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Team games: Vocabulary definitions game. 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Kids vocabulary games - learn words. Games to Learn English - For Students. Road to Grammar - Your Road to Better Grammar. Basic English Adjectives.

Simon's cat. Ws1_Asking for and giving directions_Inglês para viagem. Multimedia-English. Advanced Relative Clause Pictionary. Follow me on twitter @RobbioDobbio Photo credit: This is a revision lesson plan for CAE students studying advanced relative clause phrases such as: all of whom, some of which etc.

Advanced Relative Clause Pictionary

Here’s the handout: Advanced Relative Clause Pictionary Step 1 I use this game as a revision/warmer after we’ve already studied advanced relative clause phrases with which and whom. Draw two columns on the board with the titles which (objects/things) and whom (people) and have students recall as many relative clause phrases as they can: Students may struggle with the difference between neither of whom/which and none of whom/which. Neither refers to just two people/things where as none refers to a group of at least three: Two students came to class, neither of whom had done their homework.

Ten students came to class, none of whom had done their homework. There were two buses waiting to take people to the city centre, neither of which had enough space for us. Draw the following sentences: Main - LinkEngPark. Two Minute English - Page 1. English Videos. Video lessons - All Videos. Grammar videos. Welcome to Style a hero.

ESL Lounge: Songs for English Teaching. Free song lyrics. Using songs in the esl classroom It's great to use songs in the class, if only to do something a little different.

ESL Lounge: Songs for English Teaching. Free song lyrics

But beyond using them solely to give your students some 'light relief', there are many other ways songs can be used in ESL classrooms to consolidate what students have already learnt. Have a song to request? Go to our contact page. if you know what you're looking for Quick Jump to: We also have a separate section for children's songs. Here are some ideas for the use of songs in the ESL class: Filling in the blanks Songs are often used in this way in the ESL classroom. Listening Comprehension Instead of doing your usual listening comprehension out of the course books, do a song instead. Phonetics You can use a song with a clear rhyme pattern to do some phonetics work on particular phonemes. Strips of Paper The lyrics you will find on this site can be cut up into strips which then need to be reconstructed as the song unfolds.

Vocabulary. Canadian Songs + Activities. English Grammar Lessons - Download over 500 lessons for free. Dave's ESL Cafe: Free English Grammar Lessons. Better Lessons - Free Lesson Plans. Math english language arts Kindergarten Counting & Cardinality Operations & Algebraic Thinking Number & Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data Geometry First Grade Operations & Algebraic Thinking Number & Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data.

Better Lessons - Free Lesson Plans

Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests. English Grammar rules and teaching ideas. Primary Resources: English: Tour of London. Tour guide: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this fantastic tour of London by bus.

Tour of London

My name’s Greg and I’m your guide this afternoon on our tour of London. As you can see, we’re on an open-top bus, so you can see all the attractions from your seat and you don’t need to walk anywhere. And please don’t worry about the rain, I’m sure it’ll stop soon. A-a-and please ask any questions at any time.Tourist 1: I have a question.Tour guide: Yes? Tourist 1: Do you have extra umbrellas? Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids.

Vofy - Englisch lernen mit deinen Lieblingsliedern. BBC Learning - English: Free resources and online courses. 8 Commonly Misused Words. Bad grammar and spelling can really get on everyone’s nerves, but I’m not going to say I don’t fall victim to some mistakes.

8 Commonly Misused Words

I’m sure you all have read through tons of my spelling mistakes and I’m sorry. I try to write without error, but sometimes I’m not that smart. I never knew that flair and flare were often misused. Almost all of the other words listed in the graphic I have made a mistake with, except flair/flare. The only way I see myself making the mistake is if I am complementing flare with flair. Right there is where I could definitely see myself flubbing up. Not often, but I do remember messing up the lie/lay before. I do think it is funny that the most important misplaced words on here are flammable and inflammable. After a quick stint in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tim moved to Austin, Texas at the ripe age of one.

Types of weather with pictures learning English. Types of weather vocabulary Different kinds of weather This English lesson you will be able to learn about the different types of weather using pictures with the name for each type of weather underneath.

Types of weather with pictures learning English

After the pictures are examples of how to talk about weather in a basic sentence. Types of weather vocabulary For some of the picture is the word for type of weather and the word used when talking about that type of weather.