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Bases de datos

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Le grand dictionnaire terminologique. IATE - La base de datos terminológica multilingüe de la EU. Home. BDDOC CSIC: Sistemas de información CSIC. Dialnet. Bases de datos - Biblioteca Universitaria. Inguma - Euskal komunitate zientifikoaren datu-basea. List of academic databases and search engines.

Wikipedia list article This page contains a representative list of notable databases and search engines useful in an academic setting for finding and accessing articles in academic journals, institutional repositories, archives, or other collections of scientific and other articles. Databases and search engines differ substantially in terms of coverage and retrieval qualities.[1] Users need to account for qualities and limitations of databases and search engines, especially those searching systematically for records such as in systematic reviews or meta-analyses.[2] As the distinction between a database and a search engine is unclear for these complex document retrieval systems, see: the general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposesthe article about bibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles.

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