop ‘Comment Spam’ in WordPress!

It works great in channelizing their creative abilities, and offers a great number of features to help them earn a larger legion of fan base. But, despite all the goodies this incredible CMS has to offer, WordPress isn’t free of flaws though. And one of the most common issues that WordPress users often grapple with is the frequent security loophole it has, especially in the form of comment spam. Dealing with spam comments is crucial to ensure the credibility and safety of your website. Over the years, WordPress folks have learned several ways to prevent spam, thus strengthening the functioning of their site. 1. There is an in-built feature in WordPress to fight comment spam. Most of the website owners find the second option more useful. 5 Destructive CSS Practices You Need To Ditch Now While Creating WordPress Theme » MyTemplatez. A great WordPress website is an outcome of appreciable design combined with a flawless set of code.

5 Destructive CSS Practices You Need To Ditch Now While Creating WordPress Theme » MyTemplatez

Since building a website using a CMS like WordPress isn’t an uphill battle, and we can see many people playing around CSS hoping that they will come up with an outstanding theme design they have been actually looking for. However, while achieving their goal, there are some key mistakes which they commit simply because they aren’t knowledgeable enough about the ways to pick up a specific element, properties to be applied, or they just don’t put efforts to get the hang of CSS. Best-in-class WordPress Themes for Directory Websites.

Web Design Training - Web Design in Nigeria, Web Hosting, Web Design Company in Nigeria. Simple How to Guide to Install WordPress MU with 0 Errors WordPress is a great CMS platform, with a lot of scope for anyone who needs to easily manage their content related needs using an interface that even the most non-technical person is comfortable with.

Web Design Training - Web Design in Nigeria, Web Hosting, Web Design Company in Nigeria

It provides its users with a great deal of features, themes, plugins and much more. Top 6 Personal WordPress Themes Worth Considering. 7 Best WordPress E-commerce Plugins. The WordPress CMS platform makes it incredibly simple to set up a robust online store quickly.

7 Best WordPress E-commerce Plugins

The platform has evolved tremendously to provide a strong foundation to online merchants to sell their diverse range of products and services with an utmost ease. The availability of an exemplary collection of themes and plugins, make this platform all the more attractive for the people who want to establish a strong presence in the digital retail space.

WordPress: Post Meta explained in detail and why it is required? 5 Of The Most Popular Free WordPress Slider Plugins Worth Considering - WordPress e-Commerce Cart. Even if you’re using high-quality images or good content, it is very important to highlight them in an engaging way, if you don’t want your visitors to miss out on key content.

5 Of The Most Popular Free WordPress Slider Plugins Worth Considering - WordPress e-Commerce Cart

This is where sliders come in handy. They help in highlighting the most important part of your content on the home (front) page – be it some specific text, images, special offers, videos and more. Fortunately, there are several plugin solutions available that enables you to insert sliders into your website. However, finding a suitable plugin from the sea of options is by no means an easy task.

So, to help you choose out from the best, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most popular and widely-used WordPress slider plugins. 25 best responsive woocomerce WordPress themes. WooCommerce is emerging as a platform of choice for the merchants who wish to register their store’s presence on the Internet and reach out to a larger chunk of prospective customers.

25 best responsive woocomerce WordPress themes

And thus, the WordPress WooCommerce themes are the hot selling items among the same folks.check awesome step by step guide on how to set up woocommerce wordpress theme. Using WordPress to Create a Unique Affiliate Website. Affiliate marketing has always been a much sought after ways to earn easy money on the Internet.

Using WordPress to Create a Unique Affiliate Website

Though, to be honest, it’s hardly easy. But be it as it may, more and more folks are leaning towards this source of income by promoting the services and products of other companies via their own websites. The calculation is fairly simple – if your visitors are buying the product you are trying to sell, you earn a fairly good commission. All the commissions earned collectively do make up a reasonably good amount at the end of the month. However, you do need the right recipe for it. Reasons Justifying Magento Dominance as an E-commerce Platform Over WordPress. Ever since WordPress has evolved into a full-fledged CMS, several website owners are choosing it for building e-commerce sites other than Magento.

Reasons Justifying Magento Dominance as an E-commerce Platform Over WordPress

And so, it’s too easy for novices to become perplexed when choosing one of these platforms for building their online site. Improve WordPress Website Speed With Lazy Load Plugins. Websites with lots of images and video loads slowly. In fact, image-heavy sites are often the victim of high bounce rate. Wondering about the solution? Well, you can resolve this problem by Lazy Loading. Lazy loading is a method that helps to boost the speed of image-heavy websites, by forcing the images to be loaded only when the user scrolls down to view the subject in question. For example, in case your web page features 15 or more WordPress Themes, then only the first few images will load and rest of the images load when the page is scrolled down by the user. WordPress 4.1: What Are We Going to Watch. WordPress 4.0 came quite a while back, praised for its tons of improvements, updates, and functionalities to make the lives of WordPress users easy and delightful.

Now, the core team of WordPress is ready to establish another milestone with its next big release in the form WordPress 4.1. There are some great visible changes and advancements to see in this newly release, but remember, the software is still under the development phase, which means you are should not use the software with your existing websites and blogs. If you want to test WordPress 4.1 beta 1, you can install the WordPress Beta Tester and get a rough idea about the functionality of the upcoming release. Highlighting Features of WordPress 4.1 One of the major features of 4.1 is the changes in the default theme, people will see more bug fixes, patches, and the new rest API. 1.

5 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins to Optimize Your Website Performance - Creative Alive. You may have written excellent content for your website, but what if you still can’t pull traffic to your site. One possible reason could be the slow loading time of your site. If your web page takes more time to load, your readers would naturally move to some other website. Moreover, in the not-so-patient world today every Internet user wants to gain access to the content without any delay. In fact, according to a few online surveys a one second delay in web page loading leads to 11% less page views.

Besides, page load time can also impact on your Google page ranking. Even if you’re running your site on the popular WordPress platform, slow website speed can affect your search engine rankings. When You Should Move Your Magento Store to WordPress Platform? When You Should Move Your Magento Store to WordPress Platform? Lend Your Wordpress Site An Exquisite Appeal with These Trendy Themes. Fashion and styles keep fluctuating with time and so are users demands. Likewise in web industry, trends keep on varying and this is where WordPress proves to be the best with its open source flexible nature and, aesthetic themes. However, only trendy visual appearance won’t work for websites, rather functionality and style should come hand in hand.

This has to be said that this open source CMS is a great platform for designing and developing desired websites with great ease, it only makes its creation and modification convenient but also offers amazing functionalities with plugins and allow us to provide appealing design to a site with themes. More than half the year is over, and these six months of 2014 has been great for the web industry, we have got plenty of free and premium WordPress themes in past months.

Some of the themes were quite impressive while some were just extraordinarily awesome. . #1. . #2. Me + You is a great theme for creating a matrimonial website or wedding blog. . #3. When You Should Consider Moving From HTML to Wo... Change the way you read online articles. Want a Bespoke and Customized Website? Try HTML to Wordpress Conversion. Key Aspects of Effective Joomla to Wordpress Conversion. 5 Inspiring Parallax WordPress Themes Worth Con... Top 5 WordPress Calendar Plugins 2014. 7+ Proven Techniques of Reducing WordPress Comm... 7+ Proven Techniques of Reducing WordPress Comment Spam. Step by Step Instructions of converting PSD to Wordpress theme - Step by Step Instructions of converting PSD to ... How to Leverage Version Control Management in WordPress. I have never thought that reverting to the previous version could be so arduous, until some coding issue has left me with no other choice but to revert to the previous version.

It made me realized that how imperative the version control systems are and how they can help us in managing source code and distributed versions. From quite some time, version control has been playing an internal part for the core development of WordPress, hence, it is very difficult to incorporate a proper version control in the platform. Though, with the increasing complexities of web development has made version control ubiquitous on the front end as well as on the back end, but it is still very challenging to manage stuff like plugin settings, databases and themes across the distributed teams. To solve this issue, developers are creating a WordPress plugin, which is named as VersionPress. Unleashing Drupal to Wordpress Migration Facts.

Drupal undoubtedly is a great content management system for many things, especially when it comes to producing bespoke development solutions. The Root Level Essentials for a Smart Wordpress Website. The Root Level Essentials for a Smart Wordpress Website. How Businesses Can Reap Benefits from HTML to Wordpress Conversion. The Most Dazzling WordPress Photography Themes. The razzle and dazzle of WordPress keeps growing.

From quite some time now, WordPress has undeniably been the best Content Management System for creating websites – be it average looking ones or the sites with memorable and unique design elements. And thanks to the versatility of this CMS, you can create websites for different businesses. 10 Visually Inspiring & Responsive WordPres... 10 Visually Inspiring & Responsive WordPress eCommerce Themes. Revealing the benefits of HTML to WordPress conversion. Revealing The Benefits Of Html To Wordpress Conversion. Things to Consider When Migrating HTML Website to WordPress. Things to Consider When Migrating HTML Website to WordPress.

Why you should move your existing HTML website ... 5 Exceptional WordPress Slider Plugins for Your... Guidelines to Achieve High Quality HTML to Word... Guidelines to Achieve High Quality HTML to WordPress Convers. WordPress has become a globally recognized content management system, which is used by most of the website owners – because of the ease it provides in operating a website, without the need for technical expertise. Designs2HTML Offers HUGE Discounts. Grab them. Now! Maria Mincey. 5 Reasons to Take Personal Interest In WP Custo. 3 WordPress Plugin that Must be There in Your Installed-Plugin List. Plug-Ins. Plug-Ins. 6 Cool WordPress smilies plugins.