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60 of the world's happiest facts. 1.

60 of the world's happiest facts

A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. 2. If you fake laugh long enough you’ll start to really laugh, really, really hard. 3. The book cover to the prize winning short story collection, Spellbound, was chosen because author, Joel Willans, bought his wife’s engagement ring with poker winnings. 4. 5. What The Fuck Should I Listen to Now? Video that will change your life. I have no words left. 7 Film Posters You Want to Print and Hang on a Wall. 15 Guaranteed Things That Will Happen To You In Your 20s. 1.

15 Guaranteed Things That Will Happen To You In Your 20s

Your social circle will narrow. In college, you’ll have lots of acquaintances and party friends but that will dissipate over time. Eventually, you’ll find yourself unable to spark up new friendships simply because you don’t have the time or desire. Now you’ll only make a new friend and let them into your life if you’re absolutely obsessed with them. First Lesbian Super PAC Launches. LPAC, a new super PAC created by influential lesbians, plans to raise at least $1 million this cycle to help elect pro-equality candidates and amplify women’s voices in the political conversation.

First Lesbian Super PAC Launches

Last fall, a group of high-powered women, some of whom had never met, gathered in New York City to discuss a question that has long bedeviled regulars on the fund-raising circuit: How can lesbians participate in the political process more meaningfully and be more present and visible? “Personally, as a woman who has been engaged as a donor, I’m often in the minority when I’m in the room,” said Sarah Schmidt, a Chicago-based consultant and philanthropist. “And that gets old. I think, ‘Are my interests really being represented here?’” Following the initial meeting, attendees reached out to their networks and received an enthusiastic response.

LPAC, believed to be the first PAC focused directly on issues that affect lesbians and their families, was born. Smart Girls Season 1: The Feminist. The Head and The Heart - Gone. Tavi Gevinson - "Still Figuring It Out" 15 of the coolest hidden Google tricks. Google is awesome.

15 of the coolest hidden Google tricks

Yes, there have been questions raised about its new privacy policy and creepy Safari tracking and frankly, it just knows way too much about everyone who has ever created a Google account. But let’s put that aside for a moment and focus on all its cool quirks, shall we? They’re built into practically every Google product — if you look hard enough, you’ll find that entering the right search term or typing a code can make Google collapse, spin or create fictional characters. Here are 15 easter eggs (hidden, entertaining things developers build into a website or program) for you to discover the next time you’re Googling. 1. If you’ve ever watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (or just seen various versions of the meme) you may never stop laughing at this Google Maps quirk (or maybe it’s just me). 2. Endlessly entertaining, this one trended worldwide on Twitter in November.

What is 42, you ask? 4. 5. 6. So “GoogleDaq ylnej” means “Google search”. 7. 8. May Waltz tab by Brooke Fraser. How to Build a Bed With Drawers. Our Story and Team. KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! Superior. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB. A time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things by Neil Pasricha.