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4,000 richie rich Indians move to foreign shores in 2015 Aamir khan. It seems not only our Bollywood megastars want to leave India and settle abroad.

4,000 richie rich Indians move to foreign shores in 2015 Aamir khan

A report published recently states that last year a huge chunk of the Indian millionaire club decided to leave the country in search of greener pastures outside India. The outflow, in which 4,000 richie rich Indians changed their domicile, is considered the fourth-biggest outflow of millionaires globally, according to the report by New World Wealth. While we may be left wondering as to where have so many uber rich folks have moved to, the report has an answer. The outflow, in which 4,000 richie rich Indians changed their domicile, is considered the fourth-biggest outflow of millionaires globally. Apparently, Australia topped the chart with as many as 8,000 millionaires moving in and settling there, followed by USA (7,000) and Canada (5,000). Australia topped the chart with as many as 8,000 millionaires moving in and settling there.

Netaji didn't die in Taipei's plane crash. The freedom fighter led an incognito life. ISIS men make sure their sex slaves are “empty wombs” It’s a horror story that can run endlessly, almost as if on loop.

ISIS men make sure their sex slaves are “empty wombs”

The recent story published in The New York Times about young women kept as sex slaves by ISIS is interspersed with horror, ghastly crime and abhorrence. It’s a story of medieval barbarity facilitated by modern science and stray religious dogmas to keep the hate and violence intact in the ISIS dominated regions. The NYT interviewed a bunch of freed young Yazidi girls, who are being sent to Germany for rehabilitation. Mossad's India boss lived in upscale apartment at Delhi’s Hailey Road! Even the best sleuths do get stuck, quite literally in mud!

Mossad's India boss lived in upscale apartment at Delhi’s Hailey Road!

There were recent news reports that the Israel embassy in Berlin will have to shell out 1,263 Euros (Rs 95,000) for the “help” extended to two Mossad members! Last December, the car of two Israeli got stuck in Germany. The police, with aid from the locals, pulled out the car, and recently sent the hefty invoice. Operation Leech: a botched up mission RAW would want us to forget. India is often portrayed as the strong yet benevolent nation of South East Asia, who goes to great lengths to maintain cordial relations with its neighbours.

Operation Leech: a botched up mission RAW would want us to forget

But there is a secretive murkiness of scandalous military and economic dealings that hardly comes before the public eye. On February 12, 1998, India’s defense ministry announced that the Army’s Operation Leech had busted a Burmese massive gun-running racket, and claimed to have recovered arms worth a million dollars in Nicobar’s Landfall Island. The ministry said six leaders of the arms smugglers were killed in an encounter, while the other 34 men were arrested.

Corex,Vicks Action 500 banned in India. But will the ban stay? Healthcare in India is a joke.

Corex,Vicks Action 500 banned in India. But will the ban stay?

Medicines that have been banned in several countries were till recently available in the Indian market. Procuring most of these medicines wouldn’t even need a prescription. The government claims availability of such over-the-counter drugs is putting our very lives in a big threat. Taking a stock of this deplorable condition in India, the health ministry recently banned 344 fixed dose combinations (FDCs) drugs. In a layman’s term, FDCs are created by rolling two or more active drugs into a single dosage. Mother Teresa: Saint or a Manipulative Sinner. They call her the ‘Angel of Mercy’.

Mother Teresa: Saint or a Manipulative Sinner

She was compassionate and kind. She didn’t think twice before touching a leper on the road or cleaning a festering wound. She came from a humble background herself yet put a roof over the heads of several unfortunate souls abandoned by their own kin. She judged not and served all selflessly while inspiring thousands of others to walk in her steps. Why criminalising marital rape can be bad for Indian women. We Indians have a very strange attitude towards sex.

Why criminalising marital rape can be bad for Indian women

We tend to duck questions or doubts, and prefer to go hush-hush if the term “sex” ever arises in our public discourse. Union minister for women and child development, Maneka Gandhi, recently irked gender equalists and feminists when she said in the Parliament that laws against marital rape can’t be formed in India due to its typical social, religious and economic condition.

While independent studies point that a vast majority of women suffer at the hands of their husbands, who use sex as a tool to humiliate, subjugate, and quite often, “teach a lesson”, the Centre prefers to play it safe by drawing the “traditional India” card. This trend of sweeping all issues, big and small, under the ‘traditional’, or rather “Bhartiya Sankskriti” carpet is becoming an alarming trend. Britain's secret service Mi5 paid Osama to kill Muanmar Gaddafi. President Barrack Obama recently criticised British Prime Minister David Cameron and other European allies for the “shit show” in Libya (Africa) after the 2011 international intervention that killed the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Britain's secret service Mi5 paid Osama to kill Muanmar Gaddafi

Obama said that Cameron became “distracted” after the 2011 intervention and said the UK, France and other European countries went rouge. Colonel Gaddafi, the libyan leader, was the first to issue an Interpol arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden. Top baby food brands are taking Indians for ride with obnoxious claims. Raising a baby is a herculean task.

