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Mydata. Many Michigan schools are in financial turmoil. School districts around Michigan are facing money problems.

Many Michigan schools are in financial turmoil

Between losing students, having to contribute more to the teacher pension system and other growing costs, many districts are in a world of hurt. It’s essential that they approach their financial problem in a way that will safeguard students’ education. The sooner they start addressing these problems head on, the better chance they’ll have to avoid too much state interference. There were 56 school systems in Michigan with deficit operating budgets at the end of fiscal year 2014. That figure is up from 52 at the end of the 2013 fiscal year. Public Corruption: Inside the Kwame Kilpatrick Case. The case of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who stole from citizens he vowed to serve.

Public Corruption: Inside the Kwame Kilpatrick Case

When Kwame Kilpatrick became mayor of Detroit in 2002, he promised to revitalize the city. Instead, he shamelessly used his position to steal from the citizens he had vowed to serve. 13 Detroit principals charged with bribery. In addition, a DPS vendor -- identified as Norman Shy, 74, owner of Allstate Sales -- was charged.

13 Detroit principals charged with bribery

He is accused of being at the center of the criminal activity. Authorities say the scheme basically boiled down to this: Shy paid bribes and kickbacks to principals so they would allow their schools to be charged for supplies that were never delivered. Chairs. How corruption deepened Detroit's crisis. DETROIT -- Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was a spender, a schemer and a liar.

How corruption deepened Detroit's crisis

And taxpayers paid for it, by the millions. Over seven years, Kilpatrick's public corruption schemes, lavish lifestyle and ethical missteps cost taxpayers at least $20 million, a tab the financially strapped city was in no position to pick up but did anyway — usually without knowing. Feds suspect corruption at cash-strapped Detroit Public Schools. DETROIT, MI -- As Lansing considers giving debt-burdened Detroit Public Schools more than $700 million, U.S.

Feds suspect corruption at cash-strapped Detroit Public Schools

Attorney Barbara McQuade will discuss possible fraud within the District. McQuade, "along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service, will discuss the filing of charges involving several current and former Detroit Public School principals, an administrator and vendor," the U.S. Attorney's office said in a statement Tuesday morning. Education Funding: Where do Schools Get Their Money? How do They Spend it? Written by: Lisa Blumerman Our children represent our future — and a good education is essential to theirs.

Education Funding: Where do Schools Get Their Money? How do They Spend it?

Children use the skills and knowledge they learn in school to establish a firm foundation for their — and in turn all of ours — future. Statistics released today by the Census Bureau provide a detailed look at how public elementary-secondary school systems are funded and how they provide the education and services for our nation’s children. These data, released annually, provide information on revenues, spending, debt, and assets of our public school systems. Total spending by public elementary-secondary school systems in fiscal year 2010 was $602.6 billion, a 0.4 percent decrease from 2009. Detroit schools expected to run out of money to pay teachers by April 8. Students at Detroit Public SchoolsMLive File Photo Detroit Public Schools is expected to run out of money to pay teachers by April 8 if the state does not soon pump an additional $50 million into the debt-plagued district, DPS' new manager told state lawmakers Wednesday.

Detroit schools expected to run out of money to pay teachers by April 8

"This is an urgent matter for us," said retired bankruptcy judge Steven Rhodes, who last week was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to lead DPS, the state's largest school district. Panelists discuss impact of perceptions on Detroit Public Schools. The Social Work and Education Collaboration, a new student organization based out of the School of Social Work and the School of Education at the University of Michigan, held a panel event Tuesday featuring educators from the Detroit Public Schools system.

Panelists discuss impact of perceptions on Detroit Public Schools

During the event, panelists discussed what they considered misconceptions about Detroit Public Schools, such as deteriorating infrastructure, and emphasized how the controversy surrounding DPS impacts students and the school environment. Kaili McGrath, a Social Work graduate student and one of the coordinators of the event, said she found members of SWEC wanted to learn more about DPS. SWEC focuses on bridging service gaps in education and bridging interdisciplinary professional learning communities, according to their website. Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting - Detroit Public Schools. Fiscal Year 2014–2015 Budget Projection Fiscal Year 2014–2015 Budget Projection Fiscal Year 2014 – 2015 Board Approved Budget.

Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting - Detroit Public Schools

Many Michigan schools are in financial turmoil. Study: Michigan's K-12 spending 9.5 percent below pre-recession levels. Michigan is spending 9.5 percent less per student in the 2014-15 school year than it did in the year before the 2008 economic downturn that brought the Great Recession, according to a study released Thursday.

Study: Michigan's K-12 spending 9.5 percent below pre-recession levels

A new study shows K-12 foundation funding is still 9.5 percent below pre-recession levels in Michigan.File photo The report is from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan research and policy institute that studies fiscal policies and public programs affecting low- and moderate-income Americans. Its study shows that the K-12 per pupil foundation grant from the state is $615 less per student, when adjusted for inflation, in the fiscal year 2015.

That number does not take into account local funding for schools, instead only focusing on state aid. The 9.5 percent decrease in funding from the fiscal year 2008 is also adjusted for inflation. Michigan's not alone - it's one of 30 states providing less funding per student since fiscal year 2008. View the full report here. Most States Still Funding Schools Less Than Before the Recession. States are providing less per-pupil funding for kindergarten through 12th grade than they did seven years ago — often far less. The reduced levels reflect primarily the lingering effects of the 2007-09 recession. At a time when states and the nation need workers with the skills to master new technologies and adapt to the complexities of a global economy, this decline in state educational investment is cause for concern. Our review of state budget documents finds that: At least 30 states are providing less funding per student for the 2014-15 school year than they did before the recession hit.

Fourteen of these states have cut per-student funding by more than 10 percent. Restoring school funding should be an urgent priority. State-level K-12 cuts have large consequences for local school districts. School Supplies on a Budget. At the Verona Area (Wis.) School District, administrators, teachers and parents have recently faced an increasingly common challenge: continuing to provide essential school supplies to their 4,500 students despite $1.1 million in budget cuts.

Increasingly dependent on funding from parents, the district has raised dozens of school fees for various student activities and added many items to the required school supply lists sent home every year. In addition to the traditional notebooks and writing tools, parents are also asked to purchase additional items, including plastic bags, disinfecting wipes, paper cups and hand sanitizer. Verona schools are also asking for parent donations of art supplies and copy paper, and even extra funds, which the district can spend on specific supply needs. Detroit school board member vows to fight Snyder's plans. Gov. Rick Snyder's expected education proposal sparked a packed house at Thursday's Detroit Public Schools board meeting — and a pledge from one board member to fight it. "Between May and June, we'll have to take drastic action," LaMar Lemmons said during the meeting at the Fisher Building. The governor is planning to unveil an education proposal next week that would address Detroit Public Schools' massive debt and the city's fragmented public education landscape.

Michigan School District Revenue and Expenditure Report [Mackinac Center] Crumbling, Destitute Schools Threaten Detroit’s Recovery. Residents wonder how the city can ever recoup its lost population and attract young families if the public schools are in abysmal shape. “As we begin to rebuild this city and we’re seeing money and development moving in, people are understanding that there is no way we can improve Detroit without a strong educational system,” said Mary Sheffield, a native of Detroit and a City Council member.

“We have businesses and restaurants and arenas, but our schools are falling apart and our children are uneducated. There is no Detroit without good schools.” In protest over the conditions, teachers began a series of sickouts in recent weeks, inconveniencing many families and reducing classroom instruction time for many students who could ill afford it, but pushing the matter to the forefront. The problems predate the municipal bankruptcy.