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Maria Mincey

Maria is a qualified PHP Outsourcing Company professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings.

Benefits of Custom Fit Software Development Solutions. Zend Web Application Development Company. Understanding the needs of customers is the key to any successful business.

Zend Web Application Development Company

Xicom perfectly understands these needs and knows how to translate them into applicable strategies. They provide excellent technical skills backed-up by top-drawer project management facility.Harada Shaffer In our long relationship with Xicom over last 5+ years, we have witnessed a significant expansion in the range of their services and we have always enjoyed a high level of customer focused mentality and professionalism.Madison Software, Inc. Noteworthy Aspects of PSD to Markup Conversion. Are you a great designer but can't code to turn your pixel-perfect design into a mark-up language?

Noteworthy Aspects of PSD to Markup Conversion

You will certainly begin scrolling the web to seek out an expert PSD to mark-up conversion service provider. But before venturing out for a credible service partner, it's very important to decide the right platform for your website. Especially, when you're thinking about converting your photoshop document into a CMS (content management system), you will get a plenty of choices. However, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the three most sought-after CMS used by webmasters for developing sites. Choosing the Ideal Platform - WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. 5 Inspiring Parallax WordPress Themes Worth Considering « Web Templates Blog. In order to establish a good market standing in today’s highly competitive web design industry, it is becoming needful for website owners to contemplate about re-designing their site in line with current industry trends.

5 Inspiring Parallax WordPress Themes Worth Considering « Web Templates Blog

Parallax scrolling was a nascent trend but has now emerged as a big web design trend of 2014. This web design trend enable site owners to tell their stories so as to keep their sites’ visitors captivated and engaged. The idea behind parallax scrolling is that as a user scrolls down a page, your website will morph en route so as to tell your story in an enticing manner. Want to Develop a One-of-a-kind Website? Facts You Need to Know - Blogs - Graphic Design Forum and Web Design Forum.

Want to Develop a One-of-a-kind Website? Facts You Need to Know - Blogs - Graphic Design Forum and Web Design Forum. Top 5 WordPress Problems and their Solutions. If you’re an avid WordPress user, you’d have definitely known the satisfaction of viewing your site as a splendid and money-making portal.

Top 5 WordPress Problems and their Solutions

Well, the entire process of designing and implementing a WordPress powered website can be painstaking if proper measures aren’t been taken in an appropriate way. 7+ Proven Techniques of Reducing WordPress Comment Spam. Although WordPress has given us plenty of features to enjoy, there are some aspects which often turn to be the most annoying thing with this content management system.

7+ Proven Techniques of Reducing WordPress Comment Spam

One such thing that has been bothering globally-located WordPress users is the spam commenting on their blogs. Every time you login to your WordPress admin dashboard, you come across a whole lot of spam comments waiting to get deleted. For such spam comments, you can either choose to delete them manually or let them die in the spam queue itself.

Recommending the former option, I would like to share with you 7 of the amazing techniques that can be used for reducing WordPress comment spam. So, let’s get started with these methods. 1. Usually spammers target posts published many days/weeks/months ago. 2. The Root Level Essentials for a Smart Wordpress Website. Professional Network for Tech - Step by Step Instructions of converting PSD to Wordpress theme - Why Facebook Marketing isn`t Worthwhile Anymore... Unleash the Potential of Drupal Module Developm... Considerations For Custom Drupal Module Development. With competition touching new heights in the online arena, it is becoming tough for businesses to sustain their web presence.

Considerations For Custom Drupal Module Development

Thus, it becomes needful for all business owners to provide their customers with bespoke functionalities. Nowadays, business organizations seeking to build large-scale website can opt for highly resourceful content management system Drupal to pander customers diverse needs. Drupal is a customizable open-source CMS system which helps to scale websites, so as to meet your growing business wants and needs. An important aspect that makes Drupal outpace other CMS is that it provides several modules for you, to meet all your site's requirements.

What's more, rather than re-creating modules, you can go for Custom Drupal Module Development to enhance functional ability of your Drupal site. Custom modules helps extend the functionality of existing Drupal modules. Scrutinize Your Requirements. Why Facebook Marketing isn't Worthwhile Anymore. Facebook started making inroads into the business realm just a few years after it was launched to the public as a platform for people to interact socially and rekindle the old connections.

Why Facebook Marketing isn't Worthwhile Anymore

In a short span of time, Facebook marketing became THE buzzword and we, as consumers, found ourselves caught up in the 'Like' and 'Share' frenzy. Brands were rejoicing the fact that a post remotely interesting was helping them gain more and more brand followers which may or may not be turning into buyers, but their brand was getting recognized among a larger band of audience. And that was a pretty good reason to step into the realm. Now, why do I use everything I refer to in the last paragraph in past tense? Well, even though Facebook marketing is very much alive, it's seriously lacking on the 'kicking' front.

Formulate a PHP Hiring Strategy Characterized by a Sense of Order. When on a hiring spree, there are moments when you are asking all the wrong questions; not to the candidates, but to yourself.

Formulate a PHP Hiring Strategy Characterized by a Sense of Order

Do you want experience? Will experience guarantee quality? The Ideal Frequency for Posting on Blogs and Social Media. The digital marketeers, all and sundry, have struggled to find out the right answer to this question.

The Ideal Frequency for Posting on Blogs and Social Media

How often should we post on our blog sites, and on the Facebook pages to make sure that the audience is engaged, and at the same time, spamming is avoided. Every brand has its own approach and stratagem to appeal to its target customers, and this why you can find a diversification in the way they post their updates. While there are brands that do not post more than 2 articles a week on their blog, and likewise, keep it limited to 2-3 Facebook posts in a day, there are also those who post in excess of 5 articles in a day and on their social media pages, a post goes live after every hour.

So, what really works? This is a subjective question, considering the fact that different strategies of similar brands have come up with not-so-insightful results. PHP Development Services : Reasons Why they are Increasingly. Raising the value chain efficiencies of web application development infrastructure of companies, PHP has taken massive strides towards the empowerment of software applications.

PHP Development Services : Reasons Why they are Increasingly

This is a platform that is gaining massive popularity among the developer community and this community is taking every measure to ensure that the PHP frameworks are being constantly reinvented and updated in order to meet the dynamic and ever-growing demands in the app development market. A reliable PHP development service provider like Xicom Technologies has been succesful in creating applications that are rich in the most cutting edge features and are customizable at the same time. It must be noted that when PHP made its foray into the web app development domain. Put all the Doubts about PHP Development to Rest. Catalyzing avant-garde technology with the most insightful stratagem, the web developers of the world have achieved some of the most incredible things in the programing realm. And thanks to a programming platform like PHP, achieving these unfathomable goal has been an exercise rich in returns.

As a programming platform, PHP is unimpeachably the best thing to have made its way to the web development world. For developers of the world, PHP is a massively useful and resourceful tool that has let them create deeper inroads into the domain and build applications which are performance-rich and unique in their own right. Using the PHP platform, the developers have been able to address and fulfill the macro and micro demands of the ever so changing marketplace.

Every enterprise has hordes of competitors out there, and in order to edge past them, they truly need to come up with something special in terms of the overall features and also the user-friendliness. What Makes PHP so truly significant? The Growing Clamor for Yii Isn't for Nothing - webdevelopment. The reason Yii has risen to fame in last few years can be owed to a number of factors that range from effective application development to developer-friendliness. The whole point of developing applications in Yii is to create high power, high impact solutions that give the corresponding company developing them a massive edge in the market so that they are able to gain a large share of app customers. As the Yii platform grows in stature, it is natural that the PHP developers across the programming planet will invest more and more efforts to make sure that complacency doesn't affect the future scope of the platform.

And it is due to this unflappable drive of the PHP community to place the Yii platform at the very top of the stack that this most popular framework has been empowering the developers of the globe to create web solutions with the most unique and exclusive qualities and features. It's Fast and It's Powerful Make the right decision and let it reap in riches for you. Custom Yii PHP Framework Developers. Xicom develops custom business applications and solutions based on Yii framework, which saves cost and enhances productivity.

We build solutions that targets and resolves the immediate business challenges of our global customers. Relying upon the advanced knowledge of our proficient Yii developers, we deliver qualitative Yii based applications while adhering to stringent quality standards. Most Stirring Pinboards to Follow. Pinterest has become a pleasure dome for people who love pictures. This fastest growing social media platform is filled with some of the most stirringly beautiful pictures you can’t find on Google Images. And this is what makes Pinterest as popular as it is. So, I compile a list of the best pinboards that represent the best of Pinterest. These Pinboards belong to graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers, and bloggers. Their pinboards comprise of orgininal and stunning pictures that make them must follow pinboards for not just the photography lovers, but also people belong to the similar fields professionally.

Jim McCauley. The SEO Tools That Help Boost Your Site's Traffic. This is a guest post by Maria Mincey. First and foremost, you can happily and reliably disagree with certain experts who claim SEO is making exit out of our Google lives. Why PHP is Worth the Investment and Efforts. Maria Mincey. How the First Quarter of 2014 Shaped up the Web Trends.

Articles May 1, 2014 So, it is May, and in the last 4 months, we have already seen a few trends establishing their authority on the web development realm. PHP Benefits and How to Channelize Them For Your Business. CakePHP for App Development Characterized by So. Xicom.tumblr. The PHP Goof-ups and How Reliable Developers can Help Avoid them. PHP is slated for an unprecedented growth in terms of the number of companies and developers adopting it for their future endeavors. The reasons are easy to understand, as due to the high resourcefulness of this platform, we are going to witness more demand for its frameworks that range in great numbers. Why to Outsource PHP Development Rather than Setting up an In-House Team. You won’t get many negative nods if you go on to claim that in the programming ambit on this date, PHP is the best thing around.

This highly utilizable server side scripting language is taking strides towards bigger goals that seem to be very achievable. The businesses that have adopted PHP are already cashing on its benefits and recommending it further, as it continues to evolve by the day. Settling the Dust to Choose Between Zend and Cake PHP. Mobile Apps for Those Who Want to Stay Glued to the Entertainment World. Mobile applications are growing in number and popularity by each passing day. Because Smartphones have become more than luxury gadgets and have turned into necessities, the mobile application development companies are making sure they do not lag behind the increasing stack of demands.

Web development mistakes

3 Social Media Marketing Goof-ups You Probably Have Fallen Prey to. 3 Social Media Marketing Goof-ups You Probably Have Fallen Prey to 15inShare I would be sounding too mainstream when I say social media marketing has transfigured the approach we had towards marketing the products of a brand. The conventional ways to advertise the offerings of companies had become obsolete, to say the least. Turning Social Media Followers. PHP Development Bequeaths Quality Application Development.

WordPress Plugins

Top 8 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Sites – Techclickr. WordPress is arguably a singled out blogging platform on the Internet, despite there being no dearth of impressive open-source platforms as well. You can wager to have a good time setting up your site with eCommerce, and when it comes specifically to the plugins for eCommerce sites, the resourcefulness is further multiplied. The Internet Marketing Trends Set to Dominate 2014. What Makes PHP So Potent and How to Leverage it. Offshore PHP Development – A Befitting Choice for Businesses. The Hug Lady: A Face that Resonates With Every Fort Hood Soldier. » 5 Websites Every PHP Developer Must Be Aware About. 5 Best Chat Scripts to Facilitate Chat on Your Website. The Unrivaled Value of PHP as a Web Development Platform ~ Design Prefix - Web Design and Development Magazine for Daily Inspiration.

Top 8 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Sites. The Graphically Enriched Dashboards to Take a Cue From. What Makes PHP is so Incredibly Valuable. PHP for Atypically Huge Returns from Reasonably Small Investments. 9 Tips to Creating a Logo that’ Stays True to Conventions, Yet Remains Singularly Unique. » 5 Websites Every PHP Developer Must Be Aware About. 3 Basic User Experience Tips To Improve Your Wordpress Blog. Why to Learn PHP and The Requisites to Do So. 7 Exceptionally Valuable PHP Tools. Farming out WordPress Development for More Assured, Affordable Results. The Ideal Frequency for Posting on Blogs and Social Media.

The PHP Debugging Tools to Keep Programming 'Exceptions' at Bay. Six Blogging Ground Rules You Must Abide By. The WordPress Features that You Might Have Overlooked. Tips For Avoiding Typical PHP Mistakes. Rise and Shine Developers! PHP 5.5 Beta is Now Available - Home. The Most Sterling and Responsive Website Design Of 2014. How PHP Helps You take a Firm Grasp on Web Development. Why PHP Despite a Truckload of Alternatives. CMMI Level 3 Certified – Web Development Company: About & Background information. Top 6 PHP Debugging Tools to Have in Your Kitty. Growing Your Business With PHP. How WordPress Makes PHP Even More Sought-after, and Not PHP Frameworks. Developing Software That’s More Than a Coat of Paint on the Futuristic Technology Train.

Unveiling the Reasons That Makes PHP the Future of Web Development. 3 Uncertainties that Dissuade Entrepreneurs from Outsourcing PHP Development - Xicom Technologies Ltd. - Web Application Development Services. Web Development Company - Wilmington, Delaware.

PHP Development

How to represent your brand in your brochure design. How to Rewrite URLs for Making them Comprehensible and Search friendly. Root-Level Tips to Rewrite URL - Make URL's SEO Friendly and Readable. PHP to Get Maximum out Of Web Development. Hotel Website - WordPress Themes For Food and Hotel Websites. Xicom.tumblr.