Top baby food brands are taking Indians for ride with obnoxious claims

And in today’s competitive world, underachiever parents burden kids with overachieving goals. Excellence in all aspects is mandatory. Therein comes the big rescuer: health foods that can make any child a mini Einstein or a miniscule Sachin Tendulkar! Also, food brands aim lazy parents, who can’t even smash a carrot for their baby, by promising the “overall nutrition” packet. Dawood Ibrahim, the Butcher of Mumbai! This is Dawood’s interview to India Today’s Gujarati’s version in 1994.

Dawood Ibrahim, the Butcher of Mumbai!

The Mumbai blasts had just taken place and the Don was claiming that he had no role to play in the blasts that killed over 300 Indians! How has Yakub Memon’s arrest affected you? A. I am happy that he has been caught. How could Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose have been Indian war criminal? The Netaji controversy refuses to find closure even when secret files are no longer classified. Three millions civilians died in Bengal Famine as Winston Churchill.

The Bengal Famine of 1942-43 is a forgotten tale of British India. While other atrocities of the British Raj on freedom-fighters fill our school text books, this disastrous tragedy, that killed over 3 million people, fails to find mention in many of the history books. May be, it has something to do with lives of civilians, or mere peasants, who had no role in the Freedom Struggle. While England adores its World War II hero Winston Churchill, who saved Europe from the Nazis, the country goes mum when the famine is referred to. Churchill’s opposition to Nazism is just a patriotic facade to cover his extreme colonial mindset and racist attitude. British Raj displaced 300 families, 7 villages to build Rashtrapati Bhavan. Today when we zip past the well-known Malcha Marg, Talkatora Road or the ever-busy Motibagh area in India’s Capital city, Delhi, , we barely have a moment to recollect the history associated with these names.

These were prosperous villages of the early part of the 20th century, which were taken by the British to build an imperial residence for the Viceroy of India. Post-independence, the Viceroy House became the residence of India’s first citizen, the President. The manicured lawns around the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the neat circular lanes leading to this magnificent colonial structure was built on the land of seven villages: Raisina, Malcha, Kushak, Pelanjee, Dasgarah, Talkatora and Motibagh.

In 1910, Charles Hardinge, the acting Viceroy of India, proposed to shift the capital of British India from Calcutta (now Kolkatta) to Delhi. In pre-Taliban days, Afghan women had a life. As a little girl, I remember my mother wearing miniskirts and taking us to the cinemas, for shopping in open markets since there were no malls back then. It was more than acceptable to wear what one felt like, without the threat of fundamentalists ruining your day. It was freedom.

My aunt went to university in Kabul in her young days, when Afghanistan was paradise for women 50 years back… Seeing the way life has panned out for the proud Afghans, it would be impossible to imagine women of yesteryear in short dresses, moving about freely, and without any inhibition. The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Was it an inside job?

Kanhaiya Kumar’s ‘Azaadi’ rhetoric is interspersed with fear psychosis. I have a thing for oratorical capabilities. Was Sita the daughter Ravana and Mandodari? Did America have a hand in the 9/11 attacks? NASA never sent Neil Armstrong to the moon. Indian space journeys are making waves for the right reason. R.K. Lakshman – The real freedom fighter – The Voice of Nation. Fraud foods in India are rising. But are we doing enough to kill this multi-headed monster? – The Voice of Nation. Kanhaiya could be a casualty of JNU’s growing radicalization? Stinking corruption in garbage management is drowning India with filth. The garbage doesn’t really bother us until it raises a stink, quite literally. A couple of weeks back, the population in Delhi, once again witnessed a major problem of disposing its garbage. Is Sheikh Hasina seeking to create a one-party political system. Are greedy biotech firms taking the world for a ride with a fake Zika virus scare.

Arnab Goswami: “What if I prove Radhe Maa thinks she is Durga’s reincarnation? Prahlad Kakkar: “I won’t believe you,” and he burst out laughing, mockingly! – The Voice of Nation. ‘Isolated’ North Korea distances itself more. Sets its clocks 30 mins behind the rival Koreans! Lonely planet in the making? How bizarre! This untamed lady MLA went on a rampage in the Bihar Assembly. And she wasn’t even drunk! – The Voice of Nation. How many Hanumanthappas shall we lose? RIP, brave soldier. Agartala Conspiracy: Indira Gandhi provided 'necessary push' to free Bangladesh. India’s UN Security Council itch: We should stop chasing the illusive ‘Permanent’ seat now. We may not fit in.

Justice Kaju’s portrayal of Subhash Chandra Bose was demeaning! But our reaction was inflated, too. Ambulances have the first right of passage, but in Delhi, public apathy has killed many on their way to hospital! – The Voice of Nation. Jagmohan Dalmiya’s sudden death has triggered a war of succession... Rajiv Shukla may already be preparing acceptance speech! Revenge porn: Her ex-husband posted her nude, intimate videos online. She almost committed suicide! – The Voice of Nation. Ramasundaram’s new role as SSB chief is a laudable story. All lovers are not deranged; some right-wing activists are! Policing a woman's womb is not the solution, Maneka Gandhi! – The Voice of Nation.

Was Bhagat Singh innocent? Pakistani lawyer believes the revolutionary was implicated in a false case – The Voice of Nation. Was Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination an inside job? – The Voice of Nation. Opus Dei, not Indira Gandhi orchestrated Sanjay’s death? Ram Jethmalani's beef with Modi takes ugly turn! Did Vatican have a hand in planting Sonia Gandhi? Forged in steel, Subrata Roy authors ‘Life Mantras’ from behind bars. Hema Malini has been controversy’s favourite child for past 2 years. Aparna Kumar is first woman IPS officer to scale Antarctica’s tallest peak. Narendra Modi, a prophet: A sentimental stroke roped in France. Narendra Modi’s China visit reaps dividends as bullish businesses pledge to invest.

Deceptive corruption: India’s radio stations have been decaying for long now. Organic farming is not helping people of Sikkim. Udham Singh tailed linchpin General O’Dwyer for two decades. Reopening of dance bars in Maharashtra could promote illicit sex and drug abuse. Cut privileges for MPs, says popular Whatsapp message. America! Look into your loaded nuke arsenal before pointing fingers at others. Subramaniam Swamy locked horns with Raghuram Rajan with very little! Pakistan could be trying to buy its 15-minutes of fame. CM Fadnavis, Maharashtra shouldn’t need an 8-yr-old girl’s piggy bank to fund farmers’ treatment! – The Voice of Nation. Under-fire Volkswagen burns Mercedes-Benz! Other European car-makers scampering for cover? – The Voice of Nation. A US IT manager may earn more than his Indian counterpart, but he is debt-ridden for most part of his life! – The Voice of Nation.

Taking part in budget-making: What an idea, finance minister sir ji... Can it really be done? Narendra Modi, a prophet: A sentimental stroke roped in France. AAP’s drama queen Ashutosh says ink-attack on Kejriwal a dress rehearsal. Is Deepika Padukone the reason for Ranbir-Katrina break-up? Narendra Modi world’s second-most popular leader on Facebook, Twitter. Had it not been for the Rothschild, India wouldn’t be so poor today. How? Beauty and the beast: Indian women enter ITBP to guard Indo-China border. A postcard from hell: Mail threatens Narender Modi and Manohar Parikar. Arvind Kejriwal could be right in calling the CBI raid political vendetta. Saudi Arabia women winning in municipal polls is a smokescreen. Sonia, Rahul shouldn’t make song & dance about National Herald relief. BJP back-benchers in Lok Sabha are playing dirty politics.

Arvind Kejriwal being bold. Is there substance to his claim of Arun Jaitley’s hand in DDCA? Indian officials crudeness towards Orlando Bloom shameful. Modi dropped by to say ‘happy birthday’ to Sharif, not to hand over Kashmir. Let’s brush aside the controversies, and remember the good times. Rahul Gandhi plays it safe, leaves BJP scratching heads. Medanta can be menacing if you have ‘hospital’ in mind. Wikileaks expose sneaky US. Wires reveal it secretly trashed India’s evidence. Will selfie-addicts in India learn a lesson from the Bandra tragedy? Political parties supporting resumption of Jallikattu have Tamil Nadu polls.

Will India’s new line of luxury train coaches change the way we travel? Nitish’s ‘Liquor ban’ decision is a bold, righteous move. Now, he must sit with Modi and pick his brains on the Gujarat model. – The Voice of Nation. Is Nitish Kumar cementing political ties with Lalu Yadav by putting tax on samosa? Dawn of a new era in Bihar? Nitish Kumar surrendered to everything he stood for. Now, the ship may have sailed! – The Voice of Nation. Aishwarya rai and Amitabh bachchan relation. Is Delhi really India’s most well-read city? It can be. - The Voice of Nation. Afzal Guru’s son! The teenager needs our trust on his 10th Board exam. - The Voice of Nation. Chris Gayle continues to pay for a moment of weakness. - The Voice of Nation. Mamata Banerjee’s downplaying of Malda riots sends wrong signals to mischief-makers - The Voice of Nation. Ajit Doval says will talk after Pak takes action on Pathankot. - The Voice of Nation.

Mukesh Ambani not the richest! Tirupathi Balaji Temple’s sparkling idol - The Voice of Nation. Arvind Kejriwal-The Delhi chief minister is doing the best he can. - The Voice of Nation. It’s been 40 years, and we are still wondering whether Sanjay Gandhi slapped Indira Gandhi six times! – The Voice of Nation - The Voice of Nation. Jawahar Lal Nehru - THE PLAYBOY? - The Voice of Nation. Jawaharlal Nehru refused US offer of permanent seat in UN in the 50s. He said China first! - The Voice of Nation.

Sonia Gandhi: From bar waitress in Italy to ‘Bharat ki bahu’! – The Voice of Nation - The Voice of Nation. DNA reports out, Amitabh Bachchan is the son of Jawahar Lal Nehru - The Voice of Nation